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Entertainment Weekly
Must viewing for the Bridezillas set, this winning pageant of gaudy bad taste is the work of some of the U.K.'s most popular comedy performers.
It's ripe for an American remake, given the popularity of reality TV shows like "My Super Sweet 16" and "Bridezillas," but it's hard to imagine a better cast than this ensemble.
Overall, Confetti is agreeable and appropriately daft, though occasionally tepid and contrived.
New York Daily News
Like the average best-man toast, Debbie Isitt's amiable mockumentary has many funny moments, a few touching ones and some that fall just slightly flat.
Chicago Tribune
Outlandish weddings aren't much of a satiric target, but Confetti isn't really going for satire; mild-mannered japes are more its style.
May be too convincing for its own good.
A good-natured but terminally mild British mockumentary.
Confetti is an excellent study of what happens when someone botches Christopher Guest's mockumentary format.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
With barely a laugh to be found, Confetti takes the "mock" right out of the mockumentary, and you can guess what's left. Yep, a Umentary, a brand new genre best defined by what it's not -- not real like a doc, not funny like a mock, not this thing or that thing or much of anything.
The Hollywood Reporter
The track records of the performers are impeccable, but Issit has obviously never watched an awards show or similar event where comedy actors appear unscripted. Placing the weight of such a preposterous storyline on their improvisational shoulders was a disaster waiting to happen. And it happened.
New York Post
A strained, ultra-predictable and headache-inducing mockumentary.

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