The Lookout (2007) Poster


Plot Keywords

bank athlete
notebook planning
heist robbery
janitor hockey
high school athlete accident
face slap beating
fistfight adolescent
abuse writing
wheelchair walker
waitress voice over narration
violence urination
underwear uncle niece relationship
trophy train
train accident thief
thanksgiving dinner telephone call
teenage boy suspense
subjective camera student
snow snowing
pot smoking sheriff
shaving sex
rifle restaurant
prom night policeman
pill photograph
photographer old man
near beer mother son relationship
money meth lab
mentally impaired person marijuana
loneliness listening to radio
kiss keys locked in a vehicle
kansas city intervention
inhaler ice skating
ice rink highway patrolman
helicopter head injury
gun frustration
food flashback
flash forward father son relationship
family relationships drug use
drink drinking
dressing dog
disabled male crying
crisis center cooking
convertible con man
computer combine
cereal cell phone
caseworker car hit by a train
camera cafe
brother sister relationship brother brother relationship
brain damage boyfriend girlfriend relationship
blindness bartender
baby armored car
answering machine heist gone wrong
bar bank heist
asthma attack asthma
christmas tree neo noir
memory brain injured man
female nudity casual sex
bare butt theft
thanksgiving stripper
shower police officer
male nudity kansas
firefly chess
car crash bank teller
shovel shotgun
shot in the stomach shot in the shoulder
shot in the head shot in the chest
shot in the back shootout
seduction scar
roommate robbery gone awry
rage police officer killed
pistol murder
loss of friend hostage
duffel bag disability
death blind man
memory loss ice hockey
car accident bank robbery
death of friend title spoken by character

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