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The trouble isn't just that this haunted-house story, written by Mark Wheaton and directed by Hong Kong filmmakers Danny and Oxide Pang, is both formulaic and derivative. It's that it's completely free of atmosphere, the very thing that their 2002 "The Eye" had in such creepy abundance.
There are a few decent jolts in The Messengers, but every one of them is accompanied by a cheap freak-out on the soundtrack so you know to be decently jolted.
This spook story is a surprisingly mediocre Hollywood debut for Hong Kong's Pang brothers.
The Messengers is textbook, and the course it's teaching is HSL: Horror as a Second Language.
It's a little sad that The Messengers is ultimately a good candidate for burial in a toxic waste dump because there are some good elements contained herein.
Philadelphia Inquirer
A predictable, by-the-numbers TV-movie-sized affair which will break your heart - especially since it also contains brief flashes of horror greatness.
The Hollywood Reporter
A tepid ghost story filled with all the usual things that go bump in the night minus the somewhat crucial element of suspense, this bland effort from Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert's Ghost House Pictures is surprisingly devoid of the creepy, claustrophobic atmospherics that haunt the brothers' Asian work.
Extremely boring.
It's nicely photographed but slow-moving, dull and utterly predictable.
The story is so ridiculously obvious it's not even remotely enjoyable.

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