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New York Post
On paper, Ushpizin (Aramaic for "holy guests") looks like a hard sell. It works, however, thanks to a witty script and believable performances from real-life husband and wife.
There's little difference between this joyful holiday film and the standard-issue yuletide-miracle movie, except that the holiday isn't Christmas.
New York Daily News
Gentle and affecting, it offers an introduction to a mostly unfamiliar world while touching on issues recognizable to all.
The New York Times
Stylistically Ushpizin belongs to a classic tradition of raucous Yiddish comedy that is easy to enjoy if taken lightly. At the same time, it sustains a double vision of ultra-Orthodox life.
Village Voice
As directed by Gidi Dar, Ushpizin has a disarming folk quality.
The Hollywood Reporter
In the charming comedy-parable Ushpizin, religious orthodoxy inspires not unbending dogma but humble, sometimes baffled spiritual striving by its embraceable, flawed characters.
L.A. Weekly
A warm, conciliatory entertainment.
A gently humorous fable about the power of faith and the possibility of change, Ushpizin not only takes place in Jerusalem's ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, it was filmed with that media-shy group's cooperation and followed religious law at all times.
An enjoyable seriocomic tale of a poor couple whose holiday-time miracle becomes a test of faith.
The A.V. Club
Ushpizin's effortlessly authentic depiction of Jewish orthodoxy--and the palpable, almost ecstatic sense of joy its characters take in it--ultimately tips the film's hand.

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