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A delightful new twist on a well trod tale.

Author: parlysinger101 from Chicago
29 November 2004

Karroll's Christmas is one of 2004's Christmas TV gems amid an onslaught of holiday specials this year. Tom Everett Scott (ER) is engaging as the lead in this modern and extremely funny retell of Dicken's Christmas Carol, and Wallace Shawn (Princess Bride) is both charming and funny as Scrooge.

The twist this time around is that the ghosts have gotten the wrong address and they take the wrong guy (Allen Karrol, played by Scott) through his crotchety neighbor's life (Wally Shawn).

Along the way, Karrol learns how his neighbor got so crotchety and becomes sympathetic to a man whom he abhorred, prior. Well directed (Dennis Dugan) and cleverly written, (Drew Daywalt & David Schneider), this one is bound to become a perennial. Five stars out of five.

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Nice twist on the same old Christmas Carol!

Author: Austin Taylor ( from Nashville, Tennessee
14 December 2004

Tom Everett Scott and a strong supporting cast spice up what could have been just another made for TV three ghost visit movie.

This movie pokes fun at all those Christmas Carol rip-offs and finally points out that sometimes we humans have to take responsibility and solve our own problems.

This one is a true feel good film.

Larry Miller, Alanna Ubach and Verne Troyer are outstanding as the bumbling ghostly trio! I loved the twist on Jacob Marley as well.

Just a fun tongue in cheek look at Charles Dickens' classic!

This one is worth seeing! I just hope it shows up with the Ghost of Christmas future during the next Yule Time Season!

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What an Unexpected Gem!

Author: SentinelPrime from USA
23 January 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film was an unexpected delight. "A Christmas Carol" variants are a dime a dozen, but this movie is remarkable. This film mixes drama and comedy deftly. The whole cast is a treat, doing excellent work in an endeavor fraught with possible peril, with special mention to Larry Miller and Wallace Shawn.

Thomas Everett Scott plays a man, Allen Karroll, well on his way to alienation who wakes up to that fact while helping the person the Ghosts were supposed to haunt. The film strikes several different chords, but allows for each scene to unfold on its own, giving it rich moments of humor and sentiment. It was with sentiment that Wallace Shawn was especially crucial. He is perfect as Zeb Rosecog, and a scene with his daughter was stunningly special and moving. Larry Miller and the Ghosts provide wonderful moments of humor. Miller is person with great capacity for humor and drama, but here is called to walk lightly between both.

I also want to mention Deanna Milligan as Carrie, Allen's girlfriend. She was down to earth, yet luminous, with a smile to melt the snow. I hope to see more of her as an actor in the future.

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Very sweet retelling

Author: calamity469 from United States
9 December 2006

My husband and I stumbled on this movie last year, and just loved it. Wallace Shawn as the crotchety Scrooge-like character is a joy to watch (although the scenes when he was supposed to be younger were a little painful due to the poor make-up job). He plays sweet, wistful, mean, and nasty with such dexterity. Truly a gifted performance.

The ghosts are a blast, particularly Larry Miller (whose comedy routines I love!). Tom Everett Scott does a very good job as the unwitting recipient of the ghost-visits - a man who is on the verge of becoming just like his Scroogy-neighbor.

The casting of the children in this story, however, seems like an after-thought. Only one little boy actually shines in his portrayal. The others are wooden, and they mumble through their horribly written lines. Thankfully, they don't have much screen time.

This isn't the greatest re-telling of A Christmas Carol, but it is a very sweet and fun way to get into the Christmas "Spirit".

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Dennis Dugan... You da Christmas Man

Author: John Wayne Peel ( from United States
20 December 2004

I got a real kick out of this funny and touching treatment of Charles Dickens immortal classic. I even liked Wallace Shawn in it whom I usually cringe to watch with that awful big-tongued lisp of his, but here, everyone is used to their best advantage. (I must admit I liked him as an old Ferenghi Yoda-type on "Deep Space Nine" but I digress several light years.)

Tom Everett Scott whom I only knew from Tom Hanks film "That Thing You Do" prior to this is a lovable wholesome schlub who mistakenly gets visited by the three ghosts instead of his Scooge-y next door neighbor. Larry Miller is always fun to watch and here, he truly shines with some excellent one-liners

The love interest is also charming and the other two ghosts are a scream, especially Verne Troyer's Christmas future in a delightfully twisted version of the original. There is also Marley's ghost, but to tell you the delicious take they did on HIM would ruin a sweet surprise that should make you laugh long and hard unless you are already dead yourself.

There are some extremely emotional scenes that may make you reach for the Kleenex and they are not at all heavy handed nor do they hurt the overall effect of this "Carol." Slapstick, pathos, one-liners and fun characterizations mixed well and blended thoroughly make this worthwhile viewing to be sure.

Check this one out and avoid at all costs the Tori Spelling version from Hallmark. Director (and sometimes actor) Dennis Dugan balanced Karroll's Chrismas" all so well and adroitly. You may remember him as "Richie Brockelman, Private Eye" from the old "Rockford Files" series or one of his other quirky TV performances in the 1970's or 80's. Anyway, the man sure knows how to direct a great, fun holiday movie. And some great rocking music to boot.

And after all the

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Fine reimagining of a classic

Author: TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews from Earth
6 December 2008

I'm usually up for seeing films that use A Christmas Carol as their source material, in particular the ones that go for a different interpretation of it(the BlackAdder version takes the cake, I'd have to say). Thus, when this aired, it wasn't a hard sell. It's pretty much worth it, if the tone that they set isn't maintained entirely(though almost) throughout, and it does contain at least its share, possibly more than, of sap. The acting is usually good, the children in this are by far worse than the grown-ups in it, but that is usually the case. The production value is reasonable, with some nice effects. The script plays around with the original story and characters the appropriate amount. The humor is probably the best thing about this, because in the positive end of the spectrum, there are great jokes and gags, including one or two memorable and even quote-deserving ones. There are, however, also times where they try far too hard, where it's juvenile, that it is downright stupid and/or where they fall flat. There is dark comedy herein, albeit relatively mild. Little tip? If you watch through the opening credits to this and find what occurs to be harsh and not funny, you're not likely to be in the target audience. I recommend this to those who can stand the holiday being taken a tad less seriously(for a stronger "anti" movie, look elsewhere). 6/10

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Cute, Updated Classic

Author: bunny3k from United States
6 January 2008

I love "Karroll's Christmas"! It is such a clever updating of the most redone Christmas classic, Dicken's "A Christmas Carol". It is both truly sentimental and very funny. I like some of the special effects and the character of Rosecog is an interesting interpretation of Scrooge. There is a twist regarding how the ghosts conduct their visit, that I find truly original.

One review on this board said the acting was bad. I disagree. All the actors and actresses are good and play their parts well, adding small touches that make their characters more interesting and authentic. I also have liked Wallace Shawn since "The Princess Bride" and he is really good here, too. Larry Miller always makes me smile.

Also, a bit of trivia - Bharbara Egan, who plays Mrs. Coolidge, is better known to all MSTies everywhere as Troy's Aunt Betty in the 1990 Canadian movie, "Final Sacrifice" - riffed by Mystery Science Theater (Rowsdower?) There is a small amount of mild swearing and some very mild sexual innuendo, but it would be fine for families, with just a bit of parental guidance.

I have a copy of this movie, but unfortunately recorded it myself from television and then never finalized it and now I have a different DVD player that won't recognize it - curses! I am trying to find a copy and would gladly add it to "Miracle on 34th Street" - the original, "It's a Wonderful Life" - in B&W, "The Bishop's Wife", "Christmas in Connecticut", "The Santa Clause", "Holiday Inn", "Jingle All The Way", and the "Charlie Brown Christmas", "Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer" and "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" cartoons from the 60's, as a yearly favorite.

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Great Premise, Decent Execution

Author: David from Mobile, AL, USA
6 January 2005

When my wife saw the advertisement for this and asked me to record it, I first found the Tori Spelling wreck, A Carrol's Christmas. I am glad I clarified with her, and with TiVo's search tools found the right one.

This is a great spoof of the classic story remade countless times. The execution was good but probably not good enough to be rerun every Christmas. The bits are mostly great but occasionally fall short, primarily by being slightly predictable. It has good mix of comedy and seasonal tugs at the heartstrings, but rings just a bit as an after school special. Still I look forward to seeing it next year.

If you liked this at all, especially the occasional tendency to stray toward innuendo, I would highly recommend another Christmas film, Bernard and the Genie (1991) (TV) with Lenny Henry, Alan Cumming and Rowan Atkinson.

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Very good

Author: SanteeFats from United States
5 December 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Of course this a typical feel good movie for the Christmas season. I enjoyed it though. Three, wait four, ghosts visit the wrong guy (Karroll) on Christmas Eve, or did they? I really didn't understand the Rasta ghost that precedes the traditional three ghosts of Christmas. Minime is the funniest of the ghosts but all three are good. A fired greeting card writer learns about his very crotchety neighbor's past while going through the three ghosts. This allows him to bring the man back into the Christmas spirit and he ends up reuniting with his estranged daughter. He also gets to meet his granddaughter for the first time ever. Karroll is played by Tom Everett Scott and at first his character turned me off. As the movie progresses though you can see why he is the way he is. His girlfriend, Carrie, is played by Deanna Milligan. There is a scene where she is dressed as Mrs. Claus and she looks hot. Karroll runs out to confront his neighbor instead of staying with her. I don't know many men who would leave a woman in that circumstance. Anyway, Karroll ends up not only bringing the neighbor to a reunion with his daughter and granddaughter but he propose3s on stage to the girlfriend who accepts. A decent, feel good movie like most of the ones that are shown at this time of year.

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I really like it

Author: fionafitzpatrick12 from Ireland
1 December 2009

I just saw this movie last night and I thought it was really sweet. It doesn't seem like a major movie, it seems that not very much money was spent on making it.. and I really don't mean that in a bad way, I think it was a really cute story. I thought it was a very good cast and story line, I realised it had a similarity to A Christmas Carol, which I'm guessing was kind of the point. I like the fact it has some funny, sad and sweet moments. I felt so sorry for Wallace Shawn's charatcer, especially the scene when his wife dided, I actually started to cry. I will definitely will be watching it again and make sure to have the tissues ready.

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