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Sugar and spice and KILL ME.... KILL ME NOW.

Author: Bitchy_McBitch from United States
4 May 2005

Hey girlfriend! Like, OMG, did you know that there's more to people than their outward appearances? You'd never know by watching an hour's worth of 4 icy-cold so-called divas trying to act like they give a crap about the non-stop makeovers, and the people that get the makeovers actually CRYING happy tears. Yes, crying... over a makeover. I just cringe when I watch this. What an irresponsible message it sends out to women.

The whole empty, embarrassing debacle is so paper thin and feather light. No, the show doesn't deserve better analogies than that. I just want to gouge my eyes out. It hearkens back to the days when women were not only told how to be prim and proper ladies, but were made to think that being prim and proper ladies was the be-all-end-all of existence. Let's all be heterosexual and pump out babies in the kitchen! This show's so bad that I'm not afraid of using the old cliché about Stepford Wives. It's like Stepford Wives.

They need to stop with the reaction shots of the "divas" trying to seem interested-- trying to stay awake and upright-- when someone else is talking. Plus they need to stop with the reaction shots of the divas who are supposed to look pleased about a makeover, but they don't know that the camera's on them, so they all have these horrible, judgmental sneers on their plastic faces. They need to stop with the divas mechanically going through the motions of social interaction and pretending to have souls. They just need to take this show off of the air, is what they need to do.

And the chemistry between the four vacuous hosts is abysmal. It's obvious that they can't stand each other and it's so easy to imagine the backbiting and temper tantrums that go on behind the scenes. Actually, they all seem so evil that it's easy to imagine these four Barbies plotting each other's deaths and other such Melrose Place style shenanigans.

For an hour, you will be told how to cook, how to clean, and how to be pretty like a blow up doll so that you can be a trophy wife to a man that you love only for his money. But these divas aren't complete throwbacks to the claustrophobic 50s and they prove it by sexually harassing any male within earshot because being liberated means thinking in terms of completely partisan gender roles.

If this interests you, then you're part of the problem and you need to be dragged out back and shot up against a brick wall.

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I can't believe this show lasted more than a month!!!

Author: wwwjocky from United States
27 January 2005

This has to be the worst show on television! I am often getting ready for work when this show comes on, and not having cable it's either this or soap operas. These girls are so stupid that often times I have had to turn my TV off so I don't actually lose IQ points. While it is nice to put pretty girls on TV these particular girls should not be allowed to talk, because it takes away any sex appeal that they have. I would think that if your show is going to go to the trouble of planning an entire segment on a guest (such as a guest cook), that the hosts would at least fain interest in what they have to say. Instead on this show they stand around and talk about how easy stuff looks to make, when in actuality the hosts would likely have trouble making toast. Also the writing on this show is so bad, that after I watch it I start to think of how intelligent some of Jerry Springer's final thoughts are (They are also moronic, but at least they think about things before they put them on a TelaPrompter). Hopefully this show will be taken off the air soon. It is making women dumber on a daily basis!!!

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i so agree with you

Author: justycole from United States
11 June 2005

they act like act like they are OPRAH. they are just lucky they have an audience . i'd rather watch DR. PHIL.AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I PLAN TO DO . I CAN'T STAND Kamora she seems so fake.and then they talk about how a woman lost all she had and then laugh about it . what kind of mess is that? and the theme music is pathetic. and back to Kamora she is always talking about Tyra Banks. who cares!and when they talk about sex it makes me sick.they talk about parent alerts and stuff. but it's all stuff we know. don't let them talk to strangers . well duh.i don't understand them at all . and when they talk about dieting they lie they say that fasting is the only way to go.and their wedding specials are pitiful.

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