The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D
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It's Not Another Spy Kids

Author: christian123
14 October 2005

Ten-year-old Max (Cayden Boyd) is having problems at his new school, where he is picked on by classmates and teachers alike after telling them about his superhero friends Shark Boy and Lava Girl (Taylor Lautner and Taylor Dooley). Everyone thinks he's making them up until one day, they show up to whisk him off to Planet Drool to help them fight the evil Mr. Electric (George Lopez) and Minus.

The plot sounds like a film that only kids will like. However, it has Rodriguez behind the camera and he did a good job with the first two Spy Kids movies. Unfortunately, The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D is no where near as good as his previous work. Besides for Rodriguez, I didn't really have high hopes for the film Spy Kids 3D was awful and the trailers made this film seem like a joke. While watching the film, I thought it really was a joke. It was really cheesy and it was quite bereft of entertainment. I was hoping the film would start picking up from the weak start. Unfortunately, it didn't.

The acting is horrible which is surprising since the kids in Spy Kids were pretty good actors. Taylor Lautner, who plays Sharkboy, does the worst job and he gives a really wooden performance. Taylor Dooley, who plays Lavagirl, isn't much better and her performance is pretty weak. George Lopez just makes a fool of himself and he gives an over the top performance. David Arquette and Kristen Davis both give decent performances but they don't really appear in the film. The lead, who is played by Cayden Boyd, also gives a wooden performance. I know they are just kids but their efforts felt a little weak.

I am really disappointed with Robert Rodriguez. The direction was really weak and the editing seem to have been done by a child. He spent too much time on the style instead of the story. Sadly, the film isn't even that stylish and it just looks like a mess. The story is pretty cheesy and lame. I know it was written by a kid but it was still pretty weak. Since the story is weak, the film is very dull. The sad thing is that the movie is only 85 minutes long but it feels so much longer since there is very little here to actually enjoy. The special effects are also pretty bad and they left me with a headache. In the end, this family film is better left on the shelf. Rating 2/10

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2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

So bad it's bad

Author: bananacreampieaddict from United States
12 December 2009

The other day I was flipping through channels and I saw that this was on ABC Family. I had nothing else to do and figured that I might as well watch just for the heck of it.

I missed the first half hour, so when I came in Sharkboy and Lavagirl had just retrieved Max from the real world to his dreamworld, Planet Drool, to save it from all of his dreams that had turned into nightmares. Shortly thereafter they meet the evil Mr. Electric, an evil George Lopez robot who's puns (such as "I'm gonna hit you were it hertz") are ironically the only parts of the movie that didn't have me laughing, especially since he feels it necessary to take an extra minute to explain them. And just to add to the evil of Lopez's character, he constantly attacks the three daring adventurers with his army of electrical cords. Yeah, it's as bad as it sounds.

However, this movie did make me laugh harder then anything I've seen since Anchorman. Don't believe me? Watch this. And that's probably Taylor Lautner's best scene.

So, in short, Robert Rodriguez needs to retire and become a plumber, what with this and Spy Kids he's gotta be getting used to crap, and George Lopez needs to fire his agent. At least Taylor Lautner solved all his problems my running around without a shirt on for a couple of hours.

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Terrible, terrible, terrible

Author: tomdude0 from United States
24 July 2009

I saw this movie in 3-D, and I have to say, I was extremely disappointed. The movie's special effects were terrible, you could tell that everything was CG, they obviously didn't put any effort at all into the animation. The plot was terrible, Sharkboy and Lavagirl's suits looked like they were made out of plastic (which they probably were) and it was overall a very childish film. I mean, really, a banana split boat? Who came up with the idea for this film? A six-year-old?

Despite the horrible quality of the film, I must say that there were some amusing moments in it, I think casting George Lopez was a great idea.

Overall, this film could have had a lot of potential, but instead they turned it into a computer-generated mess of a Planet Drool.

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2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

not too bad for the kids.... bring your mushrooms

Author: wesley willis from america
3 December 2005

well, i'll be honest, i am beginning to regret growing up, and quitting drugs. this movie would have been awesome if i were totally stoned out of my mind. (much like Charley and the chocolate factory)

all told, it is a fanciful story about a daydreaming kid, who is dealing with most of the people in his life telling him it's time to grow up, and stop dreaming.

it's not bad, and fairly kid safe. Your 4th grader will love this one. just don't try to sell them on it being another spy-kids. i do however see the potential for numerous sequels, and offshoots of this movie, much like the spy-kids franchise.

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3 out of 4 people found the following review useful:


Author: We will, we will ROCK YOU!!!
21 July 2014

For your information, haters, this is the best movie the whole planet will ever see. The roller coaster part was kinda scary, which is probably why so many people decided to be inconsiderate, stupid, thoughtless, and retarded enough to give this a 1/10 when it should get a 10/10. The roller coaster part was still pretty funny. My favorite part was the Land of Milk and Cookies, which a 10/10 would be generous to give this movie after seeing this part. Also, the Land of Ice part was pretty funny, as well, so a 9/10 or 10/10 would be something to give this movie after seeing this part. So overall, you should all give it a 9/10 or a 10/10. But seriously guys, a THREE POINT FREAKING FOUR OUT OF 10?! That's just heartless of you haters...

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3 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

It isn't THAT bad

Author: Gregg ( from United States
26 March 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Let's see. I went to see Disney's "The Shaggy Dog" with a friend and her grandkids. It was dull, stupid, predictable, and unimaginative, and the characters were utterly forgettable, every single one, including the dog.

Then the next night I watched some of "Sharkboy and Lavagirl" on DVD with the same kids. I thought it was funny, clever, and imaginative. And people criticizing the acting just don't seem to get it ... the actors deliberately played their roles in an over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek manner. You're not supposed to take it seriously.

There were some nice little funny moments, like when George Lopez asks Linus and Max if they can "just be friends" and they sort of swing their heads to look at each other, turn back and say, "No." I thought it was OK. So sue me.

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5 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

What a terrible family film! Dreck! * out of 5

Author: Lance from United States
28 June 2005

I was dragged into this film by someone who wanted to see it mainly for the 3-D effects. Admittedly, I was interested myself to see the 3-D effects and there was a part of me that hoped it would turn out to be a decent family film even though the trailers certainly made it look terrible...

...and it was terrible.

I can't stand it when I hear the phrase 'but it's a movie about the imagination! Kids will love it!'

Shush your face.

I don't know about you, but even as a kid I would have realized this was a purely stupid movie. There are plenty of imaginative family movies that have been made but this one is completely stupid stupid stupid! The acting is really bad, especially by the annoying whiny lead. Never before can I remember a lead in a kids film that was so unlikeable.

The story could have been alright had it been executed the right way.

The 3-D is neat for awhile and all, but there aren't that many great effects really.

You'd think a director like Rodriguez could make a family film that isn't afraid of being a little less cheesy and perhaps a bit daring... something a bit emotional perhaps even. Wolfgang Peterson and Tim Burton certainly aren't afraid.

I mean, seriously, Spielberg can make Schindler's List and E.T. Can't Rodriguez do Sin City and a family film worth watching as well?

Not that Rodriguez is as great a director as Spielberg.

Blah. Just blah.

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5 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

The Adventures Of Sharkboy And Lavagirl In 3-D

Author: cultfilmfan from Canada
17 June 2005

The Adventures Of Sharkboy And Lavagirl In 3-D, is a live action film in which during the film you wear a pair of cardboard cut out glasses (given to you upon entering the film) and you put the glasses on when the screen tells you to (ninety percent of the film is in 3-D so you need to wear your glasses). The film is about a young boy named Max, who keeps a record of his dreams and one day shares with his class a dream he had about two superhero kids named Sharkboy and Lavagirl. After telling the class they all laugh at him and his teacher Mr. Electricidad, tells him to stop dreaming and one of the kids who bullies Max, named Linus steals his dream journal. Things also aren't going too well at home because Max's parents always seem to be fighting. One day at school Max's dreams come to life where after a tornado Sharkboy and Lavagirl appear to take Max with them to the planet Drool. While there they have to stop the evil Mr. Electric, who is turning the planet into an unhappy place to be. I usually tend not to see family films but the film is written and directed by Robert Rodriguez (who based this film on an idea he got from his son) who also directed this year's Sin City, which I liked a lot and plus I have always wanted to see a film in 3-D where I would have to wear a pair of cut out glasses so I decided to see this film. I was pleasantly surprised. The Adventures Of Sharkboy And Lavagirl In 3-D, is very creative and interesting and has a lot of neat visual sight gags with the 3-D glasses and the story is also fun and entertaining and I think that with the 3-D effects and the creative and fun story that kids will love this movie. Parents will also find this movie imaginative and entertaining and should be able to have some fun with the 3-D glasses as well. A fun family film that is entertaining and has a lot of neat eye candy.

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6 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

What's the big deal?

Author: Curious from United States
30 September 2005

I'm sixteen years old. Overall, I liked the movie. Perhaps I'm too easily amused/pleased, maybe it was because I saw the movie in 2-D first, and haven't seen the whole movie in 3-D; but I thought everything was pretty good.

True, the 3-D animation wasn't up to par, and the plot was made for kids, but what else is there to really complain about? This movie is about a boy and his dream becoming reality; what's wrong with the idea? Exuse me, but this is the first time I've heard of a boy dreaming of Sharkboy and Lavagirl and having them interact in real life; so I don't understand claims of it being "un-original".

The acting was great! I loved the kids (Taylor Lautner had some talented moves, Taylor Dooley was very pretty, Cayden Boyd has great potential for more, and Jacob Davich was a great bully-turned-good. They all performed well; never awkward or out of character.) If someone can give me an actual example of "poor acting" by the young actors, please let me know.

The fact that the storyline was made up by Robert Rodriguez's seven year-old son, Racer Max, is ever better. He had some good ideas for it to be made into a big-screen movie. This film was made to entertain children and to encourage them to use their imaginations and continue dreaming. As Lavagirl so cleverly put, "Everything that is or was, began with a dream..." Successful doctors, police officers, and firemen had their dream. Writers, actors, musical performers, and sport athletes had their dream. Even rich/stingy/old crab-apples had their own dreams when they were children (despite whether or not they came true). Why stop dreaming just because you "grew up"?

I am one who strongly believes in the imagination, dreams, fairy tales, and magic in general. Some may call me naive, but you know what? I like life better this way. There is no scientific proof or otherwise that declares that having "childhood fantasies", dreams, and an imagination harms any part of life or lifestyle. Kids, teenagers, and adults that may laugh or shake their heads on believing in fantasies and dreams, only had their own smashed and have nothing else better to do than ruin others.

So I'm doing the "idiotic thing", and I'm encouraging kids, teenagers, and adults alike to go on dreaming and believing. You don't have to, but that's just my little advice I can attempt to offer anyone who is willing to take it. If you are not into dreams, fantasies, imagination, and believing (even for a moment) in the "impossible", then DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE. It wasn't made for you, so don't waste your own time, money, and breath to watch the film and criticize about it later.

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6 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

Worst movie of all time?

Author: Lucas Ellis from Winter Springs
12 July 2005

I work at Regal Cinemas in Oviedo Marketplace, so when we have to check on theaters during the movie, I had to check The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lava Girl. I saw only a few minutes of the movie when I realized how much worst the movie was from every movie Robert Rodriguez had ever made including Spy Kids. The acting was the worst acting that I had ever seen! I couldn't believe people were actually watching the movie without rioting at the waste of time and effort they were experiencing! So after a few games of "lets see how long you can stay in the movie before leaving" i eventually saw a massive amount of this movie with large regret. Parents coming out of the movie with kids looked amazed that they spent money on it and a few wanted refunds. I just thought I would share my agony with others to ensure that no one has to ever go through what I went through.

I obviously do not recommend this to anyone unless they are using it to torture foreign prisoners for information.

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