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Great suspense, and realistic portrayal of how torture is used.
silvamaize100010 April 2006
I came to this movie not knowing much about the plot apart from the basic tag line. What a surprise then that this movie has turned out to be such an informative and very realistic exposition of how the use of terror and torture is utilised in todays world.

Fishburne and Phillipe as the two main characters locked in a battle of mind and will power turn in an excellent performance, as do the supporting characters. The story starts swiftly and almost from the beginning the tension is notched up, and with each twist and turn the movie continues to question who really is the good guy in all of this, if indeed there could be one. In fact this movie, if watched with an open mind can dispel so many stereotypical views about Muslims, the war on terror and what governments and organisations are doing in its name. At the very least its a great social commentary and talking point on the use of rendition and torture and its lack of moral standing in a so called civilised world.

In closing, one can say that the movie literally sucks the viewer in to the drama and never lets go until the credits are rolling. By this time you are bound to be left with very interesting questions, the answers for which are quite literally open ended. Even with all the tension created this movie never loses sight of the political commentary and therefore makes this a thinking persons Hostel or Saw. Well worth watching!
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Good Psychological Thriller!
samoppenheim7 May 2006
Despite Ryan Phillipe's awful accent (as Martijn), the movie does a good job pulling you into the world they create. It is, as advertised, a "psychological thriller" and a bit of a mystery as you watch it unfold and slowly flashbacks illuminate the present situation.

Laurence Fishburne is EXCELLENT and makes the movie. Phillipe does a good job and although other characters play pivotal roles, it is really about the two of them.

Most of the film is shot in the same location, but it never gets boring or drags and keeps a lot of tension in most of the scenes. A real psychological treat if you just enjoy it! Not the best movie, but certainly a solid piece of entertainment that gets you to look at things from a slightly different perspective than most treatments of the subject of 'terrorism'.
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THAT'S HOT ! i highly recommend this movie .
i missed the first 15 minutes first time i saw five fingers on cable . i thought it would be just another dumb action, terrorist movie with a typical ending . wow, was i wrong ! five fingers is a truly psychological thriller with a Hitchcock like ending . being only 87 minutes long, it shifts into high gear very quickly . it could have been a stage play because not many scene changes nor many characters to deal with here . Laurence Fishburne gives a truly memorable, award winning performance as Ahmad, the muslin kidnapper . the ending caught me totally by surprise . so much that i ran out to buy the DVD . i watched it a few times because i missed some important details the second time around . i am sorry i did not get to enjoy this movie in the theatre . it was one of the best movies i have seen during the past few years . most films i see are forgotten as soon as they roll the credits at the end . five fingers had me thinking about it for a long time . see it you won't be sorry !
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Not really that great....
CineCritic251730 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
  • Contains 1 spoiler, market with: ***** -

Not presenting itself as yet another remake of "The Interview", Five Fingers actually is. Alas, besides maybe the hardship of physical torture, it never adds anything to it's predecessor's accomplishment in terms of suspense, plot or performances. In fact, Five Fingers never gets anywhere near its level.

What I found to be in particular painful to watch wasn't the torture itself, but the way Martijn (Ryan Philippe) acted out his ordeal. To me it looked as if Philippe tried too hard to get his accent right and it made his performance glibly amateur which in turn even dragged down the performance of an otherwise great Colm Meaney. Phillipe's accent btw, being far from anything near Dutch, sounded more like Eastern European.

Besides the acting of Philippi(which to my surprise turned from poor to actually decent towards the end) there is the matter of the flashbacks with the hackneyed Dutch scenery. (If these scenes were set in Switzerland they would have had the cast eat cheese on mountaintops with endless pastures with grazing cows wearing expensive timepieces). Scenery aside, The way these flashbacks pushed the plot didn't work for me at all. It made it being served like French fries at a drive-in and caused the build-up of suspense to flatline.

Admittedly the movie did become more enjoyable as Phillipe's acting improved but I couldn't help being annoyed every now and then with scenes that were just too implausible. E.g.:

************ Start spoiler

At some point (after days) Philippe is almost tenderly washed by the female terrorist. This only to be followed by the brute severing of yet another finger. Why give the guy a wash if he's in for a torture? And the severing of that last finger seemed to only serve the title of this flick anyway, I mean, he was practically begging to have it knifed off. Didn't make sense…

************ End spoiler

What ultimately kept me watching was the performance of Fishburn who once again proved to be a brilliant actor but who also had the best part of the script to work with.

All in all one is just far better off seeing "The Interview" with that other Matrix-icon: Hugo Weaving. And when you do, I'm confident you won't find this review that disagreeable.


"The Interview", 1998
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Great film
danny_holloway22 October 2007
There are so many films out there that i guess the ending or work out the twist. This wasn't one of them. This film, if given the chance, is edge of the seat stuff for a proper film fan. I tried to guess the twist many times and was way off every time. It does start slow but give it a chance, it will drag you in and leave you guessing. The brilliant performances from phillipe and fishburne shine through. If you want fast pace action and explosions this film isn't for you but if you enjoy a film that makes you think and guess, watch it. I give this film 8 out of 10 for the simple fact that its different and that you will NOT guess the ending.
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Fizzled at the end
Enchorde10 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Recap: Martijn goes to Morocco to set up a food program for malnourished kids in the Rif mountains. Once there, he and his guide Gavin get attacked on a bus and kidnapped. Transported to an unknown location, Gavin is soon executed and Martijn interrogated about his intentions. Not being able to answer the kidnappers resort to torture by cutting off his fingers, one at a time. Slowly Martijn learns what his kidnappers want, and slowly he reveals his secrets...

Comments: Starts out very promising building an air of suspense very quickly. But slowly, as the leads and recollections trickles out the ending comes more an more clear. And that's before the real ending happens. So when the real ending do come, the suspense is lost, the mystery gone and the supposed twist straight as an arrow.

What it is though is an interesting attempt to move sympathy. Where the sympathy lies from the beginning is quite clear but as the story develops it shifts. It does not shift to the other end, and if that was the intention it fails. I'm not sure that that was the attempt though, but what it does do is that sympathy evaporates. And that actually, even though it is an interesting project and intriguing in itself, is a problem at the end. If we have no one to sympathize with at the end, why should we care at all? And that was my concluding emotions and thoughts at the end, compounded by the predictable end. Yes, interesting, but so what? It felt like the movie didn't matter. And that, I'm sure, is not what was intended. I guess quite the contrary. This is not a movie just to make money. This is a movie that wanted to make a statement, to leave an impression. It failed.

What it does have is a good cast. Ryan Phillipe and Laurence Fishburne as the competing masterminds, the competing chess players, competing to match wits, do their part very well. Fishburne cool and calculating. Clearly in control and even cruel. Phillipe much more emotional but not lost nor weak. Gina Torres splendid as Fishburnes aide. She has the emotional side that Fishburnes character lacks (or does not show) but is just as calculating and cruel. Honorable mentions to Colm Meany and Touriya Haoud. All their performances very well, the cast clearly lifted the movie a few steps.

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Excellent Psychological Thriller With Clever Ending
jcanettis30 October 2006
"Five Fingers" is a great psychological thriller, which takes place mainly inside a torture room. The story is about Martijn (Phillipe), a young Dutch idealist who goes to Morocco to finance a food program from money he has embezzled; his cause is encouraged by his Moroccan girlfriend, Saadia (Haoud). However, as soon as he reaches Rabat, he gets abducted by a terrorist group, led by a dark character played by Lawrence Fishburne, who believes that Martijn has come there with a sinister purpose. They interrogate him harshly, and although in the beginning he tries to explain his mission, he subsequently decides to change his story. What is the truth, then?

Malkin provides us with a carefully crafted claustrophobic setting, with the tension gradually building up as the abductors play cat and mouse with Martijn. In this theatrical atmosphere, all actors give good performances, and are even moderately successful in applying their respective accents (Dutch, Arabic).

However, the best thing of all is the clever ending, which of course I am not going to reveal here. From that alone, the film deserves an 8/10.
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A Tale In the Land of Freedom
Claudio Carvalho19 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
While traveling to Morocco to initiate a food program of his own to help poor kids, the idealist Dutch Martijn (Ryan Phillipe) is kidnapped by a group of terrorists and his guide Gavin (Colm Meaney) is executed in cold blood in front of him. Along the days, Martijn is tortured by a Muslin man (Laurence Fishburne) and Aicha (Gina Torres) and looses four fingers. In the end, the truth about his travel is finally disclosed.

In spite of being a very unpleasant theatrical film, "Five Fingers" is also a great little movie. The story recalled me Roman Polanski's "Death and the Maiden", and the last twist is amazing. However, the performances of Ryan Phillipe, Laurence Fishburne and Gina Torres and the precise direction of Laurence Malkin are fantastic, making this simple and tense storyline work and worth. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "O Jogo da Morte" ("The Game of Death")
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A fresh new,original thriller- a nail-biter!
darkdragon89878 July 2009
I just want to make sure that everyone who DID watch this movie, realized as I did, that Ryan Phillipe has done a lot of maturing. I haven't seen a lot of his work- last I recall was something with Susan Sarandon and Kieren Culkin-IGBY GOES DOWN?? Anyway, I was extremely impressed with Ryan's performance in this movie. Although Laurence was also great, I think this is Ryan's best performance ever- I hope it leads to better roles for him. I think he should at least get a nod at some kind of award. (I realize it's an older movie- I don't know if he had any affect on any previous nominations). Anyway, I hope that this is a taste of the NEW matured Ryan Phillip- I look forward, and will watch future films!
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shocking and thrilling...
Vecta21 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Argh, i just finished to watch this movie and still feel a bit shocked by how this movie drove me.

It's interesting to see how it works some things of the system in an anything-goes method, including psychological terror and torture. And this movie depicts perfectly such feelings wonderfully.

The incredibly convincing performances of Fishburne and Phillipe were just astonishing, leaving the viewer with an extreme anxiety and suspense... everything going little by little in an unavoidable downfall to hopelessness.

For all those who are looking for something interesting, entertaining and specially thrilling, go watch this movie. I'm pretty sure you won't go disappointed.
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