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When Erika is playing as Annelise and is taking her bath, we see taps in the bath room. Plumbing would not have existed at that time.

Character error 

Anneliese's mother says she missed her at breakfast, when Anneliese has breakfast in bed every morning.


During the song "Free" Anneliese walks along her very long balcony whilst singing. A wide shot shows that she is halfway along the balcony, but then a shot after shows that she is only a few steps away from the edge, yet there has been no signs of her running or taking deliberately large steps.
When Julian is talking to Erika, and tells her that Anneliese is missing, you can see a golden flower on his tie. But throughout the rest of the movie, and some seconds after you see it, it disappears.

Factual errors 

Wolfie is a male calico cat. Calico cats are almost 100% female cats, which allows them to be calico. In the very rare cases which there is a male calico cat it's due to a genetic disease and they are sterile so he couldn't reproduce with Serafina.

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