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Village Voice
Stilted and gloomy as it sounds (and sometimes is), The Tenants gets by on its nimble approximation of Malamud's robust prose, subtle turns of deadpan humor and gut-tingling menace, and remarkable performances. McDermott does credible work here, but Snoop's casting is a stroke of genius.
There's something endearingly bookish about a movie whose single most frightening shot involves the possibility of an ax being taken to a typewriter.
New York Post
Harry likes Willie's white girlfriend, played by the Australian actress Rose Byrne with a riveting, sad sexiness. So much screen time is devoted to the men that her part is underwritten, but there are novels in her eyes.
Keeps grimly glued to its one-note premise, relieved by nary a glimmer of humor, surprise or personality.
The message about race relations in America conveyed by The Tenants, a small, serious, but choppy and psychologically cauterized screen adaptation of Bernard Malamud's 1971 novel, is dire.
Harkening back to a time when race relations in New York City were even worse than they seem today.
Isn't exactly bad and isn't exactly good. It's raw in some places and overcooked in others.
The stage is set for a full-scale racial conflict, but neither actor is really up to the task - McDermott seems lost in his voluminous beard and Snoop Dogg spits his lines out.
The Hollywood Reporter
Alternately tedious and bombastic, the film never achieves a consistent tone, and the characters and situations, while seemingly played on a realistic level, are neither remotely credible nor satisfyingly surreal.
New York Daily News
Unremittingly bleak and hopelessly outdated parable of American race relations.

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