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New York Daily News
The good news here is that Woolley and his writers have taken the mystery surrounding Jones' tragic 1969 death as their main interest, and have adopted as fact the long-cherished rumor that the blond rocker's drowning was a case of murder. It may be speculative history, but at least it's a story.
Chicago Tribune
It's a depressing story made even more of a downer by the absence of any Stones-performed music from their prime '60s years.
New York Post
Stoned carries a freaked-out buzz of nostalgia for the era when celebs willfully destroyed themselves for our amusement.
TV Guide
Newcomer Gregory never captures the mercurial charisma for which Jones was famous (and which Jagger notoriously channeled in his movie debut, "Performance"), without which his story is just another cautionary tale about fast times, intemperate passions and bad dope.
Entertainment Weekly
Thorogood allegedly confessed on his deathbed (in 1993) that he killed Jones, and while the movie convinces us that this might have happened, it never truly reveals who Brian Jones was before he fell apart. His indulgence, and his demise, play out in a void.
A clichéd rock-star film.
Glaringly lacking in the film are any original Stones songs. The group, who fired Jones just before his death, must not have thought much of the movie if they didn't allow their music to be used. Smart fellows.
All the pieces are in place for an incisive tale of Brit-pop ego and madness, but filmmaker Stephen Woolley -- a celebrated UK producer ("The Crying Game") making his directing debut -- lets the story get away from him.
The Hollywood Reporter
A disappointingly dreary affair.
Could 1960s-style sex, drugs and rock & roll really have been this dull?
Almost so bad it's good. Almost.

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