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Holy F**k...

Author: zleverton from Canada
19 March 2005

Dave Chappelle is brilliant, absolutely positively one of the funniest men in the world, i've always been a huge fan of Chappelle's show, as well as Dave's previous stand up career, and i was exited to see this one, and boy oh boy, i was not disappointed.

Dave talks about everything from Micheal jackson to guerilla hobo terrorists to simian fornication, my chest hurt for a good half hour from laughing so hard, and there is a surprising lack of racial content in this show, which is rare for chappelle and black comedians alike. Not since Richard Pryor's early years has there been a guy so physically and mentally humorous and challenging as dave, and i cant wait to see more of him in both his stand up career and his television sketch show.

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Worth a lot

Author: Marley from United States
5 September 2005

I saw Dave Chappelle's stand-up act in college a few years ago. At the time, he was known by fans of Half Baked and Robin Hood: Men in Tights, but not very many others. In fact, he was co-billed with Jim Breuer. Two years later, his Comedy Central show made him one of the most famous comedians in America, but For What It's Worth proves that he is as funny on stage as ever. It also provides a few flashes of insight into the events that brought a sudden end to Chappelle's Show after only two seasons, as Chappelle talks skeptically about celebrity status a number of times and tells a story about fans "Rick James, bitch!" at him in public. But psychoanalyzing Chappelle would probably distract people from really enjoying the comedy, and the comedian's personal issues aside, this is 50+ minutes of very funny stuff.

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not quite the level of unforgettable stories and jokes as the last one, still very funny

Author: MisterWhiplash from United States
20 September 2005

Killin' Them Softly, what I consider to be Dave Chappelle's non-cinematic breakthrough (the cinematic could be with Half Baked), was a very potent mix of comedy, dealing with some celebrity jokes and great humor involving the hood (the 'baby' bit is classic). With this special, Chappelle comes off from his hit TV show, and so some of his initial energy could be lacking. It isn't, but one doesn't see exactly the same brilliance here. I mean that though in just the overall sense, that there are a couple of bits that aren't totally consistently funny (the 'Monkey' bit, the bit on the 15 year old kidnapped girl). Throughout, however, there are bits that really do make it known why Chappelle is where he's at today. For example, his take on why he can't smoke weed with black people anymore (and the pros and cons of smoking with white people) is gut-busting, or his take on the Michael Jackson case (last year this was filmed, by the way, which should be taken into perspective), or his lines on how he's dealing with his newfound fame (and what he'll do with a certain part of his privates). He is on fire I'd say 80 percent of the time, and the other 20 percent he's still witty even when the punchlines don't connect. The Chappelle fans who love everything about his show will find much happiness with the DVD, and those who are just casual comedy stand-up fans will still see some of the low-key smarts and absurdities that launched Chappelle in the past half decade.

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Very Funny But Don't Watch It Too Much Or It Will Wear Thin

Author: bstarter29
25 December 2005

For What It's Worth is a great performance by Chappelle. Not as funny as Killin 'Em Softly but this one manages to provide some side-splitting laughs. If you watch this for the first time you will laugh your ass from his jokes about crack heads, to plastic surgery. The one bad thing about this stand-up is that after you watch it once, and go back to it, it isn't near as funny as it was the first time. You really can't re-live the jokes over at all. Overall though, this will give you an hour an absolute entertainment. The show does include a lot of swearing but it seems so casual you will hardly even notice. For What It's Worth is probably only 10 dollars, so go get it because you will really enjoy the first go around.

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Chappelle makes some missteps in second major special

Author: MassDistraction from Canada
21 March 2014

Fresh from taping season 2 of Chappelle's Show, which would sadly turn out to be his last full season, Dave Chappelle brings the fire and magnetism that helped make him a superstar. For his second hour-long special, Chappelle has decided to go to The Fillmore in San Francisco, a nearly 100-year-old venue. Right away we're walked through the history of the place. Lenny Bruce played there. Richard Pryor, Robin Williams, George Carlin, and Paul Mooney played there. This of course adds an air of importance to the set, a kind of "big game" atmosphere. What he ends up bringing, however, is a fairly juvenile performance, with misguided bits on Native Americans or having sex with monkeys, and a really questionable riff on Michael Jackson's molestation allegations including openly questioning the motivations of the child at the center of the the scandal and then later inexplicably criticizing a captive Elizabeth Smart for not doing enough to escape. When he's not busy blaming victims, he does have some pointed criticisms for America's founding fathers and insights into celebrity add some substance to the show, but unfortunately aren't quite enough to raise it to the lofty expectations set with the opening. Thankfully Chappelle has never been a comedian that relied too heavily on strong writing when it came to his stand-up, often being able to sell middle-of-the-road material with charisma and charm. He's able to do that to an extent with this, but there's only so far that carries you. After his first special, people across the world excitedly called their friends with bad interpretations of his gags that they were bubbling over to share. I feel like the phone lines will fall silent this time around.

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Best Performance of his Career

Author: aoa8212 from United States
4 June 2005

This Showtime stand-up special is the best performance of his career. Filmed in front of a live audience in San Francisco, he starts things off with a bang by comparing SF to another large city in the bay area. Another thing that stands out is that he talks about Utah kidnapping victim Elizabeth Smart, who isn't usually fodder for comedians. The way that he makes a tragedy funny, without being obscene or disrespectful to the victim is commendable.

Dave does discuss the usual targets such as Michael Jackson and R. Kelly, but does so in a very original way without dehumanizing them like many people would. If you like edgy comedy that's hardcore without being obscene, and tough talk, but from a really nice guy, then this is for you.

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Stand Up comedy at it's best

Author: grungy_guy from United States
22 September 2011

I watch a lot of stand up, and For What It's Worth is one of the few stand up specials that I can watch over, and over again. Dave's jokes are spot on, and can be a great pickup for anybody. From the infamous "Drink" joke, to the hilarious sex jokes near the end, this is one I wish would last longer. Dave Chappelle is one the funniest guys I've seen on the television, and I hope that he continues making specials. I'm sure many people know of him, and we need more of his humor especially after all the years that he's been in retirement. This special is a must watch, it's too funny to tell anyone any of the jokes.

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Dave Chappelle: For What its worth

Author: cameron_crawford10 from Canada
22 March 2006

This is hilarious. Dave Chappelle's stand up comedy is just as funny (if not funnier) then his TV show. Before Chappelle's Show, he did another special like this one, Killing them Softly (2000) which was also hilarious. Four years later he records this special in Fillmore. the part where he talks about the differences between grape 'drink' and juice. He also makes fun of Scientists' explanation for how AIDS started His impressions of serious white people are equally as funny. His punchlines could not be done more perfectly The only part I didn't find that funny was the part about 'indians', but still, This is definitely one of the funniest Stand up specials I have ever seen.

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Another great show!

Author: Lawrence Elliott from United States
20 September 2005

I think his previous show was better, but this one was great, too. He has a strange way of looking at life, yet can bring it to a very REAL point at the end that makes you go, "Yeah!" But you have to follow each routine to the end to get the points he astutely makes. He draws a portrait of what he wants you to see very well, so each detail is very important for you to follow. I've probably watched the previous show a couple of hundred times and I seem to pick up on a different point every viewing. It has become one of my favorite party DVDs. Everyone loves it! And I'll be buying this DVD just like I did the first one. In this show, one routine seemed a little sick as it began. But by the end of it, I said out loud "Yeah, that's right!" Maybe you just have to have a taste for his brand of comedy.

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Too hit and miss for mass appeal but fans will love it

Author: bob the moo from United Kingdom
8 January 2007

Live in San Francisco for this television special, Dave Chappelle shows here the qualities that make some love him, some hate him and others fall in between. That is a rubbish description of this film of course but by it I mean that this is very hit and miss stuff. One moment I am roaring with laughter, only for the next for a whole section to fall flat (even though the audience are rolling and wiping tears from their eyes). Some of his stuff is very smart and very funny while other bits just seem lazy and a tad forced – with only the outrageousness of his material carrying him with the audience.

It is undeniable that race is a bit part of all his material and I can completely understand why some people dislike him for that. However for me his race-based material here (and there was a lot of it) is no different from the rest of his material in that it has hits and misses across it. This lack of consistency across the hour was a downer for me but the hits were just about often and strong enough to keep the show going. Chappelle himself runs the stage well and engages with his small audience like a pro. He is good at broaching whatever subject he sees fit to deal with, which is a good thing in a comedian rather than settling for comfort. At times this produces some material that is very funny as well as thought-provoking , sadly at other times I was left wondering what he was getting at (his attack on the kidnapped white girl was badly misjudged – surely the media that focused on this girl should have been his target?).

Overall though this was an enjoyable film even if it wasn't as consistent as I would have liked. Too hit and miss to appeal to a wider audience but for fans of Chappelle this will make for a good laugh.

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