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Not bad... and it reintroduced me to rap.

Author: Joel ( from Flower Mound, Texas
18 April 2005

I've just recently played this game, and there are so many reasons to like it.

First of all, the moves and environments rock! I've never seen a game where you can plow a dude's face into the wall for a finisher... that's pretty good.

Also, all the music and all the celebrity voices brought back the main reason that I enjoyed listening to rap: brutal honesty.

Finally, the fact that you can keep changing the look of your character is incredible... if only I had that kind of ability. It's like, I have a bald head and all of a sudden, I have a huge head of dreadlocks... that'd be cool.

Of course, the game is not without its flaws: trying to pick up a weapon is no easy task. You have to stand at just the right position to do it.

Not only that, but as much as I love the free for all matches, it's hard to turn the other way and attack.

Finally, to cap off this review, this game gets a 9.5 out of 10.

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A fighting game involving trains, fire, and Snoop dogg.

Author: The_Light_Triton ( from In a Chair in my room
17 September 2009

Thanks to Def Jam: fight for New york, you can.

While this game might glamorize street gangs and violence, and at the same time giving it an image that it teaches respect, it's by far one of the most fun fighters i've ever played. A stellar cast including Snoop Dogg, Ice-t, Chris Judge, Method man, Danny trejo, and Femme fatales like Lil' Kim, Carmen Electra and Kimora Lee Simmons, you're in for a fun ride.

The story begins after Gang leader D-mob is arrested at his illegal fight club. While being escorted by two cops to the police station, the car they are riding in is crashed, and D-mob is liberated by an unknown.

That's when you, the player comes in. one of the cops will talk to the sketch artist (the beautiful Lauren) and you get to pick what you initially look like.

D-mob then initiates you into his gang. your role is to fight in the clubs, taking them over so they belong to D-mob, and at the same time, buying yourself new threads (clothes) new bling (jewelery) New ink (tattoos) and getting new hairstyles. also, you will train to fight under the great Henry Rollins.

i actually love this game, after playing it for over 2 years. i commented on it before, actually knocking the gamecube version, which was a big mistake. the cube version lacks a few things, but not the fun in the game, which is what really counts. you can still throw people like Sean Paul in front of a train, and you can set flava flav on fire if you'd like. the possibilities are near endless.

this one is a good party game. i recommend it, but try for the Ps2 Version.


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Great story, sad ending.

Author: Civic V8 from Dinosaur Canyon
8 March 2006

Def Jam: Fight for NY is a great game, and it's not short. Beginning in story mode, you have to train yourself to get stronger and face bigger, better fighters. During the long adventure, you'll start to build fame and gain a good reputation. At the end, those who hated you will have joined your side. To me, the ending feels sad because you started off unknown to the community and you've now became the true warrior- forever, with a well known standing name. Your once enemies are now your troops.

However, I think the producers lacked on the ending. So much movie clips in the beginning and so little in the end.

Graphics- Very clean and smooth. Frame skip is excellent and rarely any slowdowns.

Sound- Ouch! Do you hear all that bone-crunching and snapping? High quality sound effects makes you feel it!

Music- Sadly 25 artist tracks in the game.

Gameplay- Challenging to learn. That's why there's a gym to train you to become a pro in no time.

Replay value- Very high. If you love hip hop artists and movie stars and like to see them fight one-on-one, Def Jam is very fun to play. Over 30 characters and lots of stages to choose from. Some stages got rules like- Ring out, subway match, burn 'em and window match. Can't go bored.

Overall rating- 8/10.

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"Fight for NY" is one of the best fighter games on the PS2 - period.

Author: retroguy02 from Canada
6 September 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Publisher: EA Games

Developer: EA Canada


Graphics: 9/10

Gameplay: 9/10

Sound: 9/10

Challenge: 9/10

Overall: 9.5 (of 10)


+ The perfect combo of tightly balanced controls and graphics that truly kick ass (by PS2 standards)

+ A vast variety of combat moves that extend far beyond wrestling

+ A good variety of terrific locales that host a depth of cool environmental attacks

+ Synchronized dialogue and great hip-hop soundtrack that feels just right for the game's thuggish mood

+ A highly engaging and diverse gang-based story that is pulled off very well

- The story mode would have been better if it had more than one storyline in it

- Certain fights can get quite frustrating, especially in the beginning



Although this is my first Def Jam game (didn't play "Vendetta"), it is definitely one of the best fighting games that I've ever played -- and I say that as a Mortal Kombat fan. A prominent feature of Fight for NY is the Blazing system, i.e. once you have beaten up your opponent to a certain extent, a meter fills and glows up telling you to pull off a fatal over-the-top move. As you perform the move, the screen goes all druggy and colors flash all around in high hues, which sets a great mood indicating the character's anger. Nearly everything else about the game is also implemented superbly -- definitely something that no fighter game enthusiast should miss out on, as well as a worthwhile experience for any casual gamer.

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Love Def Jam Fight for New York!

Author: Bright Eyes from Puerto Rico
10 September 2005

I am not much of a gamer and I usually go for puzzle or cartoon-type games. I have Never likes fighting games. but as a hip-hop / rap lover I wanted to try this game out. my plans were to buy it used and then give it back in trade-in. Yeah Right!!! i fell in love with the game!! The whole make your own character, the customizing, the characters themselves!! Everything!! I finished it with a character I made to look like the guy of my dreams (hehehe) and then started again to try to get the trophies. I played it straight through the first time without taking trophies in consideration. (Like I said, I'm not much of a gamer and I've always sucked in fighting games that's why i never liked them) I read that Def Jam 3 is coming out and the characters are gonna look more real, the accessories will have a role also (what I mean is 4 ex. rings will influence punches), and you'll be able to have more control over your character vs. no6t having control during the whole blazing, etc. I think the report came out in last month's Game Informer magazine. Also instead of having it be about underground fighting is gonna be more about starting up your own record label. I can't wait!!!!

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This game rocks

Author: Mark Wilmot (
23 October 2004

I love this game.... For those of you who were fans of the WCW/WWF games (by THQ/AKI for the Nintendo64 - as in World Tour, Revenge, Wrestlemania 2000 and No Mercy)You will LOVE this game... it's the wrestling/fighting game you've been waiting for.... but with Gore and swearing and one of the coolest character creations styles ever (although it makes creating numerous characters a little long and tedious) I love it though.. the gameplay, graphics, sound... everything. I've played through story mode 3 times already... and although you might not be sick and have way too much time like me it's a ridiculously fun game. It's not too expensive and if you have a bunch of buddies who love that type of game it's worth buying (2nd hand if you can find it) Anyway I give this game a 9.5/10

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Limited appeal

Author: Shawn Watson from The Penumbra
19 October 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Once you finish Def Jam: Fight for NY there's not much reason to go back to it. But as a VS game it's one of the best. I'm so sick and tired of utterly endless Tekken/MK/Soul Caliber/etc variations with effects and moves that are far too fantastical. Def Jam gives us real, bloody, bone-crunching action with characters we know and recognize from real life. For those of you who like this simple form of gameplay I urge you to get this game above all.

The Pros:

Amazing graphics.

Simply GREAT music.

Grim satisfaction in breaking an opponents bones.

Cool finishing moves and slo-mo shots.

Involving cut-scenes.

Gorgeous girls.

Henry Rollins.

The Cons:

Incredibly linear story progression.

Far too many long loading times.

Massive range of clothing that differs little.

Same for tattoos.

And jewelery.

Weapons too difficult to pick up (if you stand over it and hit the pick-up button your character will often foolishly grab at a non-nearby opponent instead of the weapon).

Poor crowd animation.

No opportunity to customize player name, resulting in bland text when other fighters have cool fonts and logos.

Repetitive gameplay.

Playing areas are not big enough.

Could have been gorier.

No reason given for main characters motivations/involvement.

It took me just over a week to finish this game. And once it's over there's no point in going on unless your playing head to head with a pal. But at that point you're likely to be so advanced in your stats you'll make easy work of them.

Rent this game.

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