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Season 13

3 Jan. 2012
Episode #13.1
Alison greets the twenty season 13 contestants outside the gates of the ranch, the contestants who are in couples (siblings, parents and children, spouses, friends, etc.). They learn that the theme for this season is "no excuses". They also learn that one couple will not make it through the gates of the ranch, they who are last place couple in a three phase challenge, where the four leading couples move on after the first phase, an additional four after the second phase, and the final couple after the third phase. However, the losing couple is provided some incentive ...
10 Jan. 2012
Episode #13.2
Falling on the sword for his team, Ben is the first eliminated player of the season, leaving the black team down a contestant. Alison informs both teams that the person with the highest percentage of weight loss on this week's winning team will be able to provide immunity from elimination for one player on the opposing team. Everyone is gearing for this achievement as they will provide that immunity to their loved one on the opposing team. Alison also requests two volunteer leaders from each team without telling them what they will be required to do. It ends up being ...
17 Jan. 2012
Episode #13.3
Mike's elimination from the ranch following the latest weigh-in hits half-brother Joe especially hard, he who makes an important decision which is a Biggest Loser first. Joe's decision doesn't sit well with his teammates or his trainer, Bob. Alison issues the first temptation challenge of the season - a Chinese food buffet - with the winning person gaining a two pound advantage at the next weigh-in which he or she can allocate as decided just before the weigh-in, and the ability to allocate a one-on-one match-up at the weigh-in. One contestant from each team will ...
24 Jan. 2012
Episode #13.4
Lauren, last week's eliminated contestant, and Joe, who quit during mid-week last week, are not the only contestants who go home this week as Buddy goes home temporarily to support his wife as she gives birth. Buddy is scheduled to return by week's end, with his weight still counting for his team. The remaining contestants learn that their team challenge has what they consider an important advantage for their weight loss journey: sole access to the gym for the week, with the losing team relegated to working out elsewhere. The challenge is an obstacle course with five ...
31 Jan. 2012
Episode #13.5
Immediately following Gail being voted off the ranch after the latest weigh-in, Alison brings all the contestants together to tell them the deal made to brother and sister Adrian and Daphne, who never made it on to the ranch on the initial show of the season: that if they lost more than a combined 50 pounds during this first month at home, they would earn a place on the ranch. Some of the existing contestants welcome the potential of new contestants, while others see it as being an injustice. Adrian and Daphne also learn that if they make it on to the ranch, they will...
6 Feb. 2012
Episode #13.6
Following Nancy's elimination from the ranch after the latest weigh-in, the animosity on the red team between Adrian and the rest of the team members continues. Later in the week, Dolvett tries to smooth the waters, but he too realizes that Adrian's issues are that he talks often but very rarely listens. The week's team challenge is one that the trainers do not like, as they are their respective team's target in a dunk tank. Each team, via pulleys, collectively are holding up 240 pounds. The team that drops the weight first loses, the dropping of the weight which ...
14 Feb. 2012
Valentine's Shoot
Adrian's elimination from the ranch after the latest weigh-in and vote results in a finger pointing match between Conda and Daphne. Alison announces that two additional contestants will be going home for the week, one from each team, those respective contestants whose weight will be the only one that counts for their team at this week's weigh-in. The choice of the contestants will be made by the respective trainers, who end up making unconventional choices. The trainers will accompany their chosen team member home. Some of the contestants are relieved not to be chosen...
21 Feb. 2012
Episode #13.8
Roy was eliminated after the latest weigh-in and elimination vote. The remaining contestants go into a temptation challenge consisting of plates of their respective favorite foods, which they can eat as much as they want in three minutes. The person who consumes the most calories has the ability to switch up the team members in any way he/she sees fit. What makes it even more attractive for some is that the winner will remain anonymous. The winner of the challenge makes what most of the others don't understand from a strategic standpoint, and thus feel that the ...
28 Feb. 2012
Episode #13.9
The eleven remaining contestants learn that Daphne - the contestant who was eliminated after the latest weigh-in and elimination vote - is not the only person going home this week. All eleven will be heading home for an eighteen day period to face the pressures of losing weight while living their real life. They also learn that any contestant who loses at least five percent of their body weight will automatically earn immunity from elimination at the next weigh-in, and if all on the losing team reach that five percent goal, no one will be eliminated for the week. Once...
6 Mar. 2012
Episode #13.10
Not only Mark but the entire house is reeling from Chism's elimination after the latest weigh-in, he the only contestant on the losing team who did not meet the weight loss goal. His elimination is not the only thing that sends the contestants reeling as Alison tells them of two changes to the game side for the week. First, the contestants will train with the opposing trainer for the week, which causes some tears as some contestants feel a special bond with their own trainer. Bob and Dolvett use this switch to provide the contestants with workouts that may shock their...
13 Mar. 2012
Episode #13.11
With Cassandra's elimination after the latest weigh-in and vote, Emily and Kim feel vulnerable for elimination. That fear is lessened with an announcement by Alison: that all the contestants are now singles, meaning that there will be for the first time this season a yellow line. Emily and Kim feel they need to stay above the yellow line at the weigh-in to control their own destiny. With Buddy not cleared medically to compete, the remaining eight contestants compete in a seven round reward challenge, with each round having the contestants all tied to a ring. Each ...
20 Mar. 2012
Episode #13.12
Emily is the latest contestant to be eliminated after the weigh-in and vote. Despite stating that she is a self-sufficient person who doesn't need someone else to rely on, Kim is feeling alone among the remaining contestants which places her in a fragile emotional state. She will later learn that she is not alone among the contestants. The excuse for the week is "I can't lose weight on vacation". As such, Alison tells the remaining contestants that they will be going on vacation for a week in Hawaii, where none of these contestants have ever been before. The trainers ...
27 Mar. 2012
Episode #13.13
The contestants arrive back to the ranch from Hawaii without Kimmy, who was the eliminated contestant after the latest weigh-in and vote. Their first task is a pop challenge, one of each packing one hundred fifty 15-20 pound boxes onto a truck, the first person to do so winning a one pound advantage at this week's weigh-in. They also win an over 30,000 pound delivery of food to their local food bank courtesy of Newman's Own. The contestants who don't win that challenge have motivation of their own to complete the challenge. Because of the week's theme of "exercise is ...
3 Apr. 2012
Episode #13.14
Conda is lamenting the latest vote, which saw one of her best friends, Megan, being sent home. Jeremy tries to keep her on track mentally through her tears. The final six contestants enter into a challenge where they must break through two panes of glass - the glass which symbolically has a photograph of their selves when they first arrived on the ranch - using a slingshot. The first person to break through both panes of their glass wins the challenge and a one-pound advantage at this week's weigh-in. The sixth place contestant will conversely have a one pound ...
10 Apr. 2012
Episode #13.15
First Lady Michelle Obama welcomes the final six contestants, their families and the trainers into the White House. She congratulates them on their weight loss and associated health journeys. Both Bob and Dolvett lead the group, including the First Lady, in a twenty minute workout at the White House. The contestants also learn from Mrs. Obama that they each are in the running for the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award. The competition consists of Americans signing up under the banner of one of the six to lead a healthy lifestyle for six consecutive weeks. The contestant who has ...
17 Apr. 2012
Episode #13.16
The season's final five contestants - Buddy, Conda, Jeremy, Kim and Mark - throw the show's producers for a loop when they collectively conduct a mutiny. Having learned before the official announcement that one of the eliminated contestants will have a chance to make it automatically into the finale which they all believe unfair to them who have worked to earn their place, they announce to the producers that they will be quitting the show. Alison and the producers take the opportunity to talk to the five individually both to lay out what they agreed to in their ...
24 Apr. 2012
Episode #13.17
At the latest weigh-in, Jeremy fell below the red line, meaning that Conda and Kim are automatically in the finale. However, Jeremy learns that he and the fourteen eliminated contestants, which does not include the three that quit, namely Buddy, Joe and Mark, will compete to earn the last spot in the final three. Regardless, Jeremy feels cheated that he was not automatically in that spot having in his mind been one of the last three standing after the week to week weigh-ins. Alison informs the contestants that the final spot will be determined in two stages. The eight...
1 May 2012
Alison introduces the fourteen eliminated contestants and the two trainers. Those fourteen, one by one, step on the scale to see how much weight they have lost since day one, the person with the highest percentage of weight loss being the winner of the $100,000 at home challenge. Alison then introduces the final three contestants, Conda, Jeremy and Kim. With all the contestants now in the theater, Alison announces the winner of the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award, who will get a gym built in their home town. The final three then weigh-in one last time in reverse ...

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