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"August Rush" touched something buried deep inside my soul seventy six years ago.
Robert McCarroll9 December 2007
This movie "August Rush" really touched my soul. I was an orphan and identified with this child's yearning and searching for his parents. Near the end of the movie, I started to cry like a baby. "August Rush" touched something tender buried deep inside my soul seventy-six years ago.

My father was killed in a car accident three days before I would have celebrated my third birthday. My father was also Irish and looked a lot like August Rush's father. It was during the Great Depression and my mother gave me up to the county's foster care agency.

I am now seventy-nine years of age. How I yearned down through the years for my parents, especially my Irish father. My mother was French. I met her many years later in New York City when I was in my early twenties. She was cold and rejecting towards me. I could not understand why. I was abandoned a second time by one of my parents.

The movie "August Rush" was healing to my soul wounded since early childhood;and again, in my early twenties. I knew where he was coming from as he longed for his parents. Instead of music, I used my talent of writing to deal with the lost of my parents.

"August Rush" made me fantasize during the movie that my yearning and searching for my parents were like this remarkable child.
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This modern Oliver-style plot has some of the best music around! The "artsy" approach is often mesmerizing, and will hold your interest from beginning to end.
gailalong-118 October 2007
I totally enjoyed this movie. The scenes have an appealing fantasy element, while at the same time, the plot manages to explore true-to-life human situations such as bullying of those who are different.

The music is incredible, and mostly consists of original scores. It includes gospel, rock and classical, seamlessly integrated in a new way that works extremely well.

The plot is somewhat predictable and possibly a little "sappy", but those elements are easily overcome by the moment-to-moment execution of the story. Think of a modernized "Oliver" with Robin Williams as Fagin to a group of homeless, musically talented extra elements of romance and intrigue, and you will have a bit of an idea about this movie.

The three main characters are all physically "beautiful" people who manage to convey the story with a minimum of dialog. Additional characters, including Terrence Howard as the social worker, Jamia Simone Nash as the young girl in the church choir, and Leon G. Thomas as the young boy who befriends the musical prodigy, contribute strong performances and pizazz.

Someone sitting near me stated it is impossible for even a prodigy to learn music so quickly and at such a young age... However, this is not true. Check out Jay Greenberg, a young music student currently studying at Julliard. In the end, this movie is at least an endorsement and celebration of the significance of music in our lives and at most a transcendent, fun experience to watch.

I rarely like to see any movie more than once, but definitely want to see this again. Take the family…this is for children, teens and adults. Don't miss it is my recommendation!
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Cynics Need Not Apply
askjudyww22 November 2007
This is an urban fairy tale. If you go to AUGUST RUSH with the intention of poking holes in it, you can find little glitches and logic flaws. On the other hand, if you are looking for a movie that will sing to your soul (and show you some beautiful eye candy as a bonus), look no farther. The casting director and cinematographer should each get an award. This gem of a movie takes us on a journey, and the people we meet along the way are well worth the ticket price.

A trio of beautiful performances form the heart of this film, although the secondary characters are also crisply compelling. A day after seeing it, I find that specific shots of their faces still glow in mind like pieces of a mosaic. And the music is a genuine addition, as it should be in a film of this kind. I was genuinely moved.
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If you don't have a great imagination, you won't like it
spoonerst-117 November 2007
If you love it, you'll LOVE it. If not, then the most you'll probably give it is an 'ok'. The movie requires the audience to have a somewhat willful suspension of reality as there are some slightly mystic themes interwoven in the storyline. But as the movie is basically centered on the power of music, the mystic elements make sense. It's completely about belief and faith in the intangible.

Personally, I loved the story. And the music was amazing. I had goosebumps throughout the entire movie. In fact, there was probably so much emphasis on the music that there was less character development than a lot of people would like. I liked this element of the movie, though, as it requires you to read between the lines. Not even the ending is handed to you nicely wrapped and on a platter. There's no wrap-up dialogue or epilogue sequence, just the audience's own inferences. Hence, if you don't have an imagination, you should stay home.
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Wonderfully Moving Film!
moviefan816918 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
"August Rush" is sort of a feel good, modern day fairy tale involving a parent/child separation and a boy's unrelenting search to be reunited with his parents. But the primary theme is Music as a healing force in the Universe that draws us all together. The film stars Freddie Highmore, as the orphaned musical prodigy; Keri Russell, as the sheltered cellist from Juliard; Jonathan Rhys Meyers, as the Irish singer/songwriter/guitarist; Robin Williams as Wizard, the street performer who takes August under his wing; and Terrence Howard as the social worker who works with the orphan boy and his mother.

The acting was superb. There's not much dialogue in this movie. So the majority of the story is told through the emotional expressions of the actors and via the music. Although, Robin Williams does have a great monologue where he talks about Music being the tie that binds all of us together. Freddie Highmore (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) is the cream of the crop as far as child actors go. He amazed me in this film. I can't wait to see more from him.

"August Rush" was perfectly directed and co-written by Kristen Sheridan (In Amercia). It is so wonderful to see a work like this from a female film maker for a change. Beautiful cinematography! The opening scene in the wheat field is just breathtaking. The score is fabulous. Let's face it, in a movie like this, you've got to have great music to pull it off.

There are some exceptional musical performances, especially from relative newcomers, Jamia Simone Nash who sings up a storm and Leon Thomas who croons and plays guitar. But the most impressive thing about this movie is that all of the actors really played these instruments themselves. Meyers did his own singing as well. Highmore plays the guitar in an unusual slap-harmonics style that reminded me of Michael Hedges.

I enjoyed "August Rush" so much. I haven't been moved to tears like this by a film in a long time. The story was very inspiring and the boy's unyielding faith and will to never give up on his dream to find his family really hit me. Kudos to the writers and director for ending the film the way they did. Instead of a sappy reunion scene that would've ruined the tone of the movie, they ended it beautifully with the crescendo of the music and just the close-up on August as he sees his parents standing there for the first time. Add August Rush to your must see list for the holidays. It is well worth the price of a ticket on to see it on the big screen.
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nannmeroo19 November 2007
This is a fantastic movie. Well done. During our screening at a particularly tough part for the title character, I heard people in the theater say "No, no..." The level of "buy in" and suspension of disbelief is high.

Even the dissonance of Wizard and Lila's father was handled superbly. Robin Williams hit just the right note in his portrayal of Wizard. The actors playing Agust Rush/Evan Taylor and his mother and father were amazingly well cast.

This is truly a symphony of a film. You'll enjoy it, your children will enjoy it, and you will walk out of the theater knowing that, for once, your ticket money was well spent.
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Wonderful movie
Arkladybug18 November 2007
I never comment on movies here, usually I just use this website to get an idea of what I am about to watch but I saw this movie last night and loved it.

This movie is a fairytale set in real life circumstances. I really like that the film was never advertised as an Oliver Twist take, but I loved all of the allusions to it. It was a very creative take on the classic story. The poor orphan boy who wants nothing more than to be loved.

My favorite aspect of the movie was how infused music actually was in the movie. I am a musician and I liked the touches that the filmmakers went into to make the film seem as credible as a fairytale can be. I also like how it brought together modern rock, classic symphonic music, and modern symphonic music. It didn't really glamorize the life's of everyday musicians. I like all of the extra little things that were thrown into the movie that only a musician would get. There were some errors but for the most part I applaud the film makers for the attention to the musical details.

Yes the movie was a bit bit corny, and a little over the top, but for the most part I loved it and suggested it to every one.
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a triumph of love, spirit, and imagination thru the art of music!
marsbeyond18 November 2007
I saw a sneak preview tonight, not knowing anything about this film. If you still have an inner child, and an imagination that has not been beaten out of you by the "practical and mature" world, then you will love this movie. I wish I had taken my daughter. The only people that I have seen complain about this movie are people that probably consider playing music "hard work and self-sacrifice". If you don't play the cello, you are not going to notice how bad she fakes it. During certain scenes, I found myself sitting way back in my recliner, with my eyes closed, soaking up the sounds that inspired this young man. Not since "Strictly Ballroom" have I been so moved by a film.
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Not a matter of cynicism or lack of imagination
identify_yourself26 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
It is not a matter of being a cynic, or lacking the level of 'imagination' *required* to like this film. I am more than able to suspend my take on realism, when a good film warrants it, (note there "good" film). I have more than enough imagination, in fact my problems with this film do not even begin to touch on the lack of reality in the situation. When it comes to a film, I'm more than happy to buy the whole mother thinks she loses baby, but are reunited in a wonderful climax shtick, I quite like the idea, it could have been a pretty neat feel-good flick. In the end, I wish that it was only a little imagination that was needed...

My main issue stems from the script itself, namely the dialogue. I don't think I have heard such stilted, forced dialogue in a highly regarded feature film. They *roped* us in, only to present this completely false interaction between two people who have almost no on screen chemistry. This schmaltzy 'what are you doing up here?' 'just thinking' scene, which somehow lead to complete love and a 'surprise' pregnancy, was just the beginning. It was downhill from there. I tried to count the clichés, and I'm not talking in the plot, merely the one liners. "I can hear him, I swear I can" "music is all around us" "I thought he was an angel" etc, painful etc. And I must stress that this has nothing to do with the plot itself, this is the script, the horrible, horrible script.

It was only during the music scenes that I found myself not wanting to walk out of the cinema (something which I have never been compelled to do). The cast was stellar, I thought Ryhs Meyers and Keri Russell would be able to make something of this, but alas, if it weren't for the adorable Jamia Simone Nash, and Freddie Highmore I doubt I would have stayed.

Maybe, someday, someone will re-write this with believable dialogue, and three-dimensional characters. Maybe then it will be a movie bordering on bearable.
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Loved this Movie! Must see for lovers of happy endings and music!
GearMaven30 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I absolutely loved this movie during the free screening in San Francisco this evening. At its end, the film received claps, cheers and shouts of approval by the majority of the audience. The child actors were terrific, especially Freddie Highmore whose facial expressions alone carried more emotion than any screenwriter's words could. The music was amazing...the guitar work, incredible singing by young Leon G. Thomas III, and the gospel singers (especially Jamia Simone Nash). The blending of classical, rock and street-sounds music was phenomenal. The movie was funny, poignant and a tear jerker. Heck with realism...I'm more than ready for a little bit of magic in my entertainment these days! Great film for families with teenage children. Younger ones might be a bit frightened by, as someone else said, the Fagan-like character played by Robin Williams and the intro bullying. So this may be a film to rent on DVD to show the younger ones so parents can discuss scenes with them or provide parental oversight for your particular child. But no bad language, no visible sex scenes (although we do know it occurred), and overall a delightful film. I rarely if ever buy DVDs except for old classics but this will be one of the exceptions. Also, the soundtrack should be terrific. When can I see this again?
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