The Thing About My Folks (2005) Poster


[Two young girls walk by. Sam keeps staring after them, finally points at them]

Sam Kleinman: Explain that to me.

Ben Kleinman: What?

Sam Kleinman: The holes in those jeans...

Ben Kleinman: Uh-uh.

Sam Kleinman: They're on purpose?

Ben Kleinman: That's right.

Sam Kleinman: It's not because she's poor, and can only afford ripped clothes?

Ben Kleinman: That's correct, sir.

Sam Kleinman: [takes this in] And she doesn't mind that we can see her ass peeking out like that?

Ben Kleinman: No, she does not. In fact, I think she would be insulted if you didn't look.

Sam Kleinman: The last thing I wanna do is insult her.

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