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According to the DVD commentary with Josh Hartnett and Lucy Liu, Lindsey's reaction when she walks in on Slevin with his towel open is real. The scene was scripted but Josh Hartnett actually flashed Lucy Liu without telling her prior to filming.
Although meant to be around the same age in the film, Lucy Liu (Lindsay) is actually ten years older than her on-screen co-star Josh Harnett (Slevin).
Josh Hartnett (Slevin) lived with writer Jason Smilovic and his girlfriend in New York City while the script was being written. Smilovic said that he thought of having Slevin wear a towel a lot of the time because he saw Hartnett in one so often. More so it added a vulnerable quality to Slevin.
In the audio commentary, Josh Hartnett expressed interest in doing a sequel with Lucy Liu.
When Lindsay and Slevin are discussing James Bond actors, they refer to Sir Sean Connery as "Scotland Forever". In real-life, Sir Sean Connery has a Scotland Forever tattoo.
Lucy Liu said in a "Making of" featurette, that she had more fun making this movie than any of her other movies.
On promotional material for the film, Sir Ben Kingsley's credit included his knighthood. At first, the actor was singled out for some criticism, as such things are usually omitted from professional credits. It transpired that this was a mistake by a studio executive, who was unfamiliar with the British honours system.
Went directly to DVD in Germany, after no distributor could be found.
At one point Hartnett's character says, "the only real Bond is Timothy Dalton." Hartnett would later go on to star with Dalton in the television series Penny Dreadful (2014).
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Released as "The Wrong Man" in Australia.
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Filmed with a budget of 27 million dollars.
Missing from Lindsey and Slevin's dialogue about actors who have portrayed the Bond villain Blofeld are Eric Pohlmann, who provided the voice while Anthony Dawson appeared on-camera in From Russia with Love (1963) and Thunderball (1965), and Charles Gray who played the villain in Diamonds Are Forever (1971). Also, Max von Sydow in Never Say Never Again (1983) is not considered part of the James Bond canon as it was a separate production from the official Eon Productions/United Artists/MGM films.
According to Lindsey, Smith stays in room 1009. This is the same room number the Rolling Stones sing about in their song "Shine a Light".
The "Shmoo" that The Boss talks about in the speech that introduces his character are a race of creatures featured in Al Capp's beloved Lil' Abner newspaper comic strip. The Shmoo also gained it's own animated series in the late 1970's with Fred And Barney Meets The Shmoo.
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Director Cameo 

Paul McGuigan: The hand X-ray in the coroner's office is the director's hand.


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

An alternate scene was filmed, in which Slevin kills Lindsey, but was considered too dark.
In the end, the pseudonym alias of Slevin; "Kelevra" which is Hebrew for 'bad dog' ties with Bruce Willis's character, Smith/Mr. Goodkat.
Bruce Willis (as a hitman) and Josh Hartnett (as the title character) also both starred in Sin City (2005). In "Sin City", Hartnett portrayed a hitman.
This is the second movie in which Sir Ben Kingsley dies by suffocation with a plastic bag over his head. He commits suicide in House of Sand and Fog (2003) using the same method, coincidentally, also from the sorrow of losing his son. Although in this film, it was not suicide, after learning the loss of his own son, he seems to accept his execution as something he deserved for his past crimes.
It is the second movie in which Sir Ben Kingsley is taped to a chair by a character who rendered him unconscious by hitting him on the skull. The other movie was Death and the Maiden (1994). Both times, it was a revenge for old sins.

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