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The A.V. Club
Anyone who's been closely involved with a wedding knows exactly how these beleaguered schmucks feel. Those who haven't may just take Confetti as a lighthearted but convincing argument for elopement.
Entertainment Weekly
Must viewing for the Bridezillas set, this winning pageant of gaudy bad taste is the work of some of the U.K.'s most popular comedy performers.
Village Voice
If nothing else, this affectionately off-the-wall confection offers exuberant confirmation of every suspicion you might ever have had that the English are charmingly eccentric. They're barking mad.
Under the insanity and unsexy nudity, Confetti has a sweet center. Comic timing, themes of tolerance and commitment and the marriage of farce and empathy lift the film above the mockumentary pack.
Picture is reminiscent less of Richard Curtis' romcoms and more of Christopher Guest's mockumentaries, with a dash of early Mike Leigh.
Confetti is an excellent study of what happens when someone botches Christopher Guest's mockumentary format.
May be too convincing for its own good.
Content to go only a third of the way to the bottom of its characters, the movie gives each a few comic tics and leaves it at that.
The track records of the performers are impeccable, but Issit has obviously never watched an awards show or similar event where comedy actors appear unscripted. Placing the weight of such a preposterous storyline on their improvisational shoulders was a disaster waiting to happen. And it happened.
New York Post
A strained, ultra-predictable and headache-inducing mockumentary.

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