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Charlotte Observer
It's hard to fault a script that keeps finding new dilemmas for characters and rewards attentive viewers with in-jokes.
New York Post
For short stretches, the movie has a touch of surreal "Office Space" brilliance, but it's broadly acted, its characters are thin, and the production values are ragged. Still, it's hard to resist its goofy hostility: "You're like the drummer from REO Speedwagon. Nobody knows who you are."
The Hollywood Reporter
Manages to retain a certain goofy appeal thanks to the stand-up efforts of its comically adept cast members.
This will never be the movie of the month, but you could do a lot worse at the multiplex.
New York Daily News
Ultimately, we're looking at a discount "Office Space."
Miami Herald
Coolidge knows he's not making "Death of a Salesman" here (he names the store managers Glen Gary and Glen Ross in tribute to David Mamet's elegy to the American Dream), but he's got the same eye for detail that made "Office Space" great. What he lacks is Arthur Miller's (or even Mike Judge's) sense for character.
The less said about Simpson the better; whatever her talents, she can't sell a simple reaction shot, and, perhaps sensing this, Coolidge's camera tends to drift south of her face.
You're bound to have more fun working overtime than watching Employee of the Month.
Philadelphia Inquirer
So achingly empty, it's nearly existential.
Entertainment Weekly
The results in Employee of the Month are toothless.
I laughed once or twice during this flat and fatuous farce, mainly because director and co-writer Greg Coolidge lifted a lot of it from "Office Space."

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