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Intelligently written, brilliantly cast and thesped story of a German mail order bride in a Norwegian-American community in Minnesota just after WWI never hits a wrong note.
Entertainment Weekly
Sweet Land is a movie of extraordinary tenderness, in which Reaser and Guinee, using a language of looks, make you happy to think about what love once might have been.
The Hollywood Reporter
Demonstrating a mastery of the medium that belies his status as a first-time feature filmmaker, writer-director Ali Selim has crafted in Sweet Land a tale of pure Americana that speaks both to the immigrant experience and the nature of love.
Village Voice
Directing with a light comic touch and a palpable affection for the characters, Selim draws pitch-perfect acting from a large cast and achieves breathtaking levels of color and clarity from old-fashioned 35mm.
New York Post
This year's actress to watch is Elizabeth Reaser, who delivers a tour de force as a determined German mail-order bride who comes to 1920 Minnesota in Ali Selim's captivating indie Sweet Land.
It's winsome, sentimental and lovely in a minor-key way.
The film’s guileless, heartfelt style veers perilously close to corniness at times, but the superb cast dares you to mock.
New York Daily News
Selim's script doesn't hit new territory, but beautiful cinematography takes it just far enough.
Mark Orton's overused fiddly score is nice enough, but can't disguise the essential emptiness of overlong scenes.
Sweet Land is as empty and beautiful as the picturesque Minnesota terrain it's so clearly taken with.

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