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Bad Trip

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
30 January 2008

In a high school in the suburbs, the teenager Richard (Michael Mandell) is very popular, good student and successful with the women. His younger brother Tommy (James M. Hausler) is weird, outcast and jealous of Richard, and his best friend is the aggressive Colby Francis (Christopher Clark), who is hated by the other students and speaks like the rapper Eminem. When the slut cheerleader Sacha decides to have sex with Tommy, she invites the trio of friends for a party at her home. Colby buys mushroom from the drug dealer Brent (Jason Williams) and after sniffing cocaine with Richard, he prepares a cocktail with the dope. Richard, Tommy and Colby drink the mushroom and have a bad trip with tragic consequences.

"Trip Out" is an amateurish movie with a good potential. The screenplay is interesting, following the individual actions along the day of Tommy, Richard, Colby and concludes showing the revenge of Brent against Colby. However, the relationship between Richard and Tommy should have been better developed to make more sense the tragic and violent conclusion. The acting is very reasonable considering that the cast is amateur; the camera work in Tommy's block is confused, but works better in Richard and Colby modules; the edition is probably the best in this movie, perfectly entwining the scenes and giving consistency to the story. Considering that this is a low-budget movie, written, directed and performed by a young and green cast, and the low price of the DVD (US$ 4.00), I liked it. I really enjoy finding this type of original and refreshing work, in my opinion better than many blockbusters. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Viagem Suicida" ("Suicide Trip")

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Great Trip

Author: Cent-3 from Binghamton, NY
26 March 2008

"Trip Out" tells three times from three perspectives the story of three guys who get blasted on drugs, each story filling in details of the events that transpired up to the fateful events later on in the film. It's not a complicated movie but it is very entertaining.

The dialog in this movie is hysterical - especially that of Colby, white thug wannabe, who mouths off without provocation to acquaintances and strangers alike. He's somehow friends with Richard, the most popular man in school, who berates and belittles Colby, sometimes too much. Richard's brother is Tommy, introverted outcast whose role in the movie goes from sad alienated youth to something surprisingly sinister.

Events in the movie play out smoothly, parts that involve two or more of the central characters that have already been witnessed are skipped over with smooth transitions. The characters progress in smart ways, gaining and losing the viewer's sympathy in unexpected ways.

"Trip Out" is a short ride but always fun - drug use, swearing and sex are all present in abundance, all set to a great soundtrack. None of the actors are famous but they do a fine job, as well as the director. All in all a quality picture - worth catching if you can find it.

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honest but amateur dream work

Author: BennyDeus from Brazil
4 February 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

there was something that stuck with me after seeing the movie. some of the acting was amateur yes and its def not perfect. but i enjoyed to see it and how it play out. the music was very captivating and the images looked like strange modern art at times but when film started out i did not see it would end how it did. it became more unrealistic with the drugs and i felt as though i understood the characters. my favorite was Colby because he was much of comic relief for the film and was handsome. the end did make me feel emotion because i had formed some bond with tommy. i got him. sometimes it felt like the movie makers did not have much experience...but its colors show.

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Trip Out, or not... either way this movie sucks.

Author: mckinleym2 from United States
24 May 2011

I really tried to like this movie. I really did, the story is cohesive and when its major plot points are explained it sounds like it would be a good film. The dialog is what kills the movie. It is pretty terrible, often just filled with cursing that is unimaginative, unprovoked, and certainly unrealistic. The drug usage is sophomorically portrayed as well. On a good note, the actors were really pretty good, it was just the terribly scripted lines they had to say that kept making them come off as really pretty bad. All and all I would look into this movie if you are interested in seeing a well shot, well plotted but poorly scripted piece of film.

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Probably the worst movie I've ever seen

Author: polacorf-2 from Brazil
30 November 2007

Really, after 10 minutes watching this movie, I couldn't believe how could someone actually create such an awful film (if this can be called a film). Starting with the acting, a bunch of "hey-guys-you-wanna-be-in-my-movie" sort of people who have no idea how to act insult each other during the whole freakin time in the fakest way possible (that line "Is that blood on the trophy?" couldn't be worst). To have an idea, the guy who is supposed to be the most popular guy in school is a stupid nerd, and it wasn't meant to be a joke. They actually thought that because a guy was smart and everything, the president of school, all the girls would want to have sex with that ugly kid (the actor looks like 30, but he must be supposed to be 18). The script is as bad as possible, as I said, only people insulting each other. Feels like it was written by a 12-year-old with a twisted mind. And when you think things couldn't get worst, believe me, the do! Also, the editor probably had just learned how to use final cut, and wanted to try all the resources, doesn't matter if it would make sense or not.

It's hard to believe that someone comes up with such a bad story, finds people to produce this thing, than gets people to act on it, people actually released this piece of junk, and, most incredible of all, people watch this thing!!! Please, don't waste your time. This is not worth watching even if it is to see a how bad a movie can be. It's just torture.

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