Hot Fuzz (2007) Poster


Plot Keywords

village conspiracy
police accident
partner murder
arrest neighborhood watch
inspector spray paint
actor dead
police officer chase
small town constable
police force car chase
police procedural sociology graduate
sociologist swear jar
title at the end hoodies
british comedy slow motion scene
reference to william shakespeare slacker
sarcasm movie cliques
baby interpreter
public house actress
florist garden shears
decapitation catsup
policewoman man child
person in car trunk atheist
castle jogging
pram innkeeper
gun farmer
champagne merchant
horse riding cranberry juice
apology wrestling
new job stage door
flashback fountain
minister sea mine
ice cream cone workaholic
twin england
urination hotel
reference to shakespeare's romeo and juliet underage drinking
widower living statue
tombstone tombola
graffiti birthday party
watching a play breakup
horticulture camera
beer swan
hotel desk clerk supermarket
shoplifter alcohol
fork spire
automatic weapon rat
scythe miniature set
catacomb vicar
car crash drinking
flowers recycling bin
convenience store brainwashing
greenhouse shopping cart
teacher cemetery
nikon camera santa suit
helicopter bus
grocer raffle
cache f word
stop sign notebook
crushed head charity bazaar
house plant stab wound
cell phone chandelier
town council school
stabbing train
fence evidence
sword fight dead body in a freezer
infidelity hunting trip
fake blood teen drinking
butcher cigarette smoking
hooded figure horse
unfaithfulness research
locker room dvd
theatre audience toothpick
speeding ticket adultery
reporter psychopath
walkie talkie drunkenness
serial killer police car
solicitor dog
spit take lifting someone into the air
taxi crossword puzzle
cult videotape
doctor audit
shoplifting cowboy costume
friendship skeleton
bacon chess
secret cache surveillance camera
knife stuffed animal
car accident tape recording
human skull birthday cake
juvenile delinquency affair
rooftop ice cream
mine flip book
serial murder bartender
appointment arsenal
animal attack photograph
musical number extramarital affair
fight flashlight
drunk driving father son relationship
montage bar
sarcastic clapping sunglasses
birthday absurdism
parody bicycle
church corpse
dead wife rain
loss of father lost animal
newspaper reporter gas explosion
pedal car backstage
clock gunshot
pub macabre
rainstorm axe murder
graveyard impalement
swan attack telephone call
blood spatter blood on camera lens
movie reference buddy film
wisecrack humor secret society
voice over narration violence
uncle nephew relationship teenage boy
tape recorder sidekick
sergeant running
policeman mugshot
mass murder machine gun
husband wife relationship handcuffs
gun held to one's head flash forward
exploding head detective
clock tower breaking down a door
bloody nose animated sequence
cult film gunshot wound
rifle police station
police inspector gay subtext
explosion detective sergeant
decapitated body death
dead mother dead body
foot chase blood
critically acclaimed buddy
dumb police tough cop
fish out of water stabbed through the chin
shotgun no title at beginning
no opening credits video surveillance
shooting gallery scale model of city
prologue police chase
multiple cameos male bonding
london england hostage
gore crime scene
child in peril black comedy
shot to death shot in the leg
police corruption exploding house
stabbed in the head shootout
severed head stabbed in the hand
spoof shot in the arm
faked death cake
bullet proof vest buddy cop
stabbed in the throat slapstick comedy

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