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Totally brilliant even 20 years on!

Author: gargantsurprise from United Kingdom
13 July 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Chocky's Children...

After watching 'Chocky' in January 1984 at the age of 9 and loving all six episodes, I was over the moon when I heard that they were making a sequel 'Chockys children' the following year. Sure enough this happened and in January of 1985 I sat down to watch episode one. Five episodes and five weeks later I loved it. I had recorded this series, but back then my father had a Sony Betamax VCR, and this died in 1989.

I have never been able to see this series again until last year when 'Second Sight Video' released it on DVD! - Of course I went and ordered 'Chocky' and 'Chockys Children' from Amazon. A few days later they arrived, and I sat down one evening to watch them.

I'm 30 years old now, and so didn't think I would enjoy them as much as when I was a child, but hell, they were great. I liked 'Chockys Children' somewhat more than the original 'Chocky' I have since watched it again several times!

In this sequel we start with Matthew drawing some amazing pictures of places like New York, Sidney, and Moscow without the help of Chocky. He also has drawn some very detailed pictures of windmills. His parents David and Mary are going on a business holiday to Hong Kong. His younger sister is going to stay with his friends Colins parents, and Matthew is going to the countryside to stay with his aunt Cissie. What he and his parents are unaware of is that the authorities that kept an eye on Matthew (and kidnapped him) in 'Chocky' are still monitoring him. Dr Deacon (from the first series) has sent one of his henchmen 'Luke' to Cissie's where she has employed him as a gardener (without knowing who he really is).

Matthew arrives and meets his Aunt and Luke, he likes it there, and is soon off exploring the woods and fields around his aunts cottage. It is then that he spots a windmill in a field that is exactly like the one he was drawing pictures of back home! He goes into this mill to look around where he is confronted my the daughter of the mill's owner 'Albertine'.

It soon becomes apparent to the two that they can communicate with each other by reading each others thoughts. Matthew is later shocked to discover that Albertine made a 3D clay model of what Chocky's home looks like!

Whilst this surprises Matthew, it draws a lot of attention from Luke who takes no time in reporting these findings to Dr Deacon back in London.

Deacon visits Albertine and her Father 'Mr Meyor' saying he is a specialist doctor interested in very clever young people, and that he would like to run some tests on her to find out how clever she is. This of course would be the same 'treatment' Matthew received last year when he was kidnapped! Albertines father agrees, and Albertine would meet Dr Deacon again the next day to be taken away to a private clinic for this so called 'Treatment'.

It is here that Matthew explains all about chocky. Albertine dosen't believe a word of what he is saying at first, but after he shows her his picture of chockys home that he drew the previous year, and her model is exactly the same, then she believes him, and realises that she is in danger.

Albertine runs away to a hideout in nearby woods, but is found and kidnapped after Matthew is followed taking food up into the woods to her.

It is here that Chocky helps Matthew locate Albertine and rescue her from the power-hungry doctors who want to steal chocky's secrets from her.

I won't say how it ends in episode six, except to say that is does have a happy ending. The way in which they escape from the clinic with Chocky's help is great!

If you love Sc-Fi buy this DVD ind watch it - it's great stuff! Chocky is great too, but not as good as this sequel. But be warned, there is a 2nd sequel called 'Chockys Challenge' that lost the plot all together and is total garbage! Avoid at all costs!

I rate the following:

'Chocky' (1984) 9/10

'Chockys Children' (1985) 10/10

'Chockys Challenge' (1986) 2/10 (just for trying!)

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Cult classic sequel

Author: Master Cultist ( from United Kingdom
28 December 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Very worthwhile sequel to the exceptionally good original series, Chocky. The events here take place a year after the initial story.

Matthew hasn't seen or heard from Chocky in a year, but the after effects from her visit are still present. He finds himself drawing incredibly detailed and accurate representations of buildings in cities that he has never visited. Due to the fact that his parents have to go away on a business trip, Matthew ends up staying with his Aunt in an idyllic village in the English countryside, where he meets a young girl, Albertine, with whom he can communicate telepathically. Unbeknownst to both of them, they are under surveillance from authorities who are interested in learning all about Chocky and the powers the kids have.

Exciting and intriguing, this is a kids TV show that big kids can enjoy as well. Check it out.

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