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Season 1

21 Jan. 2005
Old School Training
Jake is the Magical Protector of the NYC. Torn between fun and duties.
22 Jan. 2005
Dragon Breath
Jake's date for the dance.
28 Jan. 2005
The Talented Mr. Long
The talent show and its unique prize.
4 Feb. 2005
The Legend of the Dragon Tooth
Jake's little sister is about to lose her first tooth. But since it's a dragon tooth, it has mystical powers. The Tooth Fairy's assistant, Dr. Diente, has been biding his time until a dragon tooth came along. Seizing his opportunity, Diente grabs the Tooth Fairy's wand and goes after Haley. But he didn't figure on a mystical shield guarding the Long house, as well as the American Dragon.
11 Feb. 2005
Act 4, Scene 15
Jake tries out for a part in "Antony and Cleopatra" in order to get close to the girl of his dreams.
18 Feb. 2005
Adventures in Troll-Sitting
How to keep a one-eyed Troll out of the sun?
18 Feb. 2005
Fu Dog Takes a Walk
While Jake learns to focus, Fu is alone and an allergic dame dog-naps the rare Shar-Pei on the way to a ball game.
25 Feb. 2005
Professor Rotwood's Thesis
Professor Rotwood offers his students $500 for physical proof of the existence of magical creatures.
25 Mar. 2005
The Egg
HuntsGirl succeeds at stealing a magical Griffin egg. How will the American Dragon return it to its grieving mother before it hatches?
25 Mar. 2005
The Heist
A Dark Wizard steals Leprechaun gold. Jake and Fu have a sophisticated plan to stay a few steps ahead of the opponent, but they cannot know what unexpected surprises await them.
1 Apr. 2005
Dragon Summit
Jake is tested by the World Dragon Council.
29 Apr. 2005
Body Guard Duty
Jake must protect The Oracle Twins from trolls.
13 May 2005
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27 May 2005
Ski Trip
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1 Jul. 2005
The Long Weekend
Mr. Long takes Jake and his friends camping in New Jersey.
30 Jul. 2005
Eye of the Beholder
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26 Aug. 2005
Jake Takes the Cake
Gremlins threaten to ruin the wedding of two soap opera stars that Jake's mother has been hired to cater.
8 Sep. 2005
Hong Kong Knights
Facing the Dark Dragon. When Gramps met Fu. Can non-magical creatures fly? Can both Oracle twins be happy?
22 Oct. 2005
The Halloween Bash
Jake throws a Halloween party for both magical and non-magical creatures.
3 Nov. 2005
Fu and Tell
Haley's classmate brings her adorable pet to school. Fu faces this magical cat in battle, yet again. "Me-OW".
3 Nov. 2005
Flight of the Unicorn
A unicorn leaves her herd and ends up as a carnival display. Unicorns cannot live for long when separated from their herd! How will they reunite the unicorn with her family in time?
15 Dec. 2005
Keeping Shop
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12 Jan. 2006
Ring Around the Dragon
Jake must save a runaway giant child from an unscrupulous wrestling promoter.
29 Jan. 2006
The Hunted
Still mournful over finding out Rose is the Huntsgirl, and thus being forced to shun her affections, Jake is kidnapped by The Huntsclan along with other magical creatures as part of their "Grand Equinox Hunt," where they are set free to be hunted down by the Huntsclan. When he doesn't drop subtle hints at Rose about the true nature of their relationship, he realizes that as a dragon, he must help a water-fearing mermaid, a hot-blooded brownie, a giantess, and an unlucky Leprechaun to defend themselves in the hunt.

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