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The edge of love.
paanduraam20 January 2005
The movie reminds us of the amount of love human hearts are capable of giving. The heroes of the movie are simple people, a simple family, who gets attached to a child, an earth quake refugee, from a distant state, with whom they communicate through the language of love. The shock caused by the tremors, the loss of family and the cruelty of society in the heart of the child are beautifully conveyed and would touch the hardest hearts. In the back drop you see the heavenly beauty of the village where our heroes live, untouched by the modernization, prosperous and cheerful in their simple ways. The movie goes on to show the struggle between the forces of love and the hard rules set by a bureaucratic society. One of the strong moments of the movie would be the transformation of a broken down kid to a willful individual, and what brings about the transformation is the simple support provided by a bunch of loving people. I wont spoil more of the movie for you. If you get a chance watch it.
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simple movie
Praveen4 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Easily the best Malayalam movie of 2004. Good music and visuals just add to the charm. Still haven't figured out how the movie lost out to stupid Hindi movies for the national awards.

Though dealing with a tragic situation, the movie has lot of light moments. I really liked some of the incidents, like, the one where the kid makes a total mess of the film roles. The second one was the "classic movie" presentation situation where the students are smoking and listening to the lecture. A small political satire was included with the local panchayat member elections. The part were the head of the village asks students in school assembly to remind their parents of elections was good. Such understated comic situations are a rarity these days in Indian cinema.

I have given only 9 as the movie tends to be a bit depressing in opening half an hour. The mood picks up later on. Count me as one who likes happy endings. So, again didn't really like the depressing manner in which the movie ends. But hey, this is Malayalam cinema, not Hindi.
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