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Season 16

11 Sep. 2014
Opening Day
At the Los Angeles Coliseum, Alison introduces the twenty contestants for the season, they who are all former athletes, including some former professional athletes and former Olympians. She also introduces the three trainers for the season, who include now Biggest Loser training veteran Dolvett, and two newbies to the Biggest Loser family, Jessie and Jen. For their first workout at the Biggest Loser Ranch, the twenty contestants are under the tutelage of all three trainers, who get a feel for who are among the group. In general, Dolvett can see the former athletes ...
18 Sep. 2014
The Knockout
The first elimination weigh-in finds Zina leaving Comeback Canyon, and Andrea, as the voted eliminated contestant from the ranch, joining Vanessa at Comeback Canyon with Bob. Andrea is intimidated to be against a former professional athlete in Vanessa, but believes she is up to the challenge, which will only be proved at the end of the week weigh-in. The trainers at the ranch believe they have to share their own stories with their respective teams to get them to feel safe sharing their own stories, which are a large part of why they have gained weight from their ...
25 Sep. 2014
Double Header
At the last sets of weigh-ins, Vanessa is eliminated at Comeback Canyon sending her home, while Emmy joins Andrea at Comeback Canyon. Bob learns that many of the reasons for Emmy's family's weight issues are external to her own home. At the ranch, the trainers provide what they hope will be longer term motivation for the entire contingent of contestants. Akin to baseball, Alison announces that this week will have a double header style of team challenges. The first challenge is a combination nutrition knowledge/food temptation one, the latter issue with a bit a of a ...
2 Oct. 2014
The Lottery
Andrea is eliminated and Damien wins the lottery so he goes back home.
9 Oct. 2014
At the last sets of weigh-ins, Emmy is eliminated at Comeback Canyon sending her home, while Mike joins Chandra at Comeback Canyon. His arrival makes it a battle between youth and age, and between the biggest loser thus far against one of the people who has lost the least amount. Back at the ranch, the contestants learn of their challenge which is a four man relay pulling one's own weight across a 600 foot long rope suspended 10 stories over a canyon. The reward is more a penalty against another team, as the winning team has the choice to sideline one person from any ...
16 Oct. 2014
The Tailgate
At the last sets of weigh-ins, Chandra is eliminated at Comeback Canyon sending her home, while Matt, as the first casualty of the White Team, joins Mike at Comeback Canyon. Bob is looking forward to this battle as he sees both Mike and Matt as potentially going all the way to the finale. Bob receives a gift which he believes he will be able to use for others. The ranch contestants head off the ranch for a tailgate party at Los Angeles Coliseum, and their first temptation challenge. Each contestant is given three minutes alone in a tent full of every kind of unhealthy...
23 Oct. 2014
The Drop
At the last sets of weigh-ins, Mike is eliminated at Comeback Canyon sending him home, while Gina joins Matt at Comeback Canyon. Bob designs the workout to deal with both Matt and Gina's issues, Matt's being working in a team to achieve goals and Gina's to deal with committing to fear inducing tasks. At the ranch, Jessie takes Lori back in history to get her to a better place emotionally. The contestants and their trainers head to the pool for the team challenge, which entails three contestants per team holding onto to 15% of their body weight to prevent their trainer...
30 Oct. 2014
Penalty Box
At the last sets of weigh-ins, Matt is eliminated at Comeback Canyon sending him home, while Jackie joins Gina at Comeback Canyon. Beyond the issue of losing weight, Bob wants to instill in Gina and Jackie, who are both mothers, that a large part of their process is putting their own needs if not ahead then equal to that of the rest of their family. At the ranch, the contestants learn that their reward challenge is more putting their competing teams in the penalty box, the team winning the challenge who can assign the preset penalties, one team who will have to do ...
6 Nov. 2014
Yes, Coach!
At the last sets of weigh-ins, Gina is eliminated at Comeback Canyon sending her home, while Blake joins Jackie at Comeback Canyon. Bob believes that they are neck and neck in terms of staying or leaving this week based on both losing the same amount of weight last week, but Jackie admits she is fighting against a younger metabolism. At the ranch, three guests come for the week: NFL'ers Michael Irvin, Donald Driver, and Willie McGinest, who will be mentoring the red, white and blue team respectively. Scott feels somewhat embarrassed to be on the contestant side of the coin with his fellow NFL'ers, but he ...
13 Nov. 2014
Free Agents
At the last sets of weigh-ins, Blake is eliminated at Comeback Canyon sending her home, while Damien joins Jackie at Comeback Canyon. Bob likes the metaphor of a two time Super Bowl champion going against the first person to have survived two weeks at Comeback Canyon. Only the weigh-in will determine who will emerge as a three time winner. The contestants at the ranch have hit the half way mark of the competition. With nine left, Alison announces that there will be a line up change with three competitors per team, those new teams which will be chosen solely by chance....
20 Nov. 2014
No 'I' in Team
At the last sets of weigh-ins, Jackie is eliminated at Comeback Canyon sending her home, while Rondalee joins Damien at Comeback Canyon. Regardless of the competitive aspect of the weigh-in at Comeback Canyon, Bob feels he has to help Rondalee achieve a milestone this week in her weight loss journey. At the ranch, the contestants learn that if they lose at least a combined 50 pounds at this week's weigh-in, no one will be sent home this week. Associated, they also learn that they can reduce that 50 pounds down to a potential 40 pounds if they as a collective win the ...
11 Dec. 2014
The Playoffs
Host Alison Sweeney surprises the contestants with the news that this week they'll be competing as singles, rather than as teams. In their first challenge as singles, the players must cross an obstacle course, including a mud pit, and complete a memory puzzle at the end for the greatest prize of all at the ranch - immunity. Then trainers surprise the final seven contestants with heartwarming videos of support from players, coaches and family members back home, fueling their fire to keep working hard at the ranch. Later, after a fiercely competitive week at Comeback ...
18 Dec. 2014
Kauai Part 1
The contestants travel to Hawaii.
1 Jan. 2015
Kauai Part 2
At the last sets of weigh-ins, JJ is eliminated at Comeback Canyon sending him home, while Jordan joins Scott at Comeback Canyon. The remaining five contestants spend their second of two weeks on the island of Kauai, primarily in the jungle as opposed to the first week which was largely on the beach. Beyond the workouts, many of the activities are symbolic of rebirth and renewal and/or letting go of fear. Dolvett wants Rob to let go of that fear, which Dolvett feels has held Rob back from accomplishing so much more in his life, with his symbolic activity being to ...
8 Jan. 2015
Makeover Week
At the last sets of weigh-ins, Jordan is eliminated at Comeback Canyon sending him home, while Woody joins Scott at Comeback Canyon. This week proves to be the most divisive yet at the Canyon, as Scott wants retribution for Woody having voted him off the ranch. The stakes are high as the biggest loser at the Canyon this week will be Bob's contestant heading back to the ranch. The remaining four contestants at the ranch have made it to Makeover Week, where they will get fashion styled by Tim Gunn, and their hair done by Ken Paves. Their rewards include an entire new wardrobe, being in ...
15 Jan. 2015
The Comeback
As there was no one eliminated from the ranch after the last weigh-in, there are four ranch contestants remaining: Lori, Rob, Sonya and Toma. Those four will learn about the existence of Comeback Canyon, the return of Bob who has been training the Canyon contestants all season, and Bob bringing one contestant back with him who the four thought was eliminated, namely Woody. This twist in the game throws specifically Rob for a loop, he who cannot control his negative emotions about the issue. Dolvett has to help him focus on what is important. Bob's return as a trainer ...
22 Jan. 2015
End Zone
With Lori eliminated at the last weigh-in, there are four contestants left at the ranch vying for the final three spots in the finale. Jenna Wolfe, seven months pregnant, comes in as this week's guest trainer, she who wants to show the contestants how to work out at home with no equipment. Meanwhile, Bob trains the three trainers to show the contestants that their journey is a never-ending one, where trainers too have to put in effort in their workouts time and time again. The four contestants go back to where it all started seventeen weeks ago, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum...
29 Jan. 2015
Live Finale
Alison introduces the theme for the season - athletes trying to regain their former glory - before she introduces the four trainers, Jen, Jessie, Dolvett, and Bob, the latter who provides his thoughts about the concept of and atmosphere at Comeback Canyon. While Jen and Jessie talk of being the new trainers this season, Dolvett talks about what made this season special compared to previous seasons. The at-home contestants are introduced and Alison describes a little of their journey on the show and after leaving the ranch before they each weigh-in for the final time ...

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