August Rush (2007) Poster


Plot Keywords

baby cellist
prodigy rhapsody
genius composer
church guitarist
stranger mysterious stranger
school orphanage
orchestra love
guitar concert
title directed by female wind chime
classical music child genius
harmonica clarinet
sense of sound listening
brother brother relationship full moon
search for father search for mother
absent father absent mother
farm child protective agency
dormitory skateboarder
roller skater electric guitar
black american african american
san francisco california pizza
abandoned theatre theatre
wheelchair skylight
eating food
rain beer
drinking drink
jealousy telephone call
police raid police
composing class
music class minister
subway flowers
music conductor gurney
hospital hit by a car
restaurant cafe
whistling 1980s
snow love at first sight
wind washing one's face
prologue bunk bed
peer pressure bully
photograph basketball
choir girl
pursuit chase
limousine truck driver
truck taxi
crystal music box
liar lie
dancing dancer
happenstance lincoln center for the performing arts manhattan new york city
voice over narration party
rooftop greenwich village manhattan new york city
washington square manhattan new york city foster family
family relationships pianist
piano search
central park manhattan new york city tears
crying microphone
flashback rock 'n' roll
song singing
friend cello
kiss violinist
violin manhattan new york city
father son relationship wish
boy yearning
child prodigy rock concert
fate luck
chance meeting serendipity
second chance following a dream
child protagonist character repeating someone else's dialogue
subway station sucker punch
fight separation
mother son relationship homelessness
friendship family reunion
child's point of view brief encounter
biological mother symphony orchestra
street musician singer
pregnancy new york city
musician juilliard school manhattan new york city
father daughter relationship band
reference to charles dickens orphan
loss of lover title spoken by character
character name in title

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