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10 Sep. 2006
Mr. Mocking Bug/Odd Bug Fellows
When the other bugs discover that Squirt can imitate them all, he overdoes his mimicry until he dreams that he's lost his voice. And he has to go to the Echo Fairy to find it again;When a mold infestation covers Spiderus' lair, he and his family have depend on the generosity of their Sunny Patch neighbors and Spiderus learns the true meaning of tolerance.
16 Sep. 2006
Giddy Up Bugs/A Plushy Parable
Yippy-cayo-cayay! Sawyer the rootin' tootin' ant is riding into Sunny Patch with her posse of aphids for a honeydew roundup. Squirt, Shimmer and Bounce get to tag along and learn how to be real cowbugs. When the aphids get rustled by a couple of greedy bushwhackers, the kids help track the bad bugs down;Grandma Betty lets Pansy borrow Miss Spider's old pussy willow plushy as long as she promises to take good care of it. Instead Pansy loses Miss Spider's favorite toy.
17 May 2007
Frog in the Moon/Moon Music and Sun Songs
Felix the frog finds himself in a precarious position when he tries to jump all the way to the moon; Scratch and his band of nighttime crickets play loud rock music that keeps Sunny Patch and its daytime bugs awake.
15 May 2007
Lulla-Bug/The Most Perfect Parent
Spiderus tries to sing to his unhatched babies and mistakes Snowdrop's voice for his soon-to-be spiderlings;When left in charge of his three baby bugs, the pompous Spiderus has to admit he's not the perfect parent he thought he was.
17 Jun. 2007
Snake Charmer/A Party for Pops
Holley demonstrates the meaning of real bravery when Spiderus accidentally brings back a snake egg from the Snakey Woods; Miss Spider and Spindella work together with the children to throw Holley and Spiderus a truly surprising surprise party.
5 Aug. 2007
Master Mantis/Bug-Versity
During a field trip to view the Venus Flytrap, Mister Mantis tells the legendary story of "Master Mantis" to help the bugs understand how to stay safe around a bug eating plant;When Mister Mantis suggests that his class put on pageant to celebrate "Hug-A-Bug Day," Wiggle and Bounce can't decide what bug they want to be for the special day.
13 Apr. 2008
Spring Unsprung/Bumbling Bees
Squirt's frog friend Felix needs more sleep when it seems like Spring is off to a slow start; Dragon explores the working life of a bee.
13 Jul. 2008
Night and Day/Cob Fog
Grace misses her adoptive parents Whiffy and Stinky when they go on an overnight trip to a perfume festival; the Flying Aces find themselves stuck in a tree when fog rolls into Sunny Patch.
26 Oct. 2008
Bringing Up Shrubby/Stuck on You
When Bounce and Squirt squash one of Miss Spider's shrub cherry seedlings, the bugs volunteer to nurse it to health;Dragon and Spinner learn all about cooperation when they get stuck to each other and must work together to get home safely.
19 Nov. 2008
Bug Your Mom Day
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27 Nov. 2008
A Little Slow
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28 Nov. 2008
Stalking the Beanstalk
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1 May 2009
A Plushy Parable
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13 May 2009
Flower Power
Sunny Patch has been hit by a heat wave. It gets so bad that Felix and family are going to have to move on in search of deeper ponds - unless Squirt and the good citizens of Sunny Patch can dam Taddy Puddle in time;Lil Sis and Princess Honey Bee get tired of being treated like babies. They want to play big bug games with the rest of the kids but the bigger kids just brush them off. When Lil Sis gets lost in the meadow Princess Honey Bee proves that even little kids can be super heroes.
18 May 2009
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20 May 2009
Good Deed Seeds
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22 May 2009
Little Lady Bug Lost
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26 May 2009
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27 May 2009
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3 Jun. 2009
Lost and Sound
Spinner thinks of a song but forgets how it goes before he can sing it for his parents. So Holley shows him how to use a "Melody Catcher," a webby musical staff;It's Squirt, Spinner, Pansy, Snowdrop and Wiggle's hatchday and they can't agree what kind of party to have. They all want something different. Especially Squirt who decides to have a party all to himself and has to learn a thing or two about sharing.
5 Jun. 2009
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9 Aug. 2009
Eclipse/Hide & Sleuth
When Sunny Patch finds itself in the shadow of a solar eclipse, the bugs enjoy the celestial show - all except Bounce, who is afraid that the Sun won't come out from hiding unless he helps;Squirt and Bounce hesitate to include Shelley and Stinky in their game of Hide and Seek. It would be too easy playing against a slow-moving snail and a strong-smelling stinkbug. But things are not as they appear, when the bugs adopt Stinky's deduction techniques, the game is a foot!
Bug Talk/The Befuddled Butterfly
Dragon finds out that learning a new language is like a secret password into another world;When Shimmer's friend, Cookie, loses her butterfly instincts, Miss Spider and her bug clan must help her regain them before winter arrives in Sunny Patch.
Little Ladybug Lost/A Beetle-ful Family
A little ladybug named Grace is discovered to be living all alone in Sunny Patch; Grace waits for her family to return, but Stinky and Whiffy contemplate what to do if her family doesn't return.

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