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Great Weirdo Villain and some Funny Dark Humor
ElijahCSkuggs19 May 2008
Going into Neighborhood Watch, I really knew nothing about it. A year or two ago it had some nice hype surrounding it, but somehow it stayed pretty damn elusive....well, to people who don't have the means, if ya know what I mean. But thankfully, a pal of mine gave me the opportunity to view this, and I'm happy to say this film delivered the goods.

The story revolves around a husband and wife who move into their new home, he's got a new job and she's happy decorating the house. All seems well until they meet their neighbor Adrian. Let me just say before Adrian appears on screen the movie is slightly tedious, not so entertaining and the feel of it's low-budgetness is really evident. But the actor who plays Adrian brings an over-the-top insanity that was really a fun ride witnessing. Like what Evol said in his review, this movie delivers some really good laughs. It's dark comedy at it's darkest, and when delivered by this goofy, insane character, it's really a nice treat.

Overall the movie isn't really amazing, but with it's dark themes and dark humor, Neighborhood Watch turned out to be a very welcome addition to the weird world of horror. Definitely give this movie a shot if you enjoy low budget films that are weird and most definitely sick. 7.5 outta 10
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Sick, disturbing and utterly repulsive!
Coventry18 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
It's pretty much unquestionable that "Neighborhood Watch" is a terrible and absolutely worthless movie but, just in case Graeme Whifler's only intention was to go beyond all the known boundaries of gore and sickness, it might be called a huge success after all. This is one messed up production and most of the film's footage simply cannot be categorized in terms of sickness as no horror movie has ever gone there before! This is different than the Italian cannibal-flicks or the Asian Manga-madness, as "Neighborhood Watch" features a realistic tone and revolves on existing issues like misanthropy, self-mutilation and pure psychological terror. The first half of the film is actually just as intense and unsettling as it is nauseating and this combination led me to believe that we'd come across THE most disturbing movie ever made. Whilfer totally loses his grip on the suspense near the end, however, with sub plots that go nowhere and the atmosphere that vanishes entirely. The premise of "Neighborhood Watch" is utterly simple but it works because I'm sure that everybody recognizes some of the basic story aspects like domestic disturbance, mobbing and social nonacceptance. Young newlyweds Wendi and Bob move into a ramshackle house owned by Bob's new employer and face problems with their neighbors right away. The elderly couple next door behaves very strangely but the real threat is formed by opposite neighbor Adrian Trumbell, who distributes poisoned candy as welcoming gifts... Trumbell definitely ranks among the vilest psychopaths in horror cinema history! While listening to tapes describing torture and unnecessary surgery in gross detail, he masturbates by sticking hypodermic needles in his scrotum and poking holes in his stomach with his finger! That's right! Pretty soon, Wendi and Bob become the target of Trumbell's unnameable lunacy and there's no one who can (or wants to) help them.

This isn't anything like "Pacific Heights" or any other B-thriller in which some nut kills his/her neighbor's cat, but mean-spirited exploitation for people with a strong stomach only. Despite the often lack of horror experience or budget, the make-up effects and scenery are convincing and genuinely nauseating. According to Graeme Whifler, there are absolutely no taboos and even embarrassing stuff like diarrhea or close-up vomiting gets illustrated like it's the most common thing in the world. Nick Searcy, who briefly appeared in more classy projects like "Tigerland" and "One Hour Photo", is marvelous as the sick pervert but the rest of the cast is better left unmentioned. The total absence of continuity and decent choreography makes it hard to rate this movie any higher than 6 out of 10; but I'm doing it anyway since I've never been more disgusted by a movie in my entire life! That has got to be worth something, right? In case your most recent medical check-up contained no heart or nerves problems worth mentioning, you can consider seeing "Neighborhood Watch".
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A horrific, vile, and disturbing experience
undeadmachine6695 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I had read about a film called Neighborhood Watch a year or so ago that was supposed to be the most disturbing horror film ever lensed. I did not, however, know that the film had been re-titled to Deadly End (why?). I am a collector of horror films. I have over 3000 VHS and DVD horror movies in my collection. There is nothing I haven't seen before. So for a movie to wreck me like this one did, I had no other choice than to give it a perfect 10. Some of the acting is a bit shoddy, and some of the choices the actors make are highly unlikely. If a man that looked like THAT showed up at my house with candy, it would go straight in the trash! These characters, however, indulge in the stuff...and to grisly results. Those minor gripes aside, everything else in this film did exactly what it was supposed to. Sicken the viewer to the very core. It is not an enjoyable experience at all. As jaded as I am, I had to turn it off about halfway through to get some fresh air. Yes people, it is really that bad. The story is simple. A young couple moves into a suburban neighborhood where a sadistic, deeply disturbed man lives. The man takes to poisoning and torturing this couple for seemingly no reason. Thats it. Such a simple story leads to such a horrifying end that I offered my roommates $20 a piece if they could finish the movie. Neither of them could make it half way through. Enjoy!
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Fun And Twisted Black Comedy...
EVOL6665 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Having heard about NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH for about a year now, I'm glad I got to finally see it not too long ago. I had heard how "sick" and "disgusting" it was, and I will admit that the film has a few moments that are pretty out-there - but I don't think it was nearly as graphic as others made it seem. The other thing that I noticed that I don't seem to be seeing much mention of made - is that at it's heart, NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH is really a very dark comedy. There's a lot going on in this film that's pretty funny for those of us with a sick sense of humor.

A young couple moves into a new neighborhood and immediately sense that their neighbor Adrian is a bit "off". The couple tries to convince the rest of the neighborhood's residents to band together against Adrian, but to no avail. Adrian continuously poisons the couple until they are near-death - and it's a fight to stay alive and rid themselves of their psychotic neighbor once and for all...

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH is an entertaining and pretty well made film for a low-budget joint, and I think most horror fans and those with a twisted sense of humor will enjoy this one. Again, yeah - there are a few "sick" parts, but I think that whole aspect of the film has been pretty overblown - at least for those that are used to more "underground" horror films. Make sure to keep an ear out for the radio-show that Adrian constantly listens to - that sh!t is hilarious...8/10
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Gorehound spectacular!!!!!!!!!!
Indyrod2 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This movie should have a proper review, so here is goes. I ordered this a few months ago, after reading excellent reviews. The movie is about a young couple (Jack Huston and Pell James) that move into a rather strange neighborhood because of his new job. After being there only a short time, they are visited by a neighbor Adrien (Nick Searcy) with a bouquet of something. It happens to be poison oak and gives the wifey an extreme breakout of the poison on her face. Shortly after, he visits them and gives them a box of chocolates. Now Adrien is the neighbor from hell and his own extremely sick sexual habits are hard to believe, or even define here. So I won't. Oh why not. He has cut a gash in his lower stomach area which he sticks his finger in and massages some kind of organ under the liver that gives him sexual pleasure, but then he jams a syringe directly into his balls. And away he goes. This is sick sh*t, and I mean sick, but this movie has just started. Back to the chocolates, which are laced with a horse laxative that gives the couple the extreme sh*ts, and you have never and I mean never seen some of the sh*t (pun intended) displayed in this movie. And that's just the beginning. It seems Adrien likes to screw around with poisons of all kinds, and he used them on the neighbors he doesn't like which is most of them. Oh, and the deaf neighbors across the street, who aren't really deaf are a pretty funny part of the movie until the amazing revolting climax. The movie moves into the extreme gore department, almost Herschell Gordon Lewis level, except much much better effects. This movie has an actual history of people leaving the theater sick, or having seizures, or leaving in disgust. That is true, and also, nobody and I mean no studio would even consider distributing this movie without extreme cuts. But Stuart Gordon used all his muscle, and liked the extreme nature of this movie, and got it released fully uncut on DVD. It's morbid, totally disgusting, extremely gory, nasty, very sickening, and I could go on and on, but gorehounds, this is the movie for you. Take it from me, this one does not disappoint on any level. The ending alone is unbelievably gory with a little twist, and the commentary is excellent, with the writer-director saying exactly what I wanted to hear, that he wanted to make the most extreme movie he could possibly think of and give the gorehounds of the universe the kind of movie they want. He did just that, and I could not recommend it higher.
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There went the neighborhood.
Michael O'Keefe29 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Kid you not, this sucker gets a bit grisly. Bob and Wendi(Jack Huston and Pell James)move to their new home in what they thought would be like paradise, but low and behold this suburban neighborhood is more like a dead zone. What neighbors left seem pretty strange, but none stranger than the former mayor's son Adrien(Nick Searcy). He delivers a bouquet of poison oak that makes a mess of Wendi. Then the psychopathic Adrien delivers poisoned candy that leaves both Bob and Wendi with debilitating diarrhea. Now things progress to weirdness. Adrien performs an amateur surgery on Wendi then operates on himself. As if playing with his own guts is not enough; the neighborhood nut job pulls off the strangest masturbation scene you'll ever see. He fingers a busted stitched hole in his belly as he repeatedly stabs his testicles with a hypodermic needle.

I don't feel I've spoiled this one that much since seeing it for yourself is more entertaining than hearing about it. Also in the cast: Anina Lincoln, Meredith Morton and John Ennis.
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Deadly End Freaked Me Out!
brianstreehouse26 January 2008
Well after reading some of the buzz on the internet, I obtained an advanced screener of the movie. When I heard that people were having physical reactions to the film, I knew it would be right up my alley. I was not disappointed! I love a good villain, and Adrian is not your typical bad guy. Most psychopaths in horror movies have a mystery about them, and you don't see the human side. With Adrian, it is his "realness" that makes him so freaky, you actually could live next door to him! I really like the lead actors, and within the story, small characters shine and add some levity to the suspense. Without spoiling anything, I'll just say that the final scenes will be scarred into memory probably for life!
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i cannot cope with what i have seen
yaslmiri27 January 2008
This film was a surprisingly well made low budget horror film. For what it was, they did a brilliant job. The problem (for me) is what it was they were doing. It seemed that the creators made a list of things held sacred and spent a good, long while thinking very hard about how to most effectively desecrate each and every one in the most disturbing and unthinkable fashion... I would hate to say imaginable.

I am no novice to the land of indie horror. Working at Blockbuster, I watch every horror flick that comes in.

I simply cannot deal with some of the things that i saw in this movie. I was truly disturbed and sickened to the core of my being. Had the creators aimed to make a scary film, instead of the most demented torture-porn of all time, I am sure it would have been brilliant as this was ill.
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Life is like a box of chocolates...
barnthebarn3 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Notable for being the first (and perhaps only) film ever to be released by Charles Band's Lunatic releasing, a label for freaky movies that he played no part in other than seeing their potential and thus distributing.

The main cast here are really watchable with attractive couple Bob and Wendi (British actor Jack Huston and American actress Pell James) taking the lead as a peace wishing young couple terrorised by local former Sherrifs son and madman, Adrien (Nick Searcy - also very good). Some of the other actors are a little out of their depth, such as an older couple who are the only other neighbours that know Adrien is trouble. There are silly bits such as when Bob becomes blind and says to a pregnant and in pain Wendi that he is going to get help (he is blind!) despite not being able to manoeuvre around the bed even. The film is nowhere near as gory as some reviews suggest presenting only the odd moment of horrid footage. The scene of Adrien penetrating a stomach wound with his finger whilst torturing his testicles is gross but not overly explicit. With such handsome leads and other qualities like a great score (a little reminiscent of Richard Band Puppet Master music) and cinematography this could have been a lot better. I feel director, Graeme Whifler, has to take the blame for the films failure to be as exceptional as it could have been. Ultimately Whifler is a naive director and writer, wanting to squeeze so much cliché and value in to each frame that his work becomes at worst a mindless bore and at best this, an interesting film primarily saved by its daft but enigmatic leads. If you love the film it is well worth checking out Graeme Whifler's other writing efforts, 'Sonny Boy' and 'Dr. Giggles' as both are equally disappointing. Fair.
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Morbid & Disturbing?
kosmasp29 April 2007
Yes it is. But for all the wrong reasons! This movie is not only unwatchable for the faint of heart, but also for people who can stomach a lot more. They will get treated in a sick and disturbing way here!

A neighborhood watch (in case you didn't know already), is when neighbors/people watch out for each. This movie is about, what happens if that goes awfully wrong. It does get icky and gross here, so you should be warned before hand. And the only reason for that is, because the director wants to out gross every other movie there is. And in that respect (and in making us feel sick) he succeeds. But that doesn't elevate this movie ... I can't recommend this movie to anyone (although IMDb shows that there are people who were attracted and liked it, but there are only a few, and I mean maybe a handful of people who will like this)
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