Hairspray (2007) Poster


Plot Keywords

friend dance
audition best friend
school dancing
tv dance show brother sister relationship
civil rights era social change
underdog beauty pageant
girls' bathroom singing
nostalgia dance contest
teenage crush nurse
boys' bathroom applause
novelty shop drinking
cheating police
hair spray mother daughter relationship
female protagonist school bus
pageant shoeshine
memorabilia communist
eating high school
microphone teenage girl
tv studio crown
marching reference to j. edgar hoover
washing clothes party
no opening credits tv news
demonstration tiara
newspaper headline clothes line
teacher dressing room
music band protest sign
beauty salon tv show
baltimore maryland racism
race relations tv show host
agent policeman
police car based on stage musical based on film
racial segregation fad
newspaper boy love
p.e. class ironing
tv cameraman drink
dancer march
protestor doughnut
ironing board class
shoeshine man flashlight
one word title false accusation
bomb shelter rope
music store hiding in a car trunk
fat girl physical education class
theatrical agent black american
instructor candy bar
turkey baster watching tv
singer whoopee cushion
laundress garbage truck
record player classroom
band class husband wife relationship
mother son relationship billboard
behind the scenes backstage
woman played by man student
blackboard overprotective parent
dress shop reference to jackie kennedy
photograph police officer
alarm clock racial integration
song based on stage musical
tv stage manager bus
based on film religious fundamentalist
crying hair
newspaper chemistry class
african american bar
teenage daughter record store
blonde stereotype cigarette smoking
kiss news report
placard racial tension
protest fat woman
rat based on stage musical based on film
flasher running
fitting room obesity
teenage boy year 1962
tears switchblade
father daughter relationship title appears in song
gorilla mask fireworks
friendship civil rights
television tv camera
1960s phonograph record
flatulence gas mask
dysfunctional family tony award source
telephone call love at first sight
remake food
detention dress made from curtains
interracial romance fainting
black white friendship scene during end credits
title spoken by character

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