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Very good movie!
dasianudasa12 August 2005
Very good movie, excellent acting of the two brothers, I like the story of the movie and the rhythm it has. Congratulations to Diego Rafecas, it is the first Argentine movie that touched me. Apart from this, the music is amazing. The photography is out of this world.It shows you what is the real meaning of life. I think that this kind of movies is needed in this days because is not wasting of time, is special for that person who are searching about spiritual paths...this is the beginning of it. I like it a lot. The message it conveys leads you to reflect about many things. Thanks for giving us a different kind of film. This movie makes you to think, cry, laugh and enjoy...
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Excellent Movie with lots of zen teachings
diegoviolin27 September 2005
The first movie from a young director, with a low budget but plenty of art and style, filled with poetry, sincere emotions and simple but true zen teachings. I takes place in Argentina, a country where eastern culture has a small place on its culture and it's often not understood. It shows us the simple things in life, the things that really matter in a simple but not naive way. The two cultures (eastern and western) "comfront" each other in the main characters which happen to be brothers. And each of them learn things from the other. It's great that there are people that care about these things enough to make a movie. See it, you won't regret it.
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Preaty movie!
moonazul_70712 September 2005
Hello, I feel inspired to writhe here because it is good to tell every one that it is that kind of movies that you will love, cry and change your life...so, for me was a wonderful time I went with my friends and every body likes it because of the picture, music and acting...the history is a drop of love! I want to thanks for this film, is what my heart needs. I want to look after Zen and spirituality. This movie shows to me one connection between this world and the spiritual sky. It is for every one, not matter of each you will like it. Please make more this kind of film I believed it is needed in this times when every one is running after material possessions. Thanks!
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robert duvall10 August 2005
Brilliant!!! Very well played, very well. Tha music, the photo. Very smart script. Congratulations. Tha movie will be a great success. I went out to the cinema with a estrange feeling. Something is changing. Something is getting better. I think that this movie can represent Latinoamerica in the Oscars. The end is a ¨gran finale¨, the history goes guiding you into the life of the characters with simplicity and beauty. Is difficult to define the genre of the film... could be a dramatic comedy or just a drama. The history has tree dramatics lines. 1- The search of the father, or the great father, god or wherever. 2-Two brothers living in the same city, they don't know each other, and 3- a real history of a disciple who find a true master. The film is made in Argentina, but the topics are universal. the film talks about spirituality, but not in a stupid, boring way... is not a new age film... is not an advertising of Buddhism, is the real life. How to find spirituality in the middle of the city. Sorry I'm very happy, i I want to express it. Hundred percent recommendable. Thanx Robert.
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The best movie!
anabellalopezmendez17 August 2005
After coming and going things are becoming clear in my life and in that context is when the film UN BUDA emerges. For those that are in permanent search for something it makes us remember how fragile and how wonderful the path is. On the other hand I am a photographer , and this profession allows me to see things in a different way. Without making comments that might increment the ego, I congratulate the director for transforming the universe into little things and vice versa. Thank you very much for this movie. Diego this film is wonderful. I haven't seeing such a great Argentinian movie in a long time. Really it is a pleasure. I cannot stop thinking about it.
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a great movie!
devotos2212 September 2005
Hi, I would like to said thanks very much for this movie. Personally I like the most...this kind of movie is a really good realization...the pictures...the music...the messages....I think is a great movie. Personally I'm practicing yoga and believed in Indian philosophy and trying to be a God devotee, so this kind of movies is a good way to open the minds of the people in general. It is nice for the heart also! I hope this kind of cinema will be all over the world... I would like to said thanks to Diego Rafecas...you are daring! please keep doing this cinema...because all the sincere people is searching for it!!!!!!!!!!! thanks a lot! Marta
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A wonderful piece of art!
esmeralda_74xxx18 August 2005
Hi Diego Rafecas, I Want to tell you that I liked the movie a lot and that it made me find my own way,congratulations!.I am 17 years old and while I was watching the movie I could find many things in common with the main character.I was moved during the whole movie and I cried.Maybe young people finds it difficult to express their experiences and their spiritual ideologies, that's why I consider this movie to be a starting point to show the world how I am and what I want to be tomorrow.Thank you very much for this excellent movie . It brings us many positive things to our life,especially it gives us hope for the future.I must say that this film stands out from the rest!.

Kind regards
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beautiful !
sripagalbaba12 September 2005
I was surprise with this movie. I did't expect so much...but I have to say that is a very good movie. Made in a nice simple way to understand one of the spiritual way of life. Personally I don't believed that any of as is God...but it is nice and a different point of view. I respect it.The point is that the movie is the best movie what I saw in the last years. I believed that this kind of movie is needed. The pictures are too nice. The humor is really funny. I enjoy this movie a lot. I was feeling very sensitive with the beautiful music, sincerely thanks for this movie. I hope I can always go to the Cinema to see this kind of films...thanks!
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nice movie!
gaiasakthi12 September 2005
Hello, I really like the movie. When I see it I start to cry..I like Argentina the most! this pictures at the movie are amazing!!! The music is so good! I would like to see more movies like it. It is the kind of movie that the people in general will love, it is sweet and deep. I personally think that it is for all the people who are searching for spiritual paths. It is interesting how the director presents the Zen philosophy and at the same time the real life! I feel motivated to spread the spiritual paths, I would like to thank the director for this movie. Thanks again! I hope this movie can touch your heart! I'm grateful to all of you who make this movie...
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The true lies within the self
Pablo González31 July 2005
To be honest, I went to the cinema with doubts. The previews weren't well combined and didn't provide much info about the movie. However, my surprise when I saw it was more than pleasant, because the idea is more than original and it shows not a big truth, but THE truth. It's the story of a young Buddhist who is searching for something beyond this reality, beyond this coexistence system, and he challenges even death itself only for pursuing his goal. A total opposite to his brother, who is a philosopher and very rational, which makes a little difficult the life together between them. After some comings and goings, our main character learns something "beyond" what it is to live intensely and his skeptical brother learns something more about what it is to live intensely.
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Great Movie
idontcareaboutanythingwa20 August 2006
I've loved the movie, very well written. I liked the soundtrack especially, to be specific, the music that plays while Tomas starts meditate, can some one help to get the name of that song?

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Awesome movie
Anand Arivukkarasu21 October 2012
I started to meditate and dance in the disco bars after watching this movie!.. Well delivered! Un Buddha! First of this kind Im watching and great it comes a place in Argentina. Movie travels in the right phase and a Buddha will always be misunderstood. I like the way it is developed that you can live as a Buddha with a gal friend. It would have been great if the location of temple was more serene and lighting was made appropriately. Over all great movie. I think more movies of such type should evolve and help the search of human conscious should grow. Overall great attempt, waiting for the next movie from the director.
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The magic of Argentine cinema...
jpschapira4 August 2005
Beware; this film is not magical. It is only the fact that I'm in love with my country's cinema that I believe in its magic and I believe we can make great things. When "El hijo de la novia" obtained an Oscar nomination, I couldn't believe it. Then next year they chose "Kamchatka": wrong, because they had Carlos Sorin's "Historias Mínimas", a much more powerful story. Besides all this movies by known and successful directors, we sometimes get a film by a first time director, who tries to enter in the industry. I'm talking about Diego Rafecas and his film "Un Buda".

Sadly, Rafecas' ego is pretty big and the movie starts with "a film by Diego Rafecas", then he also puts his name on the cast; because he is one of his film's main actors. Near the end we see again, "produced by Diego Rafecas", "written by Diego Rafecas", "directed by Diego Rafecas"...But it's not those credits that always appear in movies, with the directors' name and so; you feel the ego in this movie's credits. Leaving the ego behind, the opening credits are beautiful, with high views of the city. During the rest of the movie we will be impressed by the beautiful scenery, in Córdoba or any other location Rafecas' camera decides to work.

As a first work by a first director, I must repeat it contains those typical betraying elements. Rafecas also wrote the film; his script is intentionally pretentious, metaphoric and more than intelligent. This is obvious, to anyone who instantly reads the title, and realizes the movie deals with Buddhism. At some points, the intelligence works, like in Rafael's (Rafecas) relationship with Sol (Julieta Cardinali); Rafael being a professor almost philosopher and Sol being his student. How they share their opinions about the culture's theme during one scene is amazing to hear. I don't know anything about Buddhism, but once I was convinced the movie dominated the subject, I could enjoy the ride.

The film messes with our mind, trying to surpass, as I said, our intelligence. But is also an enjoyable ride because it deals with other strong topics as family, relationships and the depth of the heart. When Tomás (Agustín Markert) is lost, and seeks for help in Laura's (Carolina Fal) love, who then looks for Rafael, we feel it. That's how it gets to us, or how it got to me. I enjoyed the warm music, so engaged with the environment of the film. I enjoyed how sure the movie seems to be of its plot and characters, who would seem totally crazy and impossible for any of the people watching the story.

There were less than ten people watching the film with me. I went because of my love for Argentine cinema and because I saw a notice that said: "The conservative critics won't understand it; we want your opinion. The internal revolution". The Argentinean critics hated it, despised it. I didn't loved it, but found charm in Rafecas' direction and performance, fell in love once again with Julieta Cardinali's beauty and gifts, was amazed by Agustín Markert's natural talents and was pleased to see Carolina Fal in her best work.

The rest of the plot, the situations propose a lot to talk about...But I won't get into that because it's not necessary.
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ausol34 February 2006
The story is powerful an even enlightening, but is bad directed, and acting in worse. Rafecas sounds like he was reading from some screen, the supposed intense and dramatic scenes are little convincing and most of all it sounds like a zen sitcom or a bad remake of Kung Fu,very used before zen mottoes. The only one excellent acting in this film is the on e performed by Tina Serrano, she's brilliant and hilarious!!Thanks Tina to make it worth rent the DVD. One thing good thing to say is soundtrack, it's very snappy and hip! The script is very good. Needs a good director and better starring actors. Good try!. The Cordoba hills deserve more good takes than the ones shown in this film.
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