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8 Jan. 2003
Keichô no kaki
In this bonus flashback episode, Hikaru and Sai encounter an antiques dealer who sells counterfeit heirlooms he claims are from the distant past. But when a young girl finds her grandfather's stolen bowl in his shop. It's up to Hikaru and Sai to make sure that bowl is returned to its rightful owner.
15 Jan. 2003
Ikaku no go
In order to rediscover his game, Isumi goes to China where he meets a young, impulsive player who bares a striking resemblance to a friend and fellow former insei.
22 Jan. 2003
Unmei no deai
Back before Hikaru Shindo met Akira Toya, a young Children's Go champion pays Akira a visit to the Go Salon in order to challenge him. Meanwhile, Akira's bursting with delight over his father, Toya Meijin,
29 Jan. 2003
Tamesareru ikaku
Still in China, Isumi decides to stay and to improve his game and boost his confidence. With the help of his new friend Yang Hai, he challenges the bratty Le Ping to a rematch. Meanwhile, Asumi runs into Hikaru, asking the questions that on everyone's mind "Why isn't he playing?"
5 Feb. 2003
With Hikaru giving up on Go, everyone is worried, including his mother, who vents her concerns to his teacher. From the aggressive Mr. Tsubaki to the easily excitable Mr. Kawai, everyone is angry and confused over Hikaru's decision to forfeit his matches and quit the game.
19 Feb. 2003
Satame ga ita...
Isumi finally tracks down Hikaru and pleads with him to play one game with him. Hikaru, fearful that if he plays Sai will not return, reluctantly agrees. Will Hikaru be able to recapture his love for the game?
26 Feb. 2003
Fukki sen
Hikaru's back to his old self and ready to move up the rankings of professional Go. First up is Murakami, a pro who previously defeated Hikaru in the Young Lions Tournament. Meanwhile, things are changing at the Haze Go Club as Yuki, Akari and the rest of the team contemplate about their futures.
5 Mar. 2003
Hashiri dashita futari
Now that Hikaru's playing again, he's drawn the attention of Go Players throughout Tokyo, as well as the readers and writers of Go Weekly. Meanwhile, the world of Go is changing as a new wave of younger players are beginning to dethrone the veterans of the game.
19 Mar. 2003
Kimi no naka ni iru
The match everyone has been waiting for has finally begun! With every move, the game builds with a fevered intensity. As Akira begins to recollect on how Hikaru rose from Insei to pro, he discovers Hikaru's secret by witnessing one of his moves.
26 Mar. 2003
Natsukashii egao
As they break for lunch, Akira confronts Hikaru on the fact that he has discovered that Sai is within him. After the game, Hikaru goes home and goes to sleep. In his dream, he sees Sai once more and tells him everything that has happen since he left, including that he and Akira have agreed to play each other on a regular basis at the Go Salon.

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