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really good!
XoWVChickoX22 December 2005
I seen this movie on Disney, and it was so awesome. That took a lot of bravery to go about 4 states away just to find who got your brother's heart to see if he or she began to like what your brother liked. But then, she found out that they were still totally different. And I thought it was so touching, also. And I say if someone watched this movie, it would probably make them cry. After a long journey, a girl thought it was wasted, but then she found it in her heart to apologize to the boy who got her brother's heart for totally getting mad at him for supposedly "being stuck up and not appreciating what he got." So some people learned a lesson, and some would just not understand, but then again they did. So anyway you spin it, this movie could touch someone, and change their lives in a way.
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bb8030123 November 2004
ABC Family has connected once again with my family with Searching for David's Heart. We Tivo'ed it and watched it together last night. Despite the sad parts, we found it to be ultimately uplifting and a pleasure for us to share together.

All of us were touched by this wonderful, compelling story. The kids were so lifelike to us -- we felt like we got to know them as people rather than characters in a movie.

Bravo and thanks to ABC Family! We are so appreciative that ABC Family brings films like this into our house.

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Loved it! Wish it was on DVD!
aisqueen28 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was sad and brought me to remember to be nice to your siblings, because you never know when they could be gone.

The story is great. Darcy Deeton wakes up on her birthday to her brother who promises to spend the whole day together. WHen she finds him with his girlfriend kissing later on, she runs out. David's girlfriend, Janye, wants him to go after her, but he won't. He backs up backwards to the road and throws his keys in the air. He never catches them, as he's hit by a truck.

The story unfolds on her 16th birthday, a year after his accident. With the help of her friend Sam, she goes to find his heart, as he was a organ donor.

This story is for anyone, especially ones who have lost a loved one. I loved it, and my little sister loved it. I wish there were more movies like this out there.
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Very nicely done
cmorris-1129 November 2005
In Clarinda,Iowa we are big Aaron Brown fans....We believe Aaron's genuine demeanor is accurately portrayed in the medium. This movie is just more proof that the movie industry doesn't need to rely on sex, drugs and violence to have an appreciative audience. There truly is a market for wholesome, thought-provoking, family-oriented movies.

This movie punctuated the absolute necessity for honest and open communication at all levels in a family. Timely and better communication could have spared the characters unnecessary guilt and would have aided in the healing process. Thank you Disney for presenting this message in such a well done fashion.
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cute young leads
SnoopyStyle24 September 2017
In Crystal City, Missouri, Darcy Deeton (Danielle Panabaker) struggles to cope with her beloved brother's death. It's her birthday and sadly also the anniversary of his death. She is haunted by a constant ticktock and figures it to be the beating of David's donated heart. Joined by her friend Sam (Raviv Ullman), she journeys in search for the heart's recipient.

This is an ABC Family movie. It has enough charm in the two young leads. They're cute and endearing. There isn't much in the way of plot. It's really simple and rather innocuous. The flashbacks are fine although the guy playing David could be better. Panabaker gets to stretch a little in the acting work. In the end, it has a fine reveal although they refuse to give up the expected kiss.
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An amazing story about love between a brother and sister
mr_ski_slopes92 July 2008
I haven't read the book because i'm not a novel person and the book was written by a woman which is amazing too, but this movie was so beautiful,i saw it on the Disney channel on cable one Friday night and after i saw it i tried to track down this movie everywhere but i could not find it which sucks but maybe one day i will.

The best part of this movie is the ending and i won't give it away,it was probably one of the best endings to a movie i've ever seen, it is so so beautiful and it left me in tears!!, it truly must be seen to be believed.

I have two older sisters that i love very much but this movie makes me wish i had a younger sister too.
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You can find your hearth too in this movie!
Juan_from_Bogota20 March 2007
This lovely story about the quest of Darcy Deeton (Danielle Panabaker), who lost his brother David (Billy Aaron Brown) in a car accident; in the search for some living part of his brother is really touching!; she is moved with a huge love, sadness and courage at the same time, to find what she's looking for!

A great acting of Danielle Panabaker in a hard role in which she has to show all the feelings around a brothers death (sadness, anger, love and courage).

A well told history that explains the actual facts interrelated with the past memories; and some good songs in the movie that will surely pull out some tears of you.

A touching family movie that worth seeing with a good company.

Why not 10 stars after all this?, well, just because the story could have been more deep and inspiring to me, but it did it good!
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Beautifully presented
manjodude8 May 2006
This is such a simple story yet told in a very beautiful way. Initially, I thought I was watching a paranormal thriller or something but towards the end I realized it was not. Instead, I got a a much more meaningful & touching cinema. Some of the emotional scenes move you to tears. The dialogs (especially between Darcy's parents and those between Darcy & Sam) are thought-provoking and the background music is endearing. The cast especially Danielle Panabaker, Ricky Ullman & Jeffrey Nordling are very good. An ideal family movie....hats off to director Paul Hoen & the crew. Very good story, good acting, very good direction, soft pleasant music...great job!
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What I felt
Teddi-anna Braniski5 February 2006
hey my name it Teddi-Aanna and I have just finished watching this movie and I cried through the whole movie and I just wanted to say that I knew what she was feeling because the 1 of June of last year I lost the closest thing to me in the whole wide world my Big Borther and everything in this move just made me think of his death in a very different way and I just wanna congratulations to everyone that made this move and I am just so thankful to have seen this move so thank you so so much and I know that if my whole family had saw it that they would all start to cry and I hope who ever has been hurt that when that watch this movie that their whole world would be changed around so thank you

From : Teddi-Anna
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Favorite Movie... EVER!!!
SprWmn8922 November 2004
I just have to say that everyone should see this movie. Not just for Ricky Ullman, but for the emotional drama. Besides the "Princess Bride" this is my next favorite movie. It deals with Darcy Deeton losing her brother on her 15th birthday and then a year later she and her friend Sam go find the person who received David's heart. It shows you how nice it is to have someone like Sam, and the emotions of how hard it was for the Deeton family to get over there lose... and Darcy's guilt. It is a great movie that also made me cry when they finally found the person.

*If anyone knows the songs they use in the movie please contact me at thanks!*
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One of the most touching films I've ever seen
tessav8713 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
When I first saw this movie announced on t.v. I immediately knew I wanted to watch it because it had two of my favorite young actors in it: Ricky Ullman and Danielle Panabaker. However, I never thought that the movie would turn out to be so good. Danielle did such an amazing job as the sister of a young man named David who passed away, and is now curious to see who the recipient of her brother's heart is. Throughout the entire movie she and the character played by Ricky Ullman, must travel to the place where this boy is located. Her perseverance and struggle are portrayed beautifully and it is touching to see her surprise once meeting the boy who has the heart that once belonged to her brother. One part of the movie that truly made me cry was when Danielle's character told Winston if he had ever cared about how David's family felt when he died. Although it seemed a bit cold, it's hard to understand the pain she must have been going through to meet him and to know that her brother is dead. It's great to see that there are still good young actors out there, and Danielle Panabaker and Ricky Ullman definitely deserve a 10 for their acting. This story is a true tearjerker.
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This Is Kinda Boring
Mr_Sensitive21 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I don't really dig this movie that much. In fact I think it is below average. The story is badly written and the cinematographic suck. The only one that kept me watching is Danielle Panabaker.

That is my humble opinion on it. Anyway about the story, I think they make brother and sister way too close, so close that it doesn't seem like brother and sister. Also it is really brief especially the ending and what I see is nothing really happening much in the movie. I meant nothing major or standout. Furthermore, that "dub" "dub" sound from everywhere she hears make me think it is some kind of ghost movie, which is a mislead. Beside all of that the movie does provide with a very good acting.

Recommendation: Definitely Not A Guy Movie.

Rating: 5/10 (Grade: D+)
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watch it
Cassie_june199021 January 2006
this movie was awesome i just watched it today it was awesome i think Danielle Panabaker and all the other actors did an awesome job. I would also agree with a lot of people when they say that you don't need sex and violence to make a movie a good movie. If anyone wants to see a wonderful movie or movies i would see this movie and mom at sixteen which of course all girls would like which is with Danielle Panabaker as well. WEll i am going to try to keep this should but I'm not really helping the situation well please please watch the movie i promise you will like the movie or i should say movies.Well hope you enjoy the movie and if anyone else can tell me any other movies to see that would be awesome. Email me at
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