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An especially slight romantic comedy whose modest charms are derived largely from its supporting players.
The movie has only the most tenuous connection with reality. But the same could be said of classic 30's screwball comedies in which the treacherous feints and ploys of the mating game are transmuted into witty, romantically charged repartee.
The Hollywood Reporter
McConaughey and Parker get stranded with thanklessly predictable scenes, while Zooey Deschanel, Kathy Bates and Terry Bradshaw garner the film's few laughs.
Village Voice
Failure to Launch has all the gravitas of a midseason-replacement sitcom.
Entertainment Weekly
If you like Kathy Bates movies, you'll probably be frustrated with this one, since as Tripp's mother, the invaluable character actress is made to whipsaw between playing sappy domestic slave to her son's laundry and salty, overly sexual wife.
Failure to Launch fails at more than just launching. It fails at romance and comedy.
Austin Chronicle
Deschanel, as the token oddball of the gang, runs off with the movie.
The A.V. Club
The only bright spot--beyond McConaughey's boyish Southern charm and a pleasant soundtrack--is Zooey Deschanel as Parker's acid-tongued roommate, whose quirks include alcoholism and nihilism. Someone really should tell Deschanel that she's already too big and too good for thankless Eve Arden roles.
L.A. Weekly
Even by the low standards of high-concept Hollywood rom-coms, this charmless, prophetically titled stinker stands apart, suggesting that the recent mass firings at studio Paramount may not have been such a bad idea after all.
Parker is bland throughout. Maybe all those episodes of "Sex and the City" have soured her on this sort of thing.

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