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All talk, Plus Some Good Action
tctayl29 December 2006
If you want to hear Ms Stratus herself and others connected with her career talk talk talk about the lady, you'll get your fill in this slick video. The beautiful Ms Stratus herself comes across as personable, intelligent and literate. If you want to see the lady display the superb wrestling skills that made her a fan favorite, and six times champion, a special feature shows 6 matches in their entirety. Thw mud match is a waste but the others are good nonstop action, not alwsy showing Ms Strtaus ather best. Visually, the video is excellent and a pleasure to look at. There is an amazing amount of details concerning Ms Stratus's personal life. This is a must buy for fans of women wrestling. If Ms Sratus intends to make video production her new career, she should study the web site of April Hunter, an equally glamorous stunning talented wrestler.
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A stratusfying enough package, but it could have been even better
gridoon28 November 2005
I expected the main feature to be the weakest part of this DVD and the extras to be the strongest, but it was the other way around.

"Trish Revealed" is an entertaining, informative and well-paced hour-long documentary on Trish's life and career up to 2003. It begins from her childhood, goes to her years in the medical school and her early steps as a fitness model and traces her career in the WWE, from a teasing piece of T&A to a "comic relief" catfighter (with Stephanie McMahon) to a legitimate wrestler to an international superstar. It also examines things like her main feuds with her fellow divas and her relationship with her fans.

My main complaint about this disc is that it doesn't include enough bonus matches. There are only four, and only three of those are real matches. In detail:

1) Mud Match vs. Stacy Keibler (on Raw). OK, this sounds good. It isn't. It lasts about 2 minutes and it's mostly just splashing around in the mud. The women get so covered in it you can't even tell them apart! 0

2) Chicago Street Fight vs. Victoria (on Raw). This also sounds good, but it's much too brief (about 5 minutes). Some solid hits by both women with trash can lids and the like, but the match is not given enough time to develop the intensity it could have. **

3) Triple Threat Match vs. Victoria vs. Jazz (for the title, from Wrestlemania XIX). Very entertaining, and more of an actual TRIPLE threat than most such matches, but also too brief. Victoria, who was in her "psycho" mode then, steals the show; her "shoulder tic" is brilliant and her outfit ROCKS. ***

4) Title Match vs. Jazz (from Insurrextion 2003). This is a mediocre match, but Trish puts in a good performance. Her escape from Jazz's boston crab alone makes it worth watching. **

In the rest of the extras, the standouts are the "Home Tour" (wow! nice home!) and the "Diva of the Decade" (nostalgic clips of older divas - and check out Lita's reaction when HBK announces the winner!). Most of the other stuff ("Babe of the Year" photo shoots, Summerslam commercial) is rather trivial (just for the record, I find Trish's looks a little overrated; she's not quite as hot as, say, Torrie Wilson). And there are some things (like the "Much Music Awards" segment, with Trish and Chris Jericho opening up two bags full of presents) that are just a waste of time (as Jericho himself points out repeatedly in that one).

All in all, I wouldn't recommend buying this DVD without watching it first, unless you're a very dedicated fan of Trish.
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A Stratusfying treat, for Die hard Trish fans like myself!.
callanvass11 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
100% Stratusfaction is a great in depth look at Trish Stratus, my only wish is, I wanted even more, when all was said and done. It gives you a decent look, at what her family is like, and what Trish was like as a kid, and a decent background, of her fitness career. I personally felt, the look at her managing career, was the most interesting, but everything else was great too. Trish is one of the best, if not the best Diva in the history of wrestling, and her charisma and incredible beauty, always shines. As a guy, I have always had the biggest crush on her, I mean it's hard not too. She has such an incredible personality, brimming with hilarity, and goofiness, not only that she's so intelligent. She pretty much, has it all. Trish has earned to where she has gotten today, and I only wish the best for her, outside of wrestling. I can only hope, WWE delivers a bigger Trish DVD, in the near future, but for now this will do just fine.

The extras are pretty good. Some decent matches of her, along with the sexy table tip moments, and some funny stuff as well.

Bottom line. If your a Trish fan, and you haven't seen this, you should be able to find a copy somewhere, very cheaply. It's well worth it!.

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