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Really cute, fun, entertaining, and educational show
Catherine_Grace_Zeh11 July 2006
Wow! This is a really cute, fun, entertaining, and educational show. I said that because I watch this on the Noggin network with my 1½-year-old nephew from time to time. It's hard to say which show on the Noggin network is the best. If I had to pick, this would definitely be one of the cutest. Still it's really cute, fun, entertaining, and educational. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that the people at the Noggin network really know how to reach a toddler's developing mind. Now, in conclusion, if you have children, nieces, or nephews, I strongly recommend this really cute, fun, entertaining, and educational show. I guarantee you that they will enjoy it.
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Escapes Away !
vlechtja14 December 2005
Welcome to Sunny Patch. Play dodge ball with dewdrops, soccer berry with, well a soccer berry, smash dandelion seeds, celebrate your hatchdays, befriend frogs, go on websurfing or parachute with leaves. Jaunty bugs, nerdy bugs, gluttonous bugs, self centered bugs, considerate bugs, even stinky bugs, you got 'em all. A place where you do follow the rules of the food chain, well wellnigh all of them. So while spiders are vegetarians, you still gotta be wary of the snakes, blue jays and frogs. A place that's so exotic, escapist, and err... so fa'bug'ous! (excuse the lousy malapropism) A place where you could make friends with a cockroach who lived in a city garbage can.

The graphics are just perfect, neither too simple to make grown ups feel silly watching it, nor too highly resolved to strip the cuteness away.
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My Child ADORES Miss Spider!
wmckown10 January 2008
This is one of the few children's programs that I whole heartedly suggest to other parents! The animation is great and the colors are so vibrant and joyous to look at.

The show is based on the books, that are themselves becoming classics. I love the lessons my daughter is learning about how to behave is social situations, and how to treat others with respect and not be judgmental.

We also love this show because it shows an adoptive family of bugs. Miss Spider and her husband Holly have 5 spider kids, but they also have a bed bug, a Jewel Beetle, and a Dragonfly that they have adopted! My daughter relates to that...I couldn't ask for a better example! My only wish is that they would do a few more episodes that focus on the adoptions and how that may affect the kids. Obviously with a positive outcome.

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Agent004222 November 2006
Now that "JoJo's Circus" has stopped airing new episodes on a regular basis, "Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends" is the best children's-animated series out there still regularly putting out new episodes. This program (which is worked on by many of the cast and crew of programs such as "Franklin" and "Little Bear") is a CGI-animated tour-de-force that also features wonderful vocal and instrumental music, strong story lines and wonderful characters.

The world of "Miss Spider" is populated mainly by bugs. Miss Spider and Holley are the proud parents of a number of spiderlings and three adoptees --- Dragon the dragonfly, Shimmer the jewel beetle and Bounce the bedbug. Each character brings something wonderful to the party. Squirt is adventurous, fun-loving and helpful. Wiggle is creative, but sometimes nervous and shy. Spinner is very intellectual, but likes having fun as well. Pansy and Snowdrop are twins, but with different personalities. Shimmer is a bright pink, kindly jewel-beetle who is also rather sporty. Dragon can be a bit mean at times, but the others admire his toughness and he's usually a nice addition to the group. Finally, Bounce is very energetic, speaks with a Spanish accent (masterfully performed by Julie Lemieux) and likes to eat a lot. And then there's Miss Spider --- always kindly, always patient and full of wisdom and Holley --- very musical, still learning how to be a good parent, and always fair.

This show has a wonderful supporting guest cast as well, including Ted and Ned (the laziest ants you'll ever meet), Beetrice the Queen Bee, Grandma Betty Beetle (Miss Spider's adoptive Mom), Uncle Gus and many more.

This show explores all kinds of stories, from being afraid of sounds at night, to wanting to find one's true family. As I mentioned --- not all the characters are bugs --- there's a frog character in later episodes named Felix and a Snake that sometimes incites fear in the bugs.

My review wouldn't be complete without a mention of the late, great Tony Jay, who provided the voice of Spiderus. Just recently, what I can only assume must be one of his last episodes premiered on Treehouse TV. His vocal presence added a lot to the series and he will be missed.

"Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends" is a Gemini-award-winning series that shouldn't be passed by, although unfortunately a lot of people are doing just that. Currently, new episodes are only being shown in Canada --- Nick Jr. does not air the program at this time and Noggin is only playing the first season. Fortunately, more episodes are being released on DVD. One can only hope that both Noggin and Nick Jr. will get on the ball, and soon.
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You thought that CGI Animation was Popular in the 2000's?
fishielemondude28 November 2017
Jimmy Neutron just had Animation that was weird when it was designed in the 90's almost to the 2000's, Miss Spider by the way was pretty cliché and Terrible Animation with Character Designs and Backgrounds. The Plot is about Spider Couples and their children. now when I was little, I was terrified about the design in the show. The Animation looks like a Bootleg or a ripoff version of Antz and Bugs Life. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WATCHING THIS SHOW.

Animation 1/10

Backgrounds 1/10

Plot 5/10

Characters 3/10

Appeal 0/10

This show makes me wanna hurt my eyes, it's my own personal opinion.
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