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96 out of 108 people found the following review useful:

"Find out what it is, OK? Find out what it is, OK?"

Author: CutPrintJope from Sam's Town
4 August 2005

"I think the audience will respond to the story because we're not just giving them sharks and/or aliens, but we're actually bringing together what has previously been two different and distinct genres."

- DVD Behind the Scenes

Shark movies are the cat's pajamas. Whether they're the good ones (Jaws) or the bad ones (all the rest of 'em), there's just something so rockin' about seeing the same stock footage from Discovery Channel being utilized in every single direct-to-video shark movie. Now, this time, we have a real treat: stock footage of Corbin Bernsen, looking gnarled, and ending every scene he is in with holding onto submarine innards and looking pensive.

The movie's "plot" is as this: Corin Nemec, who is basically Eric Stoltz, but far less talented, works on an underwater observational laboratory, the Oshona (Get it? Ocean?!). He shaves everything on his face except his neck. He is married to Vanessa Angel, who has seen better days. Together, they deal with Alien goo that falls from space and lands in the ocean (crashing through a ship, of course, for some neat funky explosions). The sharks near the goo become RAGING and attack people near and far, because GOD, alien goo just DOES THAT TO SHARKS. Sometimes the sharks are plastic heads, sometimes it's stock footage, but it's always brilliant, even when the stock footage shows the shark swimming just below the water line, despite the fact the action is supposed to take place several hundred feet under water.

Then, a random smarmy lawyer man shows up, and is smarmy, and gives our Eric Stoltz look-alike lead grief. Eric Stoltz dopple-ganger and Vanessa Angel look at goo together. Vanessa Angel delivers a line twice, in the same exact way, one right after the other. ("Find out what it is, OK?" X2). Eric Stoltz's hairy-necked twin calls for Matt, the scientist, who is in an unseen upstairs room, and who is also already in the process of entering the scene as he very flatly says, "Coming Mike."

Smarmy man turns out to be evil smarmy man and is then killed (sort of) by a harpoon gun, which is apparently an essential tool in an underwater sea lab. The cast is filled out with bad American actors and some bad Russian (er, Bulgarian) actors. From time to time, sharks swim around, just to let you know they're there. Whether it's computer-multiplied shark footage or hilariously fake looking wobble fins covered in shoddy carve nicks, the sharks are there in all of their brilliant and artificial glory.

There are some profound lines delivered throughout the movie, such as:

"The Bermuda Triangle--don't they know how many ships have gone down here?"

"You idiots stumbled across it and triggered a beacon that shot into outer space."


--"Have you tried saturating it with deuterium?"

--"Deuterium? No... Deuteriummmm......Of course!!"

During the movie, there is a shark autopsy performed. Inside the mouth of the shark sits an obvious tongue, which sharks do not in any way possess. But, then again, these RAGING sharks rewrite the big book of sharks that these filmmakers obviously failed to read.

The film ends as brilliantly as it begins. ALERT explodes on the lab's computer screens with the same authenticity of a screen saver as explosions begin for no apparent reason. Said aliens from the movie's intro beam down to the wreckage containing the goo while the Oshona sits with no power or oxygen, due to said unexplained explosions that have crippled the lab. Aliens sit there, relishing in their beam of space light, and look around, all the while set to the soothing Operatic film score that totally does not belong anywhere near this movie.

As the trapped-inside-the-Oshona-lab scientist couple take their last breath, the aliens begin glowing so bright that orange light fills the screen.


The couple, in full out scuba gear, SWIMMING AWAY FROM THE OSHONA. How did that happen? You'll be on the edge of your seat, waiting for the explanation that never comes. Also swimming away is the evil smarmy man who was clearly killed with a harpoon gun earlier in the film. Despite the giant harpoon in him, and the aliens who sit idly by, and being several hundred feet under water and DROWNING, he still deems it necessary to attempt to kill Eric Stoltz's wimpy little brother and Vanessa Angel. But don't worry; he's instantly shoved in the plastic mouth of a plastic shark, and screams.

Does this movie suck? Yes. It does. A lot.

Did I love it? Yes. I did. A lot.

I'd recommend watching the Behind the Scenes featurette, because you'll get to see everyone say with a straight face how good the movie is and why the audience will love it. You'll also see one of the actors boast about his background in karate and how he did all his own stunts.

'Sides, anyone who actually rents a movie called "Raging Sharks" deserves to be disappointed.

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7 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

Growling sharks????

Author: Jeff from Gainesville, Va.
8 November 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was a hoot! Bad stock footage, bad acting, bad story, just plain bad. Lots of opportunities for a laugh. I don't think they meant it to be a comedy, however. I especially enjoyed (was highly amused is a better term) the growling sharks. They appeared to be great whites in several shots, but sounded like 'tigers' (g). The acting was rather wooden which contributes to the overall poor production.

Basically, an alien space accident results in a module being cast into the ocean. A few years later, a portable lab is positioned close to the module, which we later find out triggered a signal into space. This apparently causes the sharks to go into protect mode and they begin killing off anyone coming close. The module contains a material which, when mixed with something (Deuterium?) produces cold fusion. The government (or military/special ops) knew about the module (how?) but had not been able to locate it until the lab stumbled upon it, thus setting off the signal (how was the signal detected?). Various action scenes ensue with many people being eaten (no truly great footage here, only a couple of good shots. One such shot of reporters falling into the water after their 25+ foot boat is attacked and sunk by a (as in one) 'raging' shark. The shark chows down and we see a camera with an arm from the elbow down still holding on.).

Many things to criticize. Ten minutes of oxygen left in the lab turns into several minutes of chase/fight scenes with fires blazing everywhere. The starring couple (Vanessa Angel looking rather pouty with her botox-laden lips) starving for oxygen at the end while sitting in a diving prep room full of tanks (and them in wet suits). The lab disintegrating at the end and yet the couple miraculously appearing in full scuba regalia and surviving the accent (several hundred feet in seconds?!?!). Many, many other such inconsistencies.

If you can maintain a sense of humor throughout it's a fun movie, however poorly acted/scripted. If continuity issues bother you I wouldn't recommend this movie.

2 of 10 - above a 1 only because I like Vanessa Angel, though not one of her better films.

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10 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

Ed Wood Lives!

Author: SmirkDirk from United States
4 September 2005

Watch it. Love it. Regret It.

Wonderful stock footage of sharks, of people of the beach, of submarines, sewn together with bad acting and an even worse script. A must see for bad movie fans. In particular this is worth a watch just for the one shot of the tug-boat hand pulling off his hat and crinkling his face as he responds to the tragedy of a diver's sudden choppily-edited, stock-footaged death in the mouth of a Raging Shark. Even the credits are hilarious as you read the names which all seem to end in 'ovo' or 'vala' as this film was some sort of Bulgarian production. And remember as you come to the conclusion that there is a lesson here: There are literal Raging Sharks, but there are also metaphorical Raging Sharks: Humans.

Great Stuff!

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4 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

A few friends, lot of beer and this movie means a lot of fun

Author: xamanoth from Germany
27 September 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I read the comments for the movie and I watched it anyway, yes stupid me. I thought nearly all failures and trivia where summarized but I was stunned by the amount of unmentioned and absolute stupid things I noticed during watching it.

First of all I laughed my ass of reading joeytonz comment, leading me to the decision to watch the movie. I really enjoyed "house of the dead" by Uwe Boll (I bet everyone heard of this "famous" man). To this point I rated "hotd" worst movie I've ever seen but also most funniest movie I've ever seen and great for enjoying some cold beer with friends and making fun about errors and bad acting. "Raging Shark" just climbed to the top! It is really, really bad. The stock footage scenes don't fit in there, the actors don't deserve this term and characters are non present, they are just empty talking flesh bags trying to survive the attacks of the growling sharks.

I don't know what the editor of this movie was, but not a clever persons, that's a fact. I barely could stop laughing when the female diver tries to find her missing friends and somehow calls their names and communicates with the base. What's funny about that? you might ask... well, did you ever tried to speak with the breathing equipment in your mouth? There's no helmet, no radio, just a simple scuba gear ( in deep sea, can't be healthy). She simply has to be telepathic gifted. There are aliens, so why not? Another example for telepathic gift delivers the man who calls Corin to inform him about the deep sea accident. Just seconds earlier we see a shark destroying the energy and radio-cables and we learn that the ship on the surface can't contact the base and obviously no one knows what's going on below them. Back to the telepath, he describes to Corin in detail what happened at the base, two friends killed (even their names), cables destroyed and various other informations AND the ship can't make ANY contact to the base. So what? how does he know? AFTER that scene we see a diver sent by the ships captain to explore what happened down there. (They need a mini submarine to get to the surface but super-diver can dive the whole way down... sure) OK, we learn he didn't dive down to the base but discovers that the cables are destroyed... noticed something? the telepath knew it long before him.

Here's my theory: It wasn't any human who called Corin but the shark who killed the two divers and destroyed the cables himself! There are aliens, people can communicate under water without radio, so why shouldn't a shark call someone to lure a new victim to the scene...

By the way time doesn't seem to play any role in this movie. Everything happens instantly, or at least we don't get a single information about time passing between events. in combination with really bad cuts it's simply disturbing.

I bet there are a lot more of stupid mistakes I nor the other commentators mentioned but where is the fun if you can't discover some on your own? Summery: lots of errors, plot holes and incredibly stupid stuff to discuss with friends during building up a tower with empty beer bottles. If you're really going to watch the movie ask everyone to shut off ones brain, relax and laugh, discuss and rotate on the floor.

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5 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

Great Drinking Game

Author: bhmildy from US of A, baby! ! ! !
8 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There's a great drinking game hidden in this movie. All of the scenes, plots, characters, settings, dialog seem to be lifted from other movies. Sadly, this movie would be better if they just cut and pasted all the clips from each movie together, rather than reshooting them. But I think if you recognize something ripped off from another movie, you should get to drink.

ie. Star Wars: film opens with alien space ship passing before camera

The Abyss: incidental appearance of nuclear attack submarine unfriendly commando(s) underwater research station aliens at the bottom of the ocean Operatic music when aliens appear husband and wife together in underwater base

Deep Blue Sea: smart sharks that are team players

Jaws: the beach scene, including water-level camera angle

Jaws2: aircraft gets attacked by shark

Alien: blue collar crewmen, sassing the female boss

Aliens Pvt Hudson & the unwilling tech guy ("Game over man", vs. "I'm not going out there")

The Black Hole cowardly dude gets what's coming after stealing the escape pod

Leviathan: sunken cargo ship with dangerous cargo symbolical breaking to helpless support ship

and lots, lots more. I'll stop here, because my BAC is approaching critical.

Favorite bits: the seaplane approaching the base, yet with the shore only a few hundred yards away. Our heroes, who swim faster than a nuclear sub, and faster than the sound of the explosion which would have otherwise concussed them. Fearless leader, who suspects the health inspector is from the CIA, which is obviously your first choice when thinking about groups of really mean guys Sub Captain, who lets any old health inspector aboard his nuclear attack vessel, without making that phone call to check up on them, first.

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2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Awful killer Shark flick.

Author: Paul Andrews ( from UK
23 April 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Raging Sharks starts in outer space as some alien spaceship collides with another, two aliens on-board escape in a small pod thing & crash land on Earth in the Ocean right bang in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. Jump forward five years & an underwater scientific research laboratory called the Oceania is conducting experiments in the area when they notice an increase in Shark numbers & activity. While diving outside two of the crew are attacked & killed by the Sharks which then bite through the power cables & oxygen supply rendering the laboratory crippled & those left inside trapped underwater, surrounded by killer Sharks & their air supply quickly running out. Help comes in the form of a US submarine which for some reason isn't equipped to carry out an underwater rescue, are the scientists in the Oceania doomed or can they find a way escape a watery grave?

This straight-to-video Bulgarian American co-production is yet another awful Nu Image Films 'Creature Feature' about killer Sharks, co-produced & directed by Danny Lerner this is one truly terrible film. Raging Sharks isn't even in the dubious 'so bad it's good' category, nope it's just plain so bad it's very painful to watch. The script is awful, it starts off like some cheap alien film set in outer space but then when it switches to Earth things just go from bad to worse, if the US government knew that a spaceship crash landed in the Ocean why couldn't they find it? Didn't they have radar? Wouldn't they have used radar to know of it's existence in the first place? In the space of five years they couldn't have searched the area? Initially I thought the Bermuda Triangle setting was going to lead to something but it quite literally never does, why emphasise the fact that your film is set in this notorious region & yet make absolutely nothing out of it? How were the Sharks controlled? Why weren't other sea creatures under the same control? If they were merely protecting the alien pod why did they attack that beach? Why hadn't they attacked anyone or any boats within the last five years? If a potentially world changing new source of fuel is discovered by the US do you think they would send one single guy to get it? Wouldn't they like send in the entire Navy? Why wasn't that submarine equipped for an underwater rescue when everyone knew that's exactly what needed to happen? Why did it suddenly catch fire & all the doors jam? Why is the ending so bad? How did those two scientists survive being blown up with the laboratory? How could she stay underwater for so long without breathing gear & yet survive? I could go on all day, these are just some of the general problems with the plot but there are loads of individual scenes which make no sense & are just plain stupid. Even die hard 'Creature Feature' fans might have a hard time sitting through this one, I know I did.

As well as being conceptually terrible Raging Sharks is technically terrible too, this is one of the worst edited films ever with really almost all of the Shark attacks achieved with the sue of stock footage inter-cut with the actor's so the Sharks & actor's very rarely appear on screen together & the same piece of footage is used over & over again. I must also say that the Sharks in this film growl & roar like Lions or Tigers which is plainly just absurd & makes the already pathetic attack scenes unintentionally funny. The gore is minimal with some bloody water & nowt else. Apparently a lot of the Shark attack footage was lifted from other Nu Image Films including Shark Attack 2 (2001) & Shark Attack 3: Megalodon (2002) which is probably why the editing looks so choppy & the scenes so disjointed.

Obviously shot on a low budget Raging Sharks is set in Bermuda but was filmed in Sofia in Bulgaria & it shows. The 'star' names in the cast are Vanessa Angel & Corben Bernsen who both obviously needed the money.

Raging Sharks is a terrible film & it's as simple & straight forward as that, even as far as rubbishy 'Creature Features' go Raging Sharks is terrible. Not even good in a bad way, one to avoid.

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3 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Good action, kinda like a resident evil game

Author: rmraovich from United States
30 September 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Hey, this was a good movie for some quick acion thrills. Why people rated it so low is beyond me. I thought it was good. It had aliens and sharks and an under water lab. I liked how the people in the lab went crazy and started fighting with each other on top of the problems with the sharks and submarine. It was funny to see them swearing at each other and how the chain of command was quite rusty, ha ha ha ha. Maybe people wanted more nudity from the girls and that would of been cool, because sex never goes out of style. But this movie was an OK ride, kinda like a resident evil game. I had fun and thats all that mattered! I recommend!

Rob the movie man out!!! :-)

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10 out of 18 people found the following review useful:

Uff... again.

Author: shanfloyd from India
26 June 2006

This film was on TV the other night and I knew nothing about it beforehand. After the opening scene I thought it's some late '80s shark flick and it would be a fun passtime to watch it for typical B-movie elements. Geez, they made such a film in 2005!!

OK, let me tell this straight. I didn't watch the film expecting a great thrilling storyline or great ideas or things like that. It's pretty obvious that this film would contain the lamest story possible (sharks come near alien waste underwater and they go insane) with the lamest dialogues ("Man this is Bermuda triangle... do you know how many ships drowned here?") and the cheapest effects.

I watched it expecting a bit gore and hints of nudity etc. Well, the seems like they wished to make a G-rated film. I mean there were three pretty girls in the underwater lab and none of them attempted to remove their cloths. Then why should anyone watch such movies for? Plastic shark heads moving under shallow water? Pardon me for those women-objectifying wishes, but I know where to expect what.

Why are these things made again and again?

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:


Author: Tonci Pivac from New Zealand
21 April 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have to begin by saying that I am an avid B-movie fan, especially when it comes to sharks. I have had some good laughs at deep blue sea and Jaws 4, but rarely has a movie been so bad that it breaches (no pun intended) bad and moves to just plain annoying. I agree with a previous fan that the best part of the entire movie was the old man slowly removing his hat in sorrow. And can I ask a question? How did the main character (the one who doesn't die) get to all of the places that he shows up in in the beginning of the movie. I know that there were some major time lapses, wetsuit changes for example, but...what? It was probably just the alien tube, some wormhole door. It's good to know that now a days, when the movie running time is too short, its OK to show clips from previous parts of the movie. That's OK now. And so is showing an actor deliver the same line, but just from a different camera angle. And were all of the actors just placed in this movie because they had no lines as johnny depp's or Angelina Joli's stunt doubles? Oh and I figured out how the lady (who is without oxygen for a substantial amount of time) lives after the explosion of the lab which...gently opens that hatch door. Her lips suffice as an oxygen reserve. Who knew! It's a good thing too, because her husband took that "please secure your own mask before helping others" too an extreme. But I guess over-all the movie wasn't that bad. I mean, I'm sure I never would have thought to use the hundreds of air tanks to breath with once the oxygen ran low. I'm sure I would be too distracted by my inability to act and the symmetrical bursts of fire. I probably would also be distracted by the growling sharks. The only time is was OK for anyone to put a growling noise against a shark was at the end of Jaws when they played an old dinosaur roar for the sinking great white after it had been blown-up. I know the movie was terrible, but it could have been 100 times better (and I only say that because anything times zero is still zero)without the Sahara sound-effects. Oh, and next time they want to use computer animation for sharks, they should just give me a call. They can just use my screen saver. It would save them money, because there is no way they actually made a profit off of this movie, and they could continue on the theme of cutting and pasting footage from other movies. I also have a toy shark that squeaks. Maybe they should just use that. People who loved this movie will also love:

~Open Water II (make sure you watch it on an old TV, because will be throwing things at it) ~Shark attack 3 - Megaladon (contains one of the most amazing pick-up lines ever)

I will give it a 3. 1 for the old man on the boat. 1 for the made-up alien language. and 1 for better luck on their next film.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Not that bad, but could've been better

Author: slayrrr666 ( from Los Angeles, Ca
20 April 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Raging Sharks" is a flawed but enjoyable killer shark opus.


At the ocean bottom, Dr. Mike Olsen, (Corin Nemec) and his wife Linda Olsen, (Vanessa Angel) are engaged with fellow researchers Harvey, (Binky van Bilderbeek) Vera, (Elise Muller) Simona, (Simone Levin) Jonas, (Jonas Talkington) and Carlo, (Atanas Srebrev) for a military project at the Oshona Station. When they are suddenly attacked by a ravenous group of sharks, they find themselves trapped in the facility with rapidly depleting materials and supplies. Determining that a strange crystal found in the area is the cause, and that it was introduced into the system from a fallen asteroid, Ben Stiles, (Todd Jensen) launches a rescue mission to get them out. When the number of sharks proves too much, they resort to a last-ditch effort to rid themselves of the creatures.

The Good News: This was a highly enjoyable killer shark entry. One of the best parts is that there's a lot of action in here that manages to make for some exciting scenes. The majority of the first half is full of great shark action, including major attacks barely ten minutes in. There's also several others in here that are dealt with nicely by the shark's stalking of them, usually underwater out in the open or through the nearby coral, which are pretty suspenseful in their own right. The big scenes, though, are the incredibly well-done attacks on the two big pieces of hardware, the mini-sub and the station itself. Both are new and original scenes for this kind of film, not exactly stuff that's been done a whole lot and are both interesting and quite exciting, making for enjoyable scenes that serve the movie well as highlights in a large pool of them. Also quite good was the sequence of the sinking submarine, though not directly related to shark attacks, that serves well to get some rather tense scenes into the mix. The big action stuff, though, is reserved for it's final half, which is just non-stop action. From all the gun-play brought into all the excellent stalking done, which does get rather creepy at times, to the nearly flawless brawl that takes place seemingly everywhere and throws everything into it, it's a ton of fun and manages to make the film exciting at the very end. The last plus here is the fact that it features a rather nice, gory body count. Granted, most of them are not much more than merely seeing the sharks bite into something vaguely human-looking before seeing a large blood-cloud forming out of it's mouth, but it's still the point of getting them on-screen, which is where this one works. There's a plethora of gunshot wounds, a stabbing with a knife and a spear-gun shot into the back for more gory fun. These here are the film's good points.

The Bad News: There wasn't a whole lot really wrong with this one. One of the biggest issues with the film is that there's very little to be threatened about from these sharks. Despite displaying the false characteristic of constantly growling , the constant use of stock footage that has already been used in over twenty different films is something to get over. Mixed somewhat nicely into the action, the fact remains that all of these movies feature the same footage over and over, it gets repetitive and fast.. That it's also mixed somewhat ineffectively with the completely false-looking heads for the attacks is something else entirely. There's also a big problem here with the second half, which has two really big flaws to it. The first one, and the bigger of the two, is that the sharks take a back-seat in these scenes to it's action-movie pedigree. Concerned as it is with these admittedly fun moments, the fact that it abandons the sharks is where it falters, since there's no mention of them at all, shuttered off to deal with a secondary plot-point that wasn't even built up properly at the time. There's also the fact that ending, which deals with an alien appearance that is just so ridiculous that there's very little else to say about it. These are the film's troubled areas.

The Final Verdict: With some good parts mixed in somewhat nicely and a couple flaws spread around, it's not the best entry but still decent enough. Give it a shot if you're into these kinds of films or are a fan of the Sci-Fi Channel's films, while those who have a prejudice against them won't be swayed with this one.

Rated R: Graphic Violence and Graphic Language

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