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An astonishing documentary.
The movie pays tribute to sexual equality and to each gender's agility and strength of character.
It's poignant to watch the chicks in their youth, fed by their parents, playing with their chums, the sun climbing higher every day, little suspecting what they're in for.
A cinematic experience that is dazzlingly different from anything currently in theaters, March of the Penguins captivates with its straightforward but powerful story of dogged determination, survival against harsh odds and sacrifice.
New York Post
A remarkable, eye-popping nature documentary.
Charlotte Observer
The best action movie of the month contains chase scenes, fights, a love story, exotic locations - well, one exotic locale, snow-blasted Antarctica - and a battle for survival against long odds amid brutal conditions.
Entertainment Weekly
Luc Jacquet's exquisitely shot eye-of-God study of a year in the lives of these distinctive birds is a nature film built with a feel for the epic and a love of operatic narrative.
Wall Street Journal
Watch them march to the very extremes of extremis, though, and it's easy to feel awe.
The Hollywood Reporter
A nature documentary that captures the ferocity and heroism of nature.
Michael Moore might want to look into this before more animal docs steal his thunder.
New York Daily News
When it comes to cute, this baby is off the charts.

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