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New York Post
This is a guy comedy being mismarketed as a chick flick, complete with a poster that looks like a page from Lucky magazine.
"The Family Stone" did nothing for Parker, but Failure to Launch makes a strong case for life after "Sex and the City."
The movie brings to mind the more polite parts of "Wedding Crashers." Failure to Launch, while totally exuberant and appealingly made, is not nearly as randy.
Miami Herald
Bradshaw, who is funnier than you might suspect, also turns out to be the most fearless of performers.
TV Guide
That there's precious little chemistry between buffed-and-tanned stars Parker and McConaughey is only the first of this slight, overly busy film's problems.
Entertainment Weekly
If you like Kathy Bates movies, you'll probably be frustrated with this one, since as Tripp's mother, the invaluable character actress is made to whipsaw between playing sappy domestic slave to her son's laundry and salty, overly sexual wife.
Wall Street Journal
Thanks largely to Ms. Parker and to the delectable Zooey Deschanel as her anhedonic house-mate, the filmmakers still manage to squeeze some juice out.
New York Daily News
Failure to Launch sounds like really bad Oscar Wilde, but it's not that good. You are not supposed to dislike anybody here.
The Hollywood Reporter
McConaughey and Parker get stranded with thanklessly predictable scenes, while Zooey Deschanel, Kathy Bates and Terry Bradshaw garner the film's few laughs.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Apocalyptically awful romantic comedy.
The premise is misbegotten, the chemistry non-existent and the dialogue leaden. Did we mention how tediously the plot unfolds?

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