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A counterpoint to Fahrenheit 9/11's propaganda

Author: billywill31
28 October 2004

If you're willing (gullible enough?) to buy into the Democratic propaganda machine, then you owe it to yourself to view the Republican's propaganda machine.

This film looks at Kerry's record, as well as delves into Michael Moore's history and addresses some of the blatant inconsistencies in Fahrenheit 9/11. This film is certainly biased, however they bring up interesting counter-points to Fahrenheit 9/11's arguments.

I encourage you to watch both movies and use your intelligence to discern what is fact and what is fiction. I'll leave that up to the viewer to decide, unlike the reviewer before me.

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this is just hilarious

Author: carebearsrapedme
20 October 2004

Has ANYONE actually seen this film or did the plot summary make people rush to vote for 10's and 1's?

Obviously it occurs all the time but it's never been more apparent than here. It's sad really, there's no doubt how many democrats have come here and how many republicans.

Please get over your biases, all of you. No, you too. Saying Fahrenheit 9/11 is the worst movie you've ever seen and this movie's TRAILER the most captivating you've ever seen is not in any conceivable way objective and it discredits you from ever using the phrase, "you damn liberals".

Please, WATCH a movie before making up your mind about it, Michael Moore is not the only one who's permitted to make critical documentaries. At the same time, praising(or reversely, insulting) a movie you haven't seen just because it caters/doesn't cater to your political ideology is not in your best interest.

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Moore=infallible source?

Author: k albright from Seattle, United States
23 December 2004

"To describe it (Fahrenheit 9/11) as an exercise in facile crowd-pleasing would be too obvious." What makes "free-thinkers" so convinced that they can't trust anyone of political sway except Michael Moore? That this man should be somehow exempt from the nature of leftist skepticism is grossly hypocritical--how can we believe that everyone has a corrupt capitalistic or political agenda except him? Leftist skepticism itself brandishes a highly learned attitude toward social stance, yet sponging ideas from user friendly informational mediums such as Moore documentaries is by no means an unbiased source. Furthermore, liberalism by description is supposed to define a spirit of tolerance--not the brand of embittered tolerance so common today, which both demands that everyone share its stance while contradicting its own sensibility. Neutrality that demands that everyone else be neutral is not true neutrality.

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Not a one or a ten despite how most voted.

Author: nonconformist from Texas
19 April 2005

I actually watched this pseudo-documentary and will try to comment on it honestly. I gave it a seven because it asked and tried to answer a question that has been nagging me for few years. Why the hatred for Bush. I can see disagreeing with what he has done but the paranoiac hatred is strange phenomenon. The movie breaks no new ground but does attempt to respond to the movement to make Bush out to be a cross between an idiot and Adolf Hitler. If people rated this movie honestly I think it would come to be a five. I've read some of the comments above and am amazed how this can be ridiculed while Moore's 911 can be praised. This show defiantly learns right but nothing to the degree Fahrenheit leans left. With as many ones as tens I don't see how it has a "weighted average" of three something.

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Disappointing Rebuke

Author: jonathon_naylor from Manitoba, Canada
15 July 2006

Disappointing, somewhat cheaply-made rebuke to the anti-Bush propaganda that led up to the 2004 U.S. presidential election, particularly Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11. It's basically a series of remarks from right-leaning analysts, including writer Charles Krauthammer, spliced with footage exposing the savageness of some anti-war protesters and the bias of figures like Michael Moore. Given its release prior to the 2004 election, it also takes aim at that year's ultimately unsuccessful Democratic nominee for president, John Kerry. Other topics covered include the razor-close 2000 election and appropriate responses to the threat of terrorism.

There are interesting films to be made from the right of the political spectrum (Michael Moore Hates America, to name the best). But this quickie production is never as good as it could have been. It's neither terrible nor great. Polical hacks will enjoy it more than anyone, but the average viewer will likely find it a bore.

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A reasonable response to Fahrenheit 911

Author: guigsy_2137 from Columbus, Ohio
25 October 2004

I find it interesting to read people spewing hate at liberals while talking about how liberals spew hate. September 11 should have been about togetherness and peace. Everyone in the world considered themselves Americans that day and felt our pain. Instead it has been distorted into something else. The United States has not been more divided or less respected in the world in my lifetime. People on the left and the right are at each other's throats. I do consider myself liberal, and I enjoyed this movie as a response to Fahrenheit 911. It is important for me to see what conservatives think. I do not feel degrading anyone's point of view is pertanent to this argument.

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Thoughtful rebuttal to Fahrenheit 9/11

Author: Bob Nelson (shrinkingman) from Beverly, MA
22 October 2004

Just saw this (first showing of the first day) and was impressed. It surely won't do the numbers "Fahrenheit 9/11" did (not much of an advertising push, not too many media mentions except maybe conservative talk radio shows) but it does provide a good "fact-checker" for the Moore film and for the current liberal movement.

Celsius 41.11 wonders why President Bush is hated by many in this country, even though we seemed so "united" after 9/11. It goes back to the 2000 vote counting controversy, and points out that previous Administrations turned a blind eye to terrorism (and certainly didn't fund intelligence to weed out potential threats). The second part of the film shows John Kerry, from Vietnam soldier to anti-war protester, who highlighted his Vietnam days in his DNC acceptance speech but ignored his 20 year Senate career (he often voted against intelligence and military funding). It also points out that Kerry wants to be reactive rather than pro-active; if another attack happens, Kerry says he'll respond to it while Bush wants pre-emptive action instead.

It covers the mindset of Islamo-fascist dictators like Saddam and our own efforts to democratize the Middle East, and interviews the likes of columnist Charles Krauthammer, conservative talk host Michael Medved (a colleague of Kerry's at Yale), and

Sen. Fred Thompson. Do not expect any yuks here; it's serious business, and it outlines the fork in the road that lies ahead in the upcoming election: pre-emptive action against the terrorists, or appeasement.

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A Reasonably Well-Done Rip-Off

Author: RmatthewC from Wichita, Kansas
8 April 2005

I am always a little suspicious when I see a movie or book title that is obviously a rip-off of a successful or well-known work. That said, this "movie" isn't too bad. Being a person that leans towards the right side of the aisle, this is not arousing any great negative emotion. The commentators are mainstream conservatives (no black-helicopter-warning kooks). Some of the points of view given are ones that have occurred to me, but have not received much mention in other media.

While F911 is the liberal equivalent of Falwell's "The Clinton Chronicles", C41.11 falls short of hysteria. That said, liberals are still going to hate it, because of the points of view given.

Worth the time to watch if someone loans it to you. I would probably not buy it.

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It's decent.

Author: omriwendigo from Cincinnati, Ohio
22 October 2004

I prefer George W. Bush to Kerry as a man and politician by leaps and bounds. In terms of ideology, Bush and Kerry are not nearly so far apart from one another as I am from both of them, in that I am a Libertarian. Because of this, I feel that I can offer a fairly objective review of this film (though I do not care to invest too much time into this).

Fahrenheit 9/11 is a mediocre movie that was overpraised by the liberal left in this country. I'm sure we're all aware of its deceptions and of the sheer largeness of its creator, Michael Moore. It isn't the worst film ever created (as some conservatives might have us believe), and it will make its small mark in cinematic history (though overshadowed by this year's Passion of the Christ in terms of controversy, I believe). Celsius 41.11 is an almost equally mediocre film, and though perhaps a little bit less fun it is certainly more factual.

Celsius 41.11 is basically just a concise and intelligent rebuttal of liberal attacks on George W. Bush. It does a decent job explaining why the so-called "hatred" of our current president is fundamentally irrational. This is all fine and good, but it is shown to us in about as average a presentation imaginable. Moore does not have special talent in making movies, but he at least has <i>some</i> talent. Knoblock pieced together what seem to be, largely, collections of streamed footage from CNN.com or something. The ending montage was a bit over-the-top as well.

I give it a 6 or 7 out of 10.


Vote for Badnarik! Leave the old parties behind!

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Well made documentary. Demolishes the anti Bush myths

Author: general-35 from Los Angeles
2 October 2004

Lionel Chetwynd made this film in slightly over 4 weeks. The quality of the film is very high in general but even more amazing considering the time available to him. The documentary examines the question of why there are the "Anyone But Bush" voters, what motivates them and what are the myths that keep getting perpetrated. It them examines these myths and sequentially demolishes them with facts. Also examines the philosophical differences between Bush and Kerry in regard to national security. Great interviews with Fred Thompson, Michael Medved (who knew Kerry in university) and others. Well worth seeing for the political junkie or people interested in the truth about Bush.

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