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'Stromberg' : A parody on Office-life and its people.

Author: Mat RocknRoll from Cuba
15 July 2005

Based on the extraordinary successful British original 'The Office', the first episodes of 'Stromberg' had a huge legacy to carry. Anyhow, the German adaption is a very good fit to the original. The main strength of the German version lies in its leading actor Christoph Maria Herbst, who plays the head of a department in an insurance, the counterpart of the role British comedian Ricky Gervais plays. Christoph Maria Herbst impersonates perfectly the German lazy, sexist and totally political incorrect office-worker, who is mostly hated but also commiserated by the viewers. I would even say he is a better fit to that role than Ricky Gervais, because he behaves, mimics and looks ( the bold head - perfect ! ) more like the typical office-worker, but maybe thats just my German-office-worker influenced view. The whole episodes are just like the original made up like a documentation, which means unsteady zooms and shots, less cuts and camera-angles and people who feel embarrassed to be filmed, which all together gives it the realistic appeal. I have seen only a few episodes of the British original, so I do not want to say 'Stromberg' is better, but if the original is better, 'Stromberg' is very close behind it. Everyone around Germany should look forward for the second season of 'Stromberg', coming in fall 2005, and I hope it will be more successful than the first, this show definitely deserves it.

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Do not compare!

Author: Buck976
15 November 2006

It's a common mistake to compare "Stromberg" with the original British TV-series "The Office". Though characters and stories have been copied, the German producers of the series changed the tone and style of the dialogues from the beginning. It is why the German version has been such a success and has already amassed a huge fan-community. Everything said and the way it is played is 100% German humor. And it is a comedic jewel in his own right. Those desperately trying to compare every little bit of detail with the British original fail to see that you cannot successfully transfer all subtleties into a foreign format. It would never be the same anyway. Those in favor of the British original should stick with it. The German producers took the format and changed it into something new. And all the actors follow the style of the show very very accurately. For the first time, German TV-makers have changed an original into something original.

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Absolutely hilarious!!

Author: quexl from Germany
17 November 2006

This is a wonderful remake of the British original, which I unfortunately never had a chance to watch -- it certainly is great, too, I love British television, but as little as I normally like German TV, this show is GREAT!! The US version is pretty good, too, by the way -- in case anyone gets a chance to watch it. The protagonist (the Herbst guy) is definitely one of the funniest and most talented comedians Germany has ever had (and contrarily to what people, especially the Brits, will say, there have been quite a few!!) So, people, if you get a chance to watch this ( I suspect it is no longer on German television....haven't been able to watch German TV lately so I don't really know! But there's bound to be re-runs, at least I certainly hope so as this was basically the only thing I was trying to watch on a regular basis. Sorry for going on and on,but the rules for this forum are that comments have to consist of at least 10 lines (don't know why!!)

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Stromberg is one of the best comedies I've ever seen

Author: Herbert Mueller from United States
16 January 2007

I don't know if it's just the special German humor that makes a lot of people think this series is dumb or just a remake of the UK-version. I didn't see the UK version, but I saw the American version which is known as way worse than the UK version. The contents are similar but the humor of Stromber is so much better in my opinion. You have to be a fan of that special "Stromberg humor". If you understand that kind of humor you WILL agree that Christoph Maria Herbst is the best actor for that character. He just makes you laugh with every action he does. I don't think that the 3rd season is gonna be as good as the first two and that Stromberg will loose its humor but you never know... Unfortunately, I won't be able to watch this 3rd season since I'm currently a foreign exchange student in America but I'm definitely gonna buy the DVD. One more thing to Superunknown: It is true that it doesn't look spontaneous and realistic but that is part of this humor. You just have love that humor or that series is the worst thing you've ever seen.

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Urban jungle

Author: Karl Self from Yurp
16 September 2008

This may be a ripoff of the original British comedy "The Office", but at least it's a very worthy one. In fact it's one of the best series ever to grace German small screens. Personally I am especially fond of the fact that all the characters are displayed as human, vulnerable, and yet utter bastards, constantly trying to get one over their fellow human being. Never before has stark realism been so entertaining.

However, I must admit that the fact that different instances of this series have been successful in the UK, the US and Germany chills me to the bone. It is unsettling to think that, across different continents and cultures, large parts of mankind are busy nicking boxes of toner from the office supplies cabinet, ogling their female desk-mates and mobbing their hapless, pudgy colleagues just to make themselves look better by comparison. It simply doesn't bode well for mankind.

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A great conversion of the original format

Author: schmat78 from Germany
30 March 2007

Stromberg is definitely one of the best and funniest shows on German TV.

I have seen both, the British original and the US remake of The Office. Personally i prefer the US version of these two. Don't get me wrong i usually love British humor (Peep Show, Shameless, IT crowd for example are some of my favored shows) but i think the American series has a better 'flow' and the funnier boss character (Michael Scott is as hilarious as Bernd Stromberg).

The humor in the German Stromberg is also probably closer to the American version of the Office. The character of Bernd Stromberg is like a Michael Scott with a German attitude. Both actors are awesome.

A big plus of Stromberg is that it is not really a remake. It is a series for its own only roughly based on the original concept. It perfectly describes the typical German work environment, spiced up with a lot of satire off course.

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US's version is WAY better.

Author: Dominik Treadway
20 October 2015

I just wanted to say that everyone who has reviewed this television series so far is completely wrong. It is another great adaptation of the original Office(UK Version) and this German version clearly tries to copy the US version. In the UK version, David Brent is looked at as more of an annoyance, while in the US version, they make Michael Scott look like an idiot, but a lovable idiot. This German version tries to remake Michael but fails poorly.

Don't get me wrong, I love every version of The Office, but the US version is clearly the best. Props to Ricky Gervais for creating this series but the US version of The Office is much funnier than anyone out there. Anyone who disagrees either hasn't seen every version or just has a poor sense of humor.

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Not as good as the original, but far better than the US version

Author: ooh_paella from Australia
9 April 2007

I stumbled onto Stromberg purely by accident because I was curious whether they had dubbed "The Office" into German. I'm very surprised that this show wasn't officially connected to Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant as it is so blatantly copied from the original (even including that recognisable pan across the front of the building in the opening titles)... However I have to say, having watched it, it works soooooooo much better in German than it does in the US version, which I find really over the top. I think the dry German humour is perfect for it. I do see how the 'documentary' feel is lost a bit like someone else here said, but I think the US version loses it completely. To me, it just looks like a US sitcom without a laugh track. But maybe I'm just saying that cause the UK version is too brilliant. I rate Stromberg highly, no where near as high as the original, but far above the US version. (Steve Carell is funny though)

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German remake of „The Office" - Brits are funnier than Germans

Author: Superunknovvn from Austria, Vienna
28 June 2005

It's kind of sad that the German TV channel PRO7 mentioned with no word that this was a remake of a very successful series from the UK when promoting "Stromberg" last year. To their credit, the material could have been translated much worse, especially when looking at other god-awful German transitions of foreign TV shows (for instance the SAT 1 versions of "Lost" or "MA 2412"). Anyway, with Christoph Maria Herbst a worthy David Brent counterpart was cast. Herbst really gives this character a typically German spin, which is accurate, but a lot less funny than the British original (and therefore nowhere near as successful). The characters have all been adopted very faithfully, although German Gareth has been exaggerated and just cast badly, which takes away half of his comedic value. Plotwise, the episodes borrow some elements, but mainly there are new story lines in the same spirit as "The Office". Another flaw of "Stromberg" is that although the acting is good for the most parts, it never really seems realistic and spontaneous, but scripted. It's a staged comedy, something the original strictly tried to avoid. "The Office"'s main appeal was exactly that, it's realistic value. It unveiled life on a boring, grey day at work as we all know and hate it. "The Office" was almost tragic in its accurate observations about working life in a dead end job. "Stromberg" is all about some geeks on T.V. and gives the viewer little to identify with. All critical remarks aside, I think for once German producers tried to really get it right and the result could have been worse. Let's see what the upcoming American remake will bring. I'm pretty sure "Stromberg" will look like Monty Python next to that show.

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