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By Far the Worst War Movie Ever

Author: therickdude40 from United States
2 January 2006

After spending 22 years in the Army, after serving in several different regions of the world in many different capacities, this is by FAR the worst and most UNREALISTIC war movie EVER. There is no plot, there is no acting. The dialogue insults the viewer and the actors. The equipment and tactics displayed by the "good guys" and "bad guys" whichever side you're on, aren't even as realistic as in fantasy films, like "Lord of the Rings" or cartoons like "Bambi." I have seen anti-war and pro-war movies and propaganda. I enjoy watching independent films, but this was utter tripe. The only redeeming feature of this wasted effort is that it was actually less than 90 minutes. It was only 87 minutes long, and I don't think I could have lasted the last three.

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Very poor acting

Author: (octahexx) from Sweden
31 January 2006

I love war movies. I watch them all and have probably covered 80% av all the war movies on no matter how they are rated because some people just have bad taste. I watch black and white war movies and foreign movies you name it.

But this movie is horrible. The acting is like watching bay watch but in Iraq.

they have all the gear and the environment but they cant perform at all. the plot is thin even for a war movie.

You cant connect to anyone in the movie at all.

Its also lacking realism they stand 2 meters from each other and fire rpgs and saw machine guns for like 5 minutes but don't hit anything.

I think this is the worst war movie i have ever seen.

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Well, the costumes look pretty good...

Author: da_flipboy from Hamilton, Ontario
11 June 2006's also noteworthy that it's not simply, as is usually the case, of Americans good, non-Americans bad. However, EVERYTHING else is weak.

Cliché's abound in this would-be attempt at a dose of reality: the black soldier named Jackson, the Hispanic soldier from Miami, the anonymous Southern-drawled soldier, and the sarge who everyone would give their life for, who everybody calls, well, Sarge. The bad doesn't stop at characters: some bad wound makeup, soldiers looking like they're holding a gun for the first time, and bad guys who NEVER take cover and can't hit ANYTHING with an RPG all compound the ridiculous notion that all of these poignant moments are "typical" in ONE DAY.

Every single story element has been executed hundreds of times before and BETTER. Crappy writing coupled with horrific acting really blend together to create plenty of "did they really just say that" moments.

Bottom line: if this is supposed to be army propaganda, it's too silly to capture any sense of pride of the army. And if it's supposed to be entertainment, it's laughable. 1 out of 10

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Not completely awful, but very close

Author: Golden_Emu from Ontario, Canada
14 August 2006

After reading a few reviews, I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt that the hummers and trucks seemed indestructible, unless the plot needed them on foot.

Also, any notice that this was sort of like a bad G.I. Joe episode, where no one hits anything with any weapon (RPGs included), but the bad guys retreat after one scrapes a knee? I couldn't give this movie an out-and-out 1 out of 10, because I at least saw that they were trying to give political open-minded discussion about whether being there was right or wrong (the Iraq prisoner's point of view, the fact that some in the squad knew at least why the Iraqis MIGHT be upset at the US for being there, etc.), but personally, these were completely overshadowed by how saintlike each solider was made out to be. Bad soldiers? Yup, because just emptying clips is a better solution then aiming each shot - let your MG be your sniper! Also, never SEEN a worse knife fight in my life. Bad shots? Definitely - unless they are using their side arm or their own RPG. But I could get over all these things, but what I couldn't was the bloody "buck up, little solider" speeches every 20 minutes. I swear, if I heard another "you guys are the best soldiers I've ever been with" or "we're here for each other and nothing else matters" speech again from anyone in the squad, I probably would have thrown something at the TV.

Want to see an actual modern war movie? See Black Hawk Down.

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worst war movie ever made

Author: mrgirone from United States
7 January 2007

worst acting I have ever seen. These soldiers are the worst shots in the world. The only thing worse is their acting. These soldiers see more action in one day than most see in a lifetime. Good idea for a movie but the over acting kills me. the only good acting was from the enemy.

The props were toys too. Don't waste you time I did for you. Started out OK, but died quickly. Must have been a very small budget. I hope they didn't pay anyone.

don't waste your time.

So many goofs, I wondered if it was a spoof.

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Furie Strikes Again

Author: jonathon_naylor from Manitoba, Canada
11 August 2007

Sidney J. Furie ("Superman IV", "Iron Eagle") hasn't made a good movie in his nearly five decades in the director's chair, and he wasn't about to start with "American Soldiers."

It's not that this film had zero potential. The short-lived TV series "Over There" proved that a dramatized look at the ongoing Iraq conflict could be entertaining and real without crossing an uncomfortable line with men and women still dying on the frontlines. But stunningly clichéd dialog dogs "American Soldiers" from the opening sequence. There's the prisoner meet who is only too happy to share his evil plans for the future with his American enemies, reminiscent of something out of an old superhero cartoon. There's the forced "why are we here?" discussion. And who could forget the soldiers who offer some timely advice before dying, a crucial component of unimaginative movies.

The acting is no better. I can usually handle a sub-par performance here and there, but these guys are so bad it detracts from whatever enjoyment may have been possible. Instead of being sucked into the story, you find yourself wondering if this was the best Central Casting could do. The actors aren't helped by the aforementioned dialog; in fact, you really get the sense that they know how terrible their lines are as they reluctantly recite them.

The Furie staple of senseless violence (remember "Iron Eagle"?) is omnipresent here as well. The pattern is detectable within 10 minutes: clichéd dialog, horrible acting, big, fiery explosions, repeat. Of course things blowing up is a part of war, but Furie uses it as a misguided means to liven things up rather than portray the brutality of conflict and its impact on GIs. There are moments where you'll swear this film's target audience is violence-obsessed adolescent boys (again, remember "Iron Eagle"?).

But enough about the negative. No one expects a direct-to-DVD film from Sid Furie to be a masterpiece. The truth is, "American Soldiers" does not deserve to be in the IMDb's bottom 100, where sits as of this writing. Trust me, there have been much, much worse. "American Soldiers" even has a few decent moments once you're willing to forgive its shortcomings. But depending on your viewing habits, that's a big if.

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Extremely Disgraceful

Author: The Grand Master from Australia
3 January 2008

After spotting this in the Video Store, I thought I'd check this flick out. After 20 minutes, I had realised I had made a major mistake. This movie is extremely pathetic. I don't know what the makers were thinking, but it looked like a amateur home video with actors just plucked off the street. The acting was poor and the plot is just horrible. It seemed like that ideas were just made up as the movie went along. The director seemed like he had no clue on making this movie.

After half an hour of wasted time, I had to stop the movie. This atrocity was just too much for me.

Don't even look at the cover of the movie, don't even consider hiring it, just keep looking elsewhere for better entertainment.


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Author: jlesjak from Slovenia, Europe
26 February 2006

One of the biggest Iraq war propaganda movies I have ever seen. It is a complete waste of time and it may damage your brain. Also acting sucks. The storyline sucks. The action scenes and reality suck as well - I never thought it was possible for trucks and hummers to withstand several direct RPG hits. The things you can learn... I have just felt my IQ drop for about 50 points. I believe everyone will agree (even the hard core USA patriots) that this movie is made for one purpose only - make American soldiers look noble in their service to the country. The have a lot of empathy and self-sacrifice for Iraqi people. I was impressed. I always thought that the reality is somewhat different.

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Banging the drum loudly here!! Hello!

Author: ( from Canada
7 November 2006

Eclipsed only by RAISING CAIN for its lack of plot line. The acting was generally good but without any plot this was wasted effort. Some really corny dialogue must have given the actors stitches between takes. Blowed em up real good!

How the hell do you write 10 lines of copy about a movie that isn't worth two? Just another rah, rah blood boiler. They had, for a moment there, a chance for semi-redemption when the squad rescues the Iraqi prisoners from the CIA men. But NO, just another blood 'n'guts incident that leads the viewer nowhere.

Glad this was a loaner cuz I hate to think of wasting the money!

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So you wanna see how an RPG cannot destroy a Hummer?

Author: drtheng from United States
5 February 2007

I can't believe this director is still making movies. I mean, look at the movies he's made, they're almost all rated less than 4 stars. I wish there was a negative rating here so I could give it at least a -5 for such a terrible movie. The acting is completely and extremely lame. The soldiers look like they have never seen and/or touched a gun before, and it scares me. Think about it, those guys are the people who are supposed to protect our country and they can't even shoot straight. My 5 year old cousin can even shoot better that (with a toy gun of course.) It makes me wonder why the hell I wasted 2 hour to watch this stupid movie. I guess I've lost some IQ after watching it.

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