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1 Jan. 2006
Kisses and Basketball
Max impulsively kisses Zack after a basketball victory, causing them both to question their relationship, and the team to urge him to ask her out on a date. Maddie tries to curb London's compulsive shopping habits.
6 Jan. 2006
Pilot Your Own Life
Inspired by a motivational speaker who emphasizes to people to "Be the pilot of your own life", Cody sets out on a mission to get his friends and family to pilot their own lives, throwing everyone into turmoil and chaos. Meanwhile, Maddie and London compete--no holds barred--for a Trendy Teen title.
13 Jan. 2006
Cody, then Zack become the objects of desire of a girl that neither boys are interested in.
20 Jan. 2006
Commercial Breaks
Mister Tipton gives the okay for the hotel employees to all get involved in the filming of a commercial promoting the Tipton Hotel.
27 Jan. 2006
Boston Holiday
Zack and Cody show a young prince visiting from another country how to be an ordinary kid; Maddie and London pull an all-nighter waiting for visitors from outer space.
3 Feb. 2006
Odd Couples
To impress a cute academically-minded boy, London tries to pass herself off as brainy with help from Maddie. Meanwhile, neatnik Cody moves out of the room he shares with sloppy Zack and transforms a closet into his very own bachelor pad.
10 Feb. 2006
French 101
The French Ambassador is staying at the hotel with his daughter, Jolie. Zack and Cody both want to win her affection. Cody wins. In the end, Bob gets her though. Esteban is upset because in the process of trying to save London from a Bag stealer, he gets beat up and London knocks the bag stealer unconscious. Without telling Esteban, London and Maddie plan to set it up again using Arwin.
17 Feb. 2006
Day Care
Zack and Cody are overrun by a group of unruly little kids after they volunteer to help out in the hotel's daycare.
24 Feb. 2006
Heck's Kitchen
The Tipton's chef walks out (again), leaving a more-than-willing Cody to do all the cooking. Unfortunately, he, and his personal crew, must prepare a spectacular meal for a restaurant critic who isn't what he appears to be (literally).
3 Mar. 2006
Free Tippy
Zack and Cody beg their mom for a pet, so she gives them rocks. They hear that the horse man for the Tipton is retiring. Mr. Moseby is planning to sell Tippy the Horse to a "nice" man from Vermont. The twins overhear the man on his cell phone saying that he is using Tippy as a workhorse. The twins hide Tippy in Arwin's shack, but he gets loose in the hotel. Moseby makes the twins find Tippy before he does or their mom is fired. They find Tippy and let him sleep in their room for the night...BIG MISTAKE!
20 Mar. 2006
Forever Plaid
When Zack and Cody try to repair a wall they accidentally damaged in the hotel, the hole they make reveals a room full of girls; London attends the same school with Maddie, but everything goes bad.
21 Mar. 2006
When Zack and Cody run against each other for class president, they find out who their friends (who have to be bribed to vote) really are. Maddie acts as Cody's campaign manager while London teams up with Zack. Since Zack's team has virtually unlimited financial resources for his campaign--while Cody tries honesty to win over votes, it's naturally a landslide in Zack's favor.
22 Mar. 2006
Moseby's Big Brother
Moseby's older brother stays at the Tipton. Moseby has been ostracized by him since childhood, but soon discovers that his brother is bankrupt. Moseby tries to help him by giving him a job at the Tipton. Meanwhile Zack and Cody save their money to buy a single bike, which they must share. Zack ends up using the bike more than Cody even though Cody put up most of the money.
23 Mar. 2006
Books and Birdhouses
Cody's extracurricular activity is canceled at school, so he decides to join wood shop. Zack is also in wood shop and excels in it. Cody on the other hand does not. London and Maddy have to write a short story for school. London steals the story from Maddy and refuses to admit that she stole it.
24 Mar. 2006
Not So Suite 16
When Maddie and London schedule their Sweet-16 parties for the same day, Maddie tries to talk London into rescheduling hers (It's not even London's birthday) for a different day, since they share the same friends. London doesn't budge. On top of that, she plans a spectacular party at the Tipton, with gifts for the guests (like plasma TVs) and great food, while Maddie, know Maddie. All the guests (except Zack) show up at London's party for the free stuff, while only Zack makes it to Maddie's party ('cause we all know how much he loves her). But Maddie isn't ...
31 Mar. 2006
Twins at the Tipton
A twin convention at the Tipton leads to further chaos for Mr. Moseby, and double dates for Zack, Cody, London, and Maddie.
14 Apr. 2006
Neither a Borrower Nor a Speller Bee
While Cody is preparing for the Boston Spelling Bee, Zack tries to borrow money from his mom for video games. When his mom won't give him money, he borrows from everyone else in the hotel. He finally borrows $30 at 20% interest from a rather large bully. He tells Zack to pay up, "or else." After Cody and the bully become the final two contestants, the bully offers Zack another out: get Cody to lose, "or else." Zack realizes that he should let Cody do his best. It turns out, however, that the "or else" isn't being beaten up- it's having his mom find out.
28 Apr. 2006
The Tipton employees compete against the St. Marks' employees. They decided to play bowling. Zack is a great bowler and could lead them to victory, but he gets into some trouble and his mom kicks him off of the team. Who will come to their rescue?
19 May 2006
Kept Man
Zack meets this rich friend and is mean to Cody.Maddie and London have to do a parenting project for school as partners.
2 Jun. 2006
The Suite Smell of Excess
"Don't play hockey in the lobby", "eat your veggies", "it's time for bed". Zack & Cody are tired of being told what to do all the time. Serendipitously, Arwin has created a Parallel Universe thingy, which the boys inadvertently use to transport themselves to a, um, parallel universe. A world of all-you-can-eat candy, all-you-can-watch-TV, and a no-rules-ever Mom. Paradise? Let's see.
10 Jun. 2006
Going for the Gold
Zack and Cody help Arwin compete in a contest.
30 Jun. 2006
Boston Tea Party
Zack and Cody try to keep their favorite park from being turned into a parking lot by using the historic "Boston Tea Party" for inspiration.
7 Jul. 2006
Have a Nice Trip
A con-artist father and daughter team arrive at the Tipton. Zack, Cody, Maddie, and Carey must pull together to show Mr. Moseby that he is being taken advantage of.
15 Jul. 2006
Ask Zack
Cody's been tapped to be the editor in chief for the school newspaper but when Zack begs for a position on the paper, the only job that is left for him is the advice column. Then Zack uses his position on the paper to benefit himself.
28 Jul. 2006
That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana
Part 1: Raven steps up to organize an important photo shoot showcasing Donna Cabonna's new fashion line for boys at the Tipton Hotel in Boston. After a mishap, she must substitute the fashion models with Zack and Cody. When the reclusive photographer Pistache gets stuck halfway around the world, Raven's got to think quickly to save the photo shoot. Meanwhile Cory and Eddie try to get Chelsea to break the record for the world's longest paddle ball session so they can claim the prize money. They think they have the record in the bag until Stanley proves to be a ...
5 Aug. 2006
What the Hey!
Zack coerces Cody into skipping school, which Cody suddenly finds to be quite rewarding. London has trouble adjusting to life with her new step-mother.
11 Aug. 2006
A Midsummer's Nightmare
Zack and Cody audition for a school play to meet girls.
19 Aug. 2006
Lost in Translation
When Mr. Moesby holds a Nakamura convention at the Tipton, Zack uses one of the guests as a project for school. Maddie and London accidentally get locked in London's closet.
8 Sep. 2006
Volley Dad
When Carey starts dating a 'New man' Cody calls his father to stop them from dating. But Kurt has other intentions with her boyfriend. London joins Maddie's volleyball team and in order for her to play well, Maddie must take drastic measures.
22 Sep. 2006
Loosely Ballroom
Esteban tries to win $1000 for his sister's Quinceañera by entering the Tipton Hotel dance competition, and recruiting other Tipton employees.
13 Oct. 2006
Scary Movie
Zack has nightmares after seeing a scary movie without his mother's approval. London meets a boy she really likes and acts poor in order for him to ask her out.
10 Nov. 2006
Ah, Wilderness
Zack steals Cody's spotlight when on a camping trip with Mr. Moesby. London and Maddie fight over a boy that they both like.
24 Nov. 2006
Birdman of Boston
A hawk causes chaos at the Tipton, until Cody realizes it's simply a hen protecting it's egg.
8 Dec. 2006
Nurse Zack
When Cody and Carey catch the Flu, Zack is forced to take care of them. The entire staff of the Tipton Hotel goes crazy trying to impress Mr. Moesby for Employee of the Month.

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