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Bad, bad, bad movie...

Author: pyromanticways from Italy
20 January 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film is horrible. Unfortunately, I know I'll never get enough of bad movies, so I'll keep looking for stuff like this, inflicting such pain to myself! I should have stopped watching this film, as soon as it showed its main characteristics; in fact, it looks like a sluggish mix of:

1) Contemporary standard pornography (photography, actors, dialogues, completely-out-of-sync dubbing, settings, lighting) without any hardcore sex, though (yeah, there were some nudities, but I wouldn't call it even soft-core).

2) A boring Italian TV "fiction" (as we call some of our soap opera-like made-for-the-TV series)

3) an amateurish, Home-made horror movie.

"Il male nella carne" has a ridiculous plot too: two thelepaths (only thelepathy could save such "actors" from the constant out-of-sync dubbing) try to stop THE EVIL from spreading around the world (well, to be honest, among 10 people at least, in some province of the North of Italy); while doing this (they never really do anything and their faces can barely show an expression while their minds "communicate"!), they partecipate in séances with other absolutely forgettable, non-acting people! Meanwhile, a myterious black figure, like a shadow (The Grim Reaper?!) walks around the set, apparently forcing people to murder! The gore is too amateurish and maybe I'd have liked it, if only the film would have showed some irony... but there were just these "serious", dull, badly overdubbed voices, vaguely speaking of evil forces and stuff like that, with very ordinary, uninteresting and rambling words! There was a dream sequence, that probably made me give two stars out of ten to this s**t, combined with the fact that I like independent horror.

Avoid this crap! Don't waste your time or, at least, waste it with some "so bad, it's good" flick, like Andreas Marfori's "Il Bosco 1" AKA "Evil Clutch"! Believe me, that's really a masterpiece, compared to the awful "Il male nella carne".

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Italian independent films very good!

Author: dreist from Italy
8 February 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Flesh Evil - Evil in the flesh fourth title of the well-known and stubborn indie filmmaker Roger A. Fratter, which I watched with great involvement. Indeed, it would be more accurate to say revised, as a first viewing of the film goes back to long ago, and that thanks to this product, I became a lover and fan of the aforementioned director, regard it has detected a pleasure necessary targeted to refresh my memory and enter this kind of review. I love Fratter so one by one I'll try to view and comment on chronologically (always in a neutral) all his movies. I note with regret that many lovers of cinema unjustly underestimated, in my opinion they do not understand its real capacity .... has the merit to put so many things that many indie filmmakers if the dream ... and I speak not only of beautiful women. Then, we start to say, that this filmmaker from Bergamo is a bit like wine, more older and more improves, this work artistically, technically and logistically, compared to its previous three feature films longer cared about every aspect, and finally the concept "amateurish" decreases in a decisive manner. It remains a low budget film and circulating exclusively for the home video market, but the fact remains that comes up and has nothing to envy with those movies that maybe are distributed to the movies and have substantial budget. "Flesh Evil - Evil in the Flesh" already the title strikes and excites the curiosity of the viewer (it has a something of Biblical), a film that is inspired in a tight and compact to "Shadow" one of the most intriguing stories of the current always Edgar Allan Poe and that manages to capture the captivating essence of the original work and the same with his own style and unique. To be counted a Thriller / Horror? Mostly yes, but it has and also shows a lot more and I am not exaggerating to say that maybe this is the 'most visionary work and dream of this director Each Fratter film is never the same as another, at most can have cross- references, the elements or links with previous productions, and even here it is so. Analyzing the generic plot (without going into too many details) and always being on the subject of references or links, here we have a group of young people who see them as Abraxas intent to counteract the forces of evil, and that thanks to the "special" individual powers fail after many adventures to combat it and to defeat it ... but only in the tiniest part. Evil is still something that regenerates indefinitely and as it should be, there is no definitive solution. In fact, speaking precisely of their main enemy, a dark hooded demon named Nergal, the director according to my modest interpretation has included this figure to symbolize the evil that dwells in each of us, an evil that can subdue even the mildest be human and turn it into a being evil and bring it to all sorts of nefarious action, including killing. Some scenes clearly show (just look at the scene of two students or one of the two breeders), certainly convey. The film is full of beautiful and original find, the telepathic contact between Carlos and Tancredi, really clever and exploited very well, especially in the final thanks to this way they communicate can not losing your skin and neutralize their "friend" now long out of control, and slave of the dark power of Nergal. An ending that I also like because of the locations of which I will talk soon .. Analyzing the audio and theatrical sector, hats, even here the good Fratter leaves nothing to chance and in a very provides rich manages with extreme care to represent music, effects and locations. Very charming and very intriguing and some scenes reminded a bit 'his first film "Thirst by Vampira" Instead of the cast here as the usual cloud of good actors and parties, already seen previously, which always like, and with some notable new entry, a newcomer Roxy Osbourne to his first test as an actress, really sublime her acting interpreting his (not) easy character, and worthy of even Vera Wright also known, especially in the dream of which Fratter turns one of my favorite parts. The male actors here more than focus on new entry, Bergamo director has preferred to launch actors who have starred in previous films in small or otherwise secondary parts, including the long-haired Omar Shanay and Steve Brooks which I must admit surprised me, especially the first I found it very expressive in the parts where communicates telepathically with Tancredi. Obviously in this film as rightly Fratter has accustomed us since his first film, we have the soft core (but much less than Anabolyzer) and the scene between George and Sharon I found it sublime, as well as unleash eroticism is shot with the slow motion and accompanied by a perfectly fits together with music and a good actress and always pussy fetish Irene Giordano. While the gore effects given the type of film (and God forbid !!!) there are certainly not, even here the viewer is not disappointed, the usual and clever special effects expert Maurizio Quarta (again present in a small part) it can give truculent and bloody effects. Nothing is missing in this film, blood, erotic, mystery ... .davvero much "meat" on the stove and cooked not "bad" :-) In conclusion, the film being gloomy and pessimistic, after the vision, can sneak up in the soul of the viewer a heavy "negativity" ... if it happens (as happened to me) then it means only one thing: That the viewer has hit the mark and has assimilated what the director has tried to represent, and who knew how to worthily honor not only Edgar Allan Poe but also the kind of genre films that was produced decades ago and Fratter seeking to revitalize years.

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