Confetti (2006) Poster


Plot Keywords

wedding mockumentary
tennis pubic hair
female pubic hair female full frontal nudity
female rear nudity nude girl
nude no panties
breasts scantily clad female
british comedy fictional award
sense of smell nose
bathrobe tennis ball
tennis racket reptile
dinosaur canary
architectural model of a theatrical set design old people's home
clown spanish
bottled water may pole
waiter wales
daffodil interview
recording studio canadian
best man band
alternate ending cruise ship
wedding reception cooking
gymnastics reference to shakespeare's a midsummer night's dream
reference to william shakespeare hotel
serenade tea
reference to botticelli bicycle
counseling contract
dream house shopping
polaroid showgirl
tennis coach coach
gym exercise
drinking drink
bar toast
wimbledon london england
face mask magazine editor
tone deaf pianist
piano fictional reality show
fictional tv show photographer
camera makeover
father daughter relationship nose job
plastic surgery champagne
tap dancing brother in law sister in law relationship
father in law son in law relationship mother in law son in law relationship
pub friendship
friend tears
crying guitarist
guitar bubble bath
bath bathtub
homosexual gay
rehearsal costume
theatre fight
choreographer sister sister relationship
brother brother relationship nudist camp
reference to the joy of sex photograph
reference to cliff richard reference to busby berkeley
reference to elvis presley musical number
husband wife relationship rivalry
song singing
singer dancing
dancer jealousy
musical fan musical filmmaking
wedding gown fiance fiancee relationship
wedding planner penis
topless female nudity bare breasts
kiss talking to the camera
wedding cake contest
inner title card nudist
nudity male nudity
female nudity love
male frontal nudity female frontal nudity
improvisation competition
naturism marriage
magazine groom
fake documentary bride
title spoken by character

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