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The film is a shattering experience fueled by Jentsch's electrifying performance.
The Hollywood Reporter
Rock solid performances by up-and-coming German actress Julia Jentsch as Sophie and Alexander Held ("Downfall") as Mohr along with an excellent cast of supporting players insure that no one mistakes this for a lifeless docu-drama.
An ace performance by 26-year-old Julia Jentsch ("The Edukators," "Snowland"), as the quietly determined Munich student who was beheaded for distributing counter-propaganda leaflets in 1943, gives pic a focused dramatic power.
Village Voice
A life so tragically and quickly extinguished presents maudlin temptations, but director Marc Rothemund ably resists them. His gripping, moving film focuses on a breathtakingly brief five-day period.
This gripping true story, directed in a cool, semi-documentary style by the German filmmaker Marc Rothemund from a screenplay by Fred Breinersdorfer, challenges you to gauge your own courage and strength of character should you find yourself in similar circumstances.
It's a crisply made, absorbing human drama that frames its moral confrontation between good and evil in universal terms.
Sophie Scholl: The Final Days may sound like a history lesson, but don't be fooled. It's a horror film.
New York Post
Sophie Scholl is a powerful story. But it's a little annoying how men become beside the point when the focus is on emotion. Sophie did no more or less than her brother, but he's ignored for nearly all of the movie because it's easier to stir up compassion - it's easier to manipulate the audience - when the subject is a woman.
The New Republic
Sophie Scholl is not as devastatingly moving as "The White Rose," but it, too, evokes awe in lesser beings.
New York Magazine (Vulture)
Powerfully rendered in every respect - and another testament to how bad the Nazis are for drama.

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