Feast (2005) Poster


Plot Keywords

monster bar
first part harbinger of death
raped by monster vomit
wilhelm scream woman hitting a man
whimper weed
wedding ring squealing
roadkill prostitute
pot smoking old woman
old man obscene finger gesture
jackass introduction
head bitten off violence
death spasm death of husband
dead woman dark comedy
cult film crying
boy in a wheelchair blood spurting
black comedy b movie
alcohol self mutilation
raised middle finger punched in the face
playing pool mechanic
lighter knocked out with a gun butt
hole in wall hit by a door
hiding in a bathroom held at gunpoint
hand through chest girl in bra and panties
genital mutilation face ripped off
eye ripped out crushed to death
covered in blood corpse
cigarette smoking child murder
cable breaking through a door
beaten to death bare chested male
arson accidental shooting
one word title blood on camera lens
first of series life expectancy
monster rape boy
wheelchair splatter
slime single mother
severed foot heroine
gore explosion
child killed by animal blood
basement bartender
oral rape monster sex
raped by a monster tooth
throat slitting shotgun
shot to death shot in the foot
shot in the chest severed leg
severed head scene during end credits
pistol piercing ripped out
molotov cocktail maggot
loss of loved one loss of child
hole through torso heart attack
hand through head foot blown off
eye gouging exploding head
exploding body eaten alive
decapitation castration
betrayal anal sex
man eating monster child eaten
death of son death of child

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