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Season 12

20 Sep. 2011
Episode #12.1
Since the theme for the year is battle of the ages, the fifteen contestants, who are dropped in the middle of the California desert on their first meeting, are separated into three teams based on age: under thirty, over fifty, and those in-between. Each team will run a mile race across the desert as a team to be able to choose their team trainer: Anna's blue team, Bob's black team, and Dolvett's red team. At the end of the race, they learn that they will all be back to that spot just before the finale to run a marathon, the winner of that race to become an automatic ...
27 Sep. 2011
Episode #12.2
There are fourteen contestants remaining after Debbie is voted off the campus after the first weigh-in. The fourteen return somewhat to the real world in that for the next week, they will only have access as a team to the gym and their trainer at one of three two-hour prescribed times per day: early morning, midday and late night. The winning team of a temptation challenge - eating the most donuts - will assign the gym times for all three teams. They find that training at a specific time not only affects them, but also their trainers, who have different energies at ...
4 Oct. 2011
Episode #12.3
With Johnny being voted off the campus after the latest weigh-in, the blue team is feeling desperate having lost the first two weigh-ins and thus the only team to have lost members. The remaining thirteen contestants enter into NFL week, where the challenges are football oriented - one which will be done in competition with pro players - the prizes are football oriented, and the last chance workout is assisted by pro players. The first individual challenge, with the winner to receive $5,000, tests both speed and football throwing accuracy. The team challenge, styled ...
11 Oct. 2011
Episode #12.4
The red team's emotional elimination vote after the last weigh-in resulted in Patrick being the third contestant eliminated. Each team starts the week with some inspirational words and assistance from a Big Loser alumnus, each chosen to fit the appropriate age category of the specific team and each who has maintained their weight loss after their time on the show. The reward challenge is a relay where only the "baton" can move from person to person, while the person at the back on the chain moves to the front and so on. The relay takes the teams through extreme ...
18 Oct. 2011
Episode #12.5
After the latest weigh-in when Coach Mike was voted off campus, the blue team is left with only two contestants. A game of Plinko - a game of total chance - provides the winning contestant a multitude of rewards. One, the contestant gets to go home for the week. Two, their trainer will go with them. And three, they receive immunity from elimination for this week. But these rewards come with much pressure as that winner will be the only person from his/her team whose weight will count for their team at this week's weigh-in. Many of the contestants voice their concern ...
25 Oct. 2011
Episode #12.6
Courtney being voted off the ranch after the latest weigh-in brings the remaining ten contestants into "all-for-one" Halloween week. They learn that they will be competing as one group, all with common goals. They will be aiming for a 100 pound total weight loss goal, which if met will mean that no one will be eliminated after the weigh-in. If they don't reach that goal, one person will be voted off, with only the biggest loser of the week having immunity. Their week long temptation challenge has a ten pound bowlful of candy in the middle of their kitchen. For every ...
1 Nov. 2011
Episode #12.7
With Jennifer's elimination after the latest weigh-in, there are nine contestants remaining. With three trainers and nine contestants, it is a perfect time for a team realignment with three contestants per team. The new teams will be based on each individual's knowledge of their favorite foods before coming to the ranch. There is much apprehension among the nine, as they know under the rules of the pop quiz, there is no way any of the teams will remain in their current state, which is especially difficult for couple Jessica and Ramon. The contestants also learn that ...
8 Nov. 2011
Episode #12.8
Jessica being voted off the ranch after the latest weigh-in causes some hard feelings by Ramon, especially against his blue team mates Joe and Sunny, both who voted for Jessica. This animosity is just the most blatant manifestation that the old team alliances are still stronger than the current team alliances. The fate of the contestants is in the hands of the trainers more this week as each trainer must pick only one person on their team for this week's weigh-in. Some contestants relish the opportunity to be chosen to have symbolically the confidence of their trainer...
15 Nov. 2011
Episode #12.9
Alliances are perceived to be breaking as Joe is voted off the ranch after the latest weigh-in. Those alliances take on new meaning for the remaining seven as they move into competing as singles, with this week's weigh-in being the first for the season with a yellow line. The challenge for the week is modeled on a pentathlon, with each of the five events garnering the contestants scores of up to 7. Events test athletic prowess (whether it be in the form of speed, strength, agility and/or balance), knowledge or pure luck. The contestant with the highest score by the ...
22 Nov. 2011
Episode #12.10
After Bonnie's eviction from the campus after the latest weigh-in, the remaining six contestants enter into Thanksgiving week. Their temptation challenge has one hundred plates of Thanksgiving types of food in front of them, each plate with an unknown value from one to one hundred. In five minutes, each contestant is allowed to eat as many plates of food as he/she wants. The contestants who draw the lowest three numbers have their choice of the three prizes available (with one contestant conceivably winning all three prizes): $500 for each pound lost at this week's ...
29 Nov. 2011
Episode #12.11
There are five contestant left at the ranch after Ramon is voted off at the latest weigh-in. The five hit two annual Biggest Loser milestone events. The first is the shedding the pounds challenge, where they symbolically place on all the weight they have lost to date, and shed that weight based on weight lost during each week of their stay on the ranch at markers along a race course, which this year is on a steep uphill trail. The challenge, which will award the winner a one pound advantage at this week's weigh-in, is an emotional one for most if only because of the ...
6 Dec. 2011
Episode #12.12
Sunny, the latest eliminated contestant, is not the only one going home, as life on the ranch has also finished for the four remaining contestants. Although all four go home to hero's welcomes and deal with how they will handle life off the ranch, Vinnie in particular deals with a painful part of his past, and makes an important decision about his future. Each of those four also receives not only a video visit from their trainer, but a real life visit from them as well, plus a video visit from an important person from their past who will hopefully be a reminder to ...
13 Dec. 2011
Episode #12.13
Alison first introduces the band Train, who perform their new song, "Brand New Book", which they wrote specifically as the new theme song for the show. After doing a retrospective of the season, Alison introduces the three trainers - Bob, Anna and Dolvett - who provide their perspective of the season, for Anna and Dolvett their first. She then introduces the twelve eliminated contestants in three groups of four. One person in each of those three groups have the highest percentage of weight loss of the at-home contestants, those three who will step on the scale for one last...

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