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Roy Dupuis, the performance of his career!
marcelledion20 January 2005
This movie is a lovely, make feel good kind of film. It has all the ingredient needed to make a good movie. It has romance, action, friendship, hilarious moments and most of all, it has a great cast. It was very entertaining, light and easy to watch. Roy Dupuis was quite handsome and gave a great performance playing double roles of a small time thief and a cop. Very believable in both roles! There is nothing weak about this movie. The concept is a cute one of mistaken identity, the story is tight (not a boring moment) and the characters are fun and those two french mafioso's are simply hilarious. I enjoyed it very much. I recommend it!
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a thief is mistaken for a hero cop
ltravolta19 January 2005
A high concept idea that's been done before, but nevertheless it works. I was dragged to see it by my girlfriend (she loves Roy Dupuis) and I was not expecting much, however, I had a blast! I don't like Roy Dupuis, but he really surprised me with his comedic sensibility. The scenario was tight and the dialog was funny and clever. We laughed from the beginning to the end of the movie and so did the rest of the people in the theater. There were a few predictable gags, but such is the case with many comedies. Luck Mervil, who's a Quebec singer, did a fabulous job as Roy's sidekick. If you want to have a good time and have a few laughs, this film delivers. As a matter of fact, it was much better than "Meet The Fockers" or "Fat Albert" or for that matter, "Christmas with the Kranks." If I worked in an American film studio, I'd do a remake of this movie in a second. French Quebecers love it; it's rated number 4 out of the top ten on cinemamontreal.-- it beat out the above American films, including "Aviator" in terms of its public appeal! The script comes across as deceptively simple, but it's actually extremely well crafted. Lots of fun to watch; I recommend it if you want to chill.
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This is a lot better than its rating
siderite29 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The problem with the film is that the plot is really simple. It's not a completely weak plot, but it's as simple as they come. Thief gets mistaken with a cop, he realizes his life as a crook is useless and he doesn't want it, so he changes.

But the film itself is not about the plot, but about the language. All of it is spoken in "Quebecoise" with a bit of Marseillese mixed in. The entire purpose of the movie is to make you feel good, like a lot of Canadian movies do, and to listen to the strange and mostly impossible to understand without the subtitles twisted French.

I felt good looking at the movie, and Roy Dupuis made a very good role. The most hilarious part of the movie is when the guy from Marseille and the guy from Quebec can't understand what the other is saying, even if they are talking two dialects of the same language.

I think it is worth a watch.
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Enjoyable !
Luc17 January 2005
I was pleased by the acting. Roy Dupuis did a really great job. Even if you saw one of the two character that he played (most of the movie) you could tell the difference between them. Lucie Laurier played a very interesting character. You can see the progression of her character during the movie. I loved Michel Muller even if I didn't understand half of what he was saying during the movie (French accent from Marseille). It's a good comedy for the whole family.

Some of the jokes are predictable but you'll get a good laugh anyways. Most of the things happened like a coincidence but, again, it's a comedy, not Napoleon's life !! I guess that if you like Quebec's filmmakers, you would like this one. I think if you liked La Florida you will enjoy that movie. I didn't saw the original one(1962) but I might try to rent it. It is worth seeing !
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a crook on the run from the mob
PIERRE-DUCEPPE20 January 2005
Extremely entertaining and lots of fun for the whole family! The cast was superb. Generally, I stay away from light weight comedies, but I liked the cast and gave it a chance. The actors are all well know in Quebec. I was fascinated that Roy Dupuis, a dramatic actor, would choose to do a comedy. I have to hand it to him, he surprised me enormously. Lucie Laurier did an excellent job as a policewoman in the film. She has range. This super funny script has the right amount of action, comedy and romance. I'll go see it again with my kids. I'm sure they will love it. Unfortunately, you need to speak french to understand and appreciate this excellent french comedy. It appears to me that the people who don't like this film must obviously not comprehend french and therefore, just don't get the humor.
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