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MPAA Rated PG-13 for crude and sex-related humor, and for language

Sex & Nudity

  • no nudity whatsoever
  • There is an ongoing gag about many men who are held prisoner and forced to become sex slaves: Mahogany offers Randy "courtesans of pleasure," and offers him a choice, describing them as experts in "sensual and erotic arts"; these men then enter the room (fully clothed). In a related scene we hear a squeaking bed from a neighboring room, a man says, "someone's getting lucky," and another man (he is blind) coos after a night of sexual pleasure (not knowing that he apparently had had sex with another man). No nudity is shown.
  • A man and a woman kiss in a few scenes. Several men crowd around a man and try to kiss him (we see a couple of kisses on the cheek). A woman kisses a man on the cheek a couple of times. A man and a woman hug, they kiss and she is then shown with her legs wrapped around his waist.
  • A man squeezes a woman's clothed buttock. A singing and dancing sequence at the end features men and women dancing together, and a woman sticks her tongue out suggestively toward a long pole she carries with her. A man licks a small trophy.
  • Master Wong talks about a prostitute and that she "laughs at you when you are naked" and that "she is the only one that I can afford." Karl taunts Randy, saying that he had sex with Randy's mother (although mentioning that this is not true). Karl tells Randy that he practices ping-pong in front of a mirror "in the nude." A young fan watching a champion ping-pong player, who happens to be a young boy, calls out to him and says, "I love you." A man watching Maggie play ping-pong makes a crude sexual remark. Maggie playing ping-pong with Siu-Foo says, "watch your balls, not my boobs." Maggie says that men tell her "give me a hand with my balls" while playing ping-pong.
  • Two men apparently have tracking devices inserted into their rectums (we see them walking with an awkward gait).
  • Women wear low-cut, short, and skin tight outfits throughout the movie, which reveal cleavage, bare abdomen, bare thighs and a small amount of her buttocks. Two women wearing showgirl costumes are shown in a few scenes. A woman's dress is slit up the side to the hip and reveals her bare thigh and hip. A man is shown bare-chested, a man pulls off his pants and is wearing a skin-tight, spandex outfit underneath, and a man pulls off his pants and falls on the floor (he has shorts on underneath). We see several men wearing sumo belts that reveal bare chests and buttocks.
  • A clothed man makes his pectoral muscles move up and down.

Violence & Gore

  • Several men are poisoned by a dart that is shot into their necks (we see them become stiff and collapse to the floor and see their bodies dragged away on a blanket). A dart is shot at a man, and he deflects it with a ping-pong paddle, propelling it at a woman and striking her in the head (she falls to the floor dead).
  • A man wearing a vest that administers electric shocks is shocked, he falls off a bridge into water, the water glows and we see his body twitch and float face down.
  • A man is pushed into an elevator shaft (we hear him yell, and we hear a thud). A blind man stumbles and falls into an elevator shaft (we hear that he is injured but not dead).
  • Agent Rodriquez slams Randy's arm in a bathroom door (we hear a crack and he yells in pain). There is no blood.
  • Siu-Foo and Maggie fight after he has squeezed her buttock, using punches and kicks; she then fights three more men until they all submit. A man and woman fight, she punches and kicks him repeatedly and pulls out two handfuls of his hair. Maggie shoves Randy against a wall and pushes a coat rack against his throat (he gags briefly and she lets him go). A woman slams a man in the crotch with a ping-pong paddle (he moans). A young girl punches a man in the crotch twice (he falls to the floor moaning).
  • A man is grabbed and dragged away by two men, one holds a long knife and we then read newspaper headlines about the man having been murdered. A man is struck repeatedly in the head by a ping-pong ball, he collapses and we hear that he died of a heart attack.
  • A man shoots a gun in the air in a crowded room and other men begin firing their guns (we do not see anyone get struck). Men shoot at a helicopter in mid-air (it is not struck). A man wakes up yelling and another man shoots his gun at him several times hitting the headboard and scaring the man. A man with a gun threatens another man in a few scenes. A man accidentally shoots a gun into the ceiling and is grabbed by two other men.
  • Randy is carried into an alley and thrown into a garbage dumpster, and one of the assailants blows his nose into several dollar bills, throws them at him and spits on him.
  • Randy is locked into a meat locker with a carton of bees and a fly swatter: he swats frantically as they sting him and we see him with welts on his face later.
  • A building explodes, we see flames and smoke and people running out screaming.
  • Randy breaks through a paper window, slams into iron bars on the other side, and he falls back onto the floor. A blind man slams into a wooden beam and falls back onto the floor (he's OK). A man falls to the floor while trying to hit fast moving ping-pong serves.
  • Master Wong pinches Randy's crotch with chopsticks (we hear a crunch, Randy winces and is let go).
  • We see a room filled with weapons that are being prepared for sale. We see several urns apparently filled with the ashes of opponents who lost ping-pong matches.
  • Randy squishes a cricket in his hand, then wipes it on a place mat (we hear the squishing and see goo). A man shakes a box containing a cricket and another man looks inside the box and reports that it is dead. A man spits on a set of dog tags and throws them on the floor.
  • Two men apparently have tracking devices inserted into their rectums (we see them walking with an awkward gait).
  • There are several ping-pong matches shown where people play aggressively, angrily slamming the ball hard and perspiring heavily. Several men scream loudly when they are afraid in a couple of scenes.
  • Young Randy crashes through a barrier and falls to the floor striking his head and he seems dazed. A man pulls off his pants and falls on the floor.
  • Feng starts a tournament with a speech about the matches being "sudden death." We hear that a man murdered another man and a woman. Feng describes a vest that is wired to give electric shocks when a volley is not returned. We hear that a man's mother died when he was young.


  • 7 scatological terms (1 mild), 12 anatomical terms, 13 mild obscenities, 2 uses of the word "whitey," 5 religious exclamations. 1-pussy. 1-dick. 2 -bitch.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • People are shown smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol in a few bar scenes, people are shown drinking alcohol with food, and a man drinks a beer. Several men are shown smoking cigarettes while playing cards and ping-pong, a man smokes cigarettes in several scenes, and a woman smokes a cigarette. A man uses a medical inhaler.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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