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As a follow-up to his striking 2002 directorial debut, "The Believer," this second obsessive study in fanaticism by writer-director Henry Bean has its own delirious integrity and outsider-art charm.
Noise is never quite as smart as it tries to be. But as summer and its mouth-breathing blockbusters loom large on the horizon, there's something touching about a movie that even tries.
Bean fills in some empty spaces with heady thoughts about the nature of power and beauty, but the movie's real appeal lies in the simple but by no means inconsiderable pleasure of watching Tim Robbins take a hammer to a parked car as it wails pointlessly, deep into the night.
The movie has enough big-city wickedness and merry cruelty to keep things skittering unpredictably.
Amusing but marginal diatribe against aural assault in Manhattan.
Village Voice
Noise has too many warring genres on the boil and too many thoughts jockeying for supremacy.
Noise ultimately becomes a slice of city life instead of a great satire.
The A.V. Club
Bean always writes interesting scripts that toy with big ideas, but the films that result aren't always good. (Or even bearable.) Here he sets out to make an aural "Fight Club," but instead he's made a movie about a guy who really needs to buy earplugs.
The Hollywood Reporter
Despite its intriguing premise, the movie is a disappointing misfire.
The movie, whose cacophonous soundtrack, when turned up, conjures your worst nightmare of sirens, car alarms, jackhammers and sundry aural assaults, is a one-trick film that rapidly wears out its welcome.

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